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How To Destroy A Taweez

Version: 6th Mar 2020.

DISCLAIMER: This is from the writer’s own experience. The writer will not be held responsible for any repercussions that may occur if his advice is practiced. Please read the terms of use at the bottom of the page.

Essentially, when you destroy a taweez, you are basically doing TWO things. Firstly, you are breaking up the physical taweez material. Secondly, you are destroying the unseen sihr force that surrounds the taweez and makes it active.


1) Make sure you have wudu.

(I would strongly recommend that you put on plastic gloves for protection against any filth from the taweez and if possible to wear some sort of facial mask to protect you from inhaling or smelling any filth. If you can see filth and najasah such as faeces, urine traces or menstrual blood on the taweez then give it a good clean with water and some detergent before you actually start the process of destroying it.)

2) Make sure the athkar for that day has been read.

If the destroying of the taweez is going to be done in the evening then make sure evening athkar has been done and if it is going to be destroyed in the morning or early afternoon then make sure morning adhkar has been done…..ADKHAR SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE!

3) Before touching the taweez, spray a little ruqya water over the taweez so that it becomes slightly damp, using a spray bottle, but do not totally soak the taweez as this may make it difficult to break up. This spraying of ruqya water is to weaken the sihr force and to kill or chase away any guard jinn from the taweez. SEE POINT 9 ON HOW TO PREPARE THIS RUQYA WATER FOR THE SPRAY BOTTLE.

4) Make the intention that you are going to read Surah Falaq and Nas to destroy the sihr force that is on the taweez. While reading Surah Falaq and Nas with that intention, you start breaking the taweez up using your hands or any tools that will make it easier to break it up like scissors, penknife, razor blades etc. As you are breaking it up you read Surah Falaq & Nas and blow onto the taweez, blowing at the end of every Ayah or at end of the Surah.

5) The reading of the Surahs and the breaking up of the taweez is done simultaneously.

6) Make sure you cut and break every single knot you find….carefully run your fingers down any single thread or piece of rope to see if you can feel any tiny knots. Use magnifying glass (if you have to) to check for any knots. Break or cut papers and plastic until you can’t read any written text or until the taweez is in small pieces. If part of the taweez is made from metal and this metal has metal text engraved on it, then scratch metal surfaces with a screwdriver to destroy any written text.

7) Once you have broken up the taweez, put it aside.

8) Now get some water in a pot or bowl….big enough to take and soak the taweez rubbish that you collected earlier.

9) With the intention of destroying the sihr force & any guard Jinn covering the taweez material, read Surah Falaq & Nas in the bowl of water 7 times as a pair. At the end of each pair or at end of the 7 pairs, spit in the water. You now have water that can destroy any sihr force or guard Jinn.

10) Grab all the rubbish you gathered from the taweez throw it into the water to soak for 5 mins.

11) After soaking in water,  put all of the pieces into an oven tray because we want to dry the taweez material so we can burn it.

12) The water in the bowl can be thrown away.

13) Put the taweez rubbish into an oven tray and place into a warm oven and dry it up for about 15/25 minutes. Doesnt matter if its still damp as long as most of the water has gone.

14) Get a metal BBQ container or metal tin and grab and put all the dried taweez rubbish ,from the oven, into it.

15) Get some BBQ lighter fluid. Read Surah Falaq & Nas into it with the intention to destroy the sihr force and any guard Jinn, just as how you did with the water in the bowl (see above POINT 9 – but No spitting required, you just need to blow air of onto lighter fluid)

16) Shake the bottle of liquid lighter fluid a little bit after the reading.

17) Pour lighter fluid over taweez pieces in the tin can or BBQ. Cover properly with liquid and set alight.

18) Burn it until the taweez rubbish turns into ashes.

For a metal taweez or other hard materials such as stones or rocks or even a metal liquid taweez that uses some liquid Mercury, just make sure the fire has affected it in some way. It doesn’t have to be burnt to ashes. In reality, we are mainly burning the sihr force that makes the taweez active and at same time burning taweez material. However, we might not be able turn some taweez materials to ashes but we can destroy the sihr force through burning. So don’t worry if the taweez doesn’t burn to ashes, just make sure the taweez material or rubbish has been touched by fire for as long as possible. THIS BURNING IS ESSENTIAL! The hadith in sahih muslim (Hadith 5428 Kitabussalam) where Ayesha (radiyullah anha) ask about the taweez,  implies that it should be burnt. *MAKE SURE NO FUMES OR SMOKE IS INHALED DURING BURNING OF TAWEEZ. DO ALL BURNING OUTSIDE OF HOUSE.

19) If you find it is difficult to burn or difficult to set alight and you are sure it is not because the taweez material was too damp…..then read Falaq and Nas over the taweez with the intention to destroy the sihr force while you are setting it alight and during the burning itself. Sometimes the sihr force can prevent us from burning or setting alight the taweez material.

To to see an overview of this above procedure, please click the link below and watch the short video.

How To Destroy A Ta’weedh [1]

20) Don’t throw away the taweez until you have disconnected yourself from its sihr. You need to read sihr ruqya diagnosis to check if you are still connected to the taweez. Please watch this video below which describes how to find the taweez via ruqya diagnosis and then how to destroy it if you are still connected to it, ie what to do if you are still connected to the taweez after following the above steps.

https://youtu.be/6s_JHzdohcY [2]


……and with Allah is the success and cure!

Saeed Abdullah

[email protected]