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Ruqya Soup

Version: 9th May 2020.

DISCLAIMER: This is from the writer’s own experience. The writer will not be held responsible for any repercussions that may occur if his advice is practiced. Please read the terms of use at the bottom of the page.


The following list of ingredients, which you can find below, are all natural substances that the jinn hate naturally before any ruqya has been applied to them so the jinn hate Zamzam water, olive oil, sea salt etc before you read ruqya on them. How do we know this? Basically, through trial and error experiments on patients who have their jinn under control i.e the jinn never manifests and speaks in these patients and these patients are Muslims who are serious about their religion and do not commit major sins. Weaker Muslims would not be able to carry out any experiments because their jinn have too much influence and control over them. In fact, weak Muslims cannot even perform self ruqya diagnosis properly because the jinn in them have too much influence over them and can interfere with the diagnosis results. (We must realise that the jinn can only really gain control and have heavy influence over a person when they are committing major sins). In short, we did not use such weak Muslims for these experiments.

In the experiments, a teaspoon of each individual ingredient (on its own) was placed in the mouth of a possessed patient and the patient was told to hold the substance in their mouth for 5 minutes. The patient was asked about how they were feeling prior to placing the ingredient in their mouth i.e the reference point and then to inform us if they felt anything after placing the substance in their mouth. All patients felt jerking or twitching movements in their bodies from their jinn in them before the 5 minutes were up. These feelings of jerking and twitching that they experienced was similar to what they would feel when they had or did ruqya diagnosis for jinn possession. I, myself, have experienced this and is the main reason why I strongly recommend afflicted patients to use the below ingredients in a bath, as an olive oil rub and as a drink.

I know the effectiveness of these ingredients from actually using them personally and also using them on my patients with strong iman and then seeing the effects on manifested jinn in patients with weak iman. In one such case, I remember pouring cold ruqya soup on a manifested jinnee and hearing the jinnee make a strange noise, as if it were a hot barbecue being put out with cold water. I also remember smothering the legs of a male patient with the ruqya soup in the form of a paste and then hearing the jinnee shout out “What is this stuff, it’s burning me”. Now, I would have dismissed both these jinn encounters with the ruqya soup, as it could be the jinn lying but I knew they were not lying because I had already conducted experiments with Muslims who had strong iman and myself. So there is no doubt that the ingredients below are effective at attacking and harming jinn.

Many ruqya patients and even raqis use Asafoetida (Hatit), Rose water, Saffron and Lemon juice in their ruqya baths. We found them to be ineffective for attacking possessing jinn, when we trialled them in our patients and myself ie when we used them in the above experiments, hence we didn’t include them in the Ruqya Soup ingredients nor do I personally recommend my patients to use them because of our experience. However, if someone wants to use them because of their own personal experience then they can certainly use them.

I would strongly recommend and advise patients to trial an ingredient in an experiment before actually using it or recommending it to people. Patients cannot afford to waste time, energy and money on useless ingredients that do not attack the possessing jinn.

(Obviously before using it as a drink or the ruqya soup in general, I would advise you to make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients and that you have spoken to a physician about drinking it. If you are in doubt about drinking the soup then just bathe with it and use it as a rub. If you do get a severe reaction from even bathing with it or as a rub then discontinue using the ruqya soup)

There is nothing wrong with carrying out these experiments to help our muslim brothers and sisters. The experiments we conducted were not a bidah because the actual experiments themselves are not ruqya. Ruqya is one thing and the experiments are something completely different. Ruqya is an act of worship that has rules and regulations. These experiments are not ruqya and are not an act of worship by themselves and therefore they cannot be called a bidah.


Sheikh Bin Baz (rahimullah) and other scholars recommend reading ruqya treatment on a mixture of water and sidr leaves to treat sihr. Please see the fatwa below:

https://islamqa.info/en/answers/91627/treatment-for-one-who-is-unable-to-have-intercourse-with-his-wife [1]

This recommendation from the scholars is the basis of the ruqya soup. We just added more beneficial ingredients to it and called it the ruqya soup.




1. Zamzam water
2. Senna leaves in powder form
3. Sidr leaves in powder form
4. Ajwa dates – stones removed 
5. Fennel seeds (grounded into powder)
6. Cumin seeds (grounded into powder)
7. Table salt
8. Sea salt
9. Honey
10. Black seed (grounded into powder)
11. Qustil hindi powder
12. Olive oil
13. Black seed oil
14. Barley flour (talbina)
15. Dried figs
16. Camel’s milk
17. Black olives – stones removed
18. Green olives – stones removed
19. Cider vinegar
20. Malt vinegar
21. Caraway powder
22. Cinnamon powder
23. Aniseed powder
24. Red chilli powder
25. Red Henna powder (Pure & Natural)
26. Coriander powder
27. Peanut butter (smooth)
28. Miswak toothstick (shredded – use a cheese grater to shred the toothstick)


1. Method of Preparation

A. Take a glass of zamzam water, one tablespoonful of honey, cider vinegar, malt vinegar, black seed oil, olive oil and camel’s milk and add all these to a large electric blender and mix thoroughly.

B. Next, add to this same electric blender a tablespoonful of each powder ingredient on the list and mix into a paste using the blender. You may have to add more water to the blender.

C. Once you have finished then add all of this mixture to a large container.

D. Using the same (now empty) electric blender, put into it: 7 ajwa dates, 7 black olives , 7 green olives, 7 figs and a tablespoon of peanut butter and add some water and then mix it. When they become a paste in the blender, add them to the other ingredients in the large container and then mix all the ingredients into a liquid paste using a large spoon or fork. You can use the electric blender again to do this final mixing of all the ingredients, if it is too difficult to mix in the large container. Make sure you add extra water if you need to do so.

E. You should divide the soup into two. One portion for yourself and the other for your family, if they are also afflicted.

F. Read ruqya and blow over the soup to turn it into ruqya soup.
For yourself, read Surahs Falaq and Nass 7 times as a pair with the 7 intentions I mention in my article and then blow over the soup.

You can find my article that mentions the 7 intentions here: 

https://practicalselfruqya.com/2016/10/16/why-are-you-doing-self-ruqya-2/ [2]

For your family, use the same intentions but this time read Surat al Fatihah 7 times, Ayat ul Kursi 7 times, the last two Ayahs of Baqra 7 times, Surah Ikhlas 7 times and finally Surahs Falaq and nass 7 times as a pair and then blow over the soup.

2. Ruqya Soup Bath

Take 3 to 5 tablespoons of the ruqya soup and add it to a bath tub and have a 15 minute soak. Try and do this bath 3 times a week. Ideally, the temperature of the bath water should be cool (similar to a swimming pool’s water) or colder than a swimming pool. If that is too difficult then warm water is fine BUT AVOID HOT WATER BATH because jinn thrive in hot water (they hate boiling water but we can’t bathe in boiling water so we use cold or cool water). From experience, we have noticed that possessing jinn hate anything cold or cool and that is why I would occasionally fill a basin or bucket with cold ruqya soup and tell patients to soak their feet in it while reading their self ruqya on themselves. You can keep adding ice cubes to maintain the coldness of the mixture.

If it was possible for a human to bathe in boiling water that is 100 degrees Celsius then I would recommend it for jinn treatment because of the anecdotal evidence that tells us that jinn are affected by boiling water but since we can’t, then the best alternative is to use water that is cold.


With regards allowing this ruqya water or ruqya soup to go down the plug hole or sink then the scholars said that this is permissible because it is NOT Quran but water that has been treated with Quran ie we cannot see any ayahs of the Quran in the water. If it was Quran then we wouldn’t be allowed to drink it or bathe with it because it would eventually come out of our private parts as urine and it would touch our private parts while we are washing with it. Since we can drink and bathe with this ruqya water then it is not Quran and it does not take the rulings of the Quran. We say to those who don’t like seeing this ruqya water going down the sewer to ponder on the fact that eventually when the ruqya water is drunk, it will come out as urine and then go down the sewer so in the end, the result is exactly the same scenario that they were trying to avoid or stop in first place!

Here are some fatawa in Arabic that allow a person to wash with ruqya water in the bathroom, which obviously means it will eventually go down the sewer.

https://islamqa.info/ar/143683 [3]

With regards to using Zamzam water to bathe with and to clean the private parts then please read this fatwa.

https://islamqa.info/en/26330 [4]

3. Olive Oil Rub

You can add a tablespoon of the ruqya soup to olive oil bottle and shake well. This will be your oil rub when you come out of the bath.
You should also read ruqya on this olive oil separately before you add the ruqya soup to it.

4. Ruqya Soup Drink

WARNING: If you are already suffering from a chronic stomach or bowel illness then we strongly recommend that you speak to a medical doctor before drinking the Ruqya Soup Drink. If you are any doubt about drinking even after speaking to a medical doctor then we advise you NOT to take it. If you do decide to take it then please pray istikharah and then drink it. NB: Istikharah is prayed once you have decided on a matter and if it is good for you then Allah makes it easy for you to do the action and if it is not good then Allah will make it difficult for you to do. You don’t pray istikharah before deciding. (WHAT WE HAVE SAID ABOVE, ALSO INCLUDES THE RUQYA SOUP TEA BELOW).

You can take a teaspoon of the ruqya soup and add it to a litre of water and then read more ruqya over the ruqya soup and water mixture. You should drink a glass once a day. How much you drink will depend on your reaction to drinking it. If you find that you don’t have any trouble drinking it and only get minor reactions such as slight twitching or muscle spasms then you should continue. If you are get major reactions or are unsure about continuing with drinking the soup, then you should speak to a Doctor, preferably a Muslim Doctor who has some idea about ruqya and jinn possession.
You must make sure that you don’t confuse the inevitable reaction of the jinn and consider it an allergic reaction since the jinn will try to confuse you so that you don’t continue drinking the ruqya soup and water mixture. Again, consulting a Muslim Doctor will help here. You should ask the Doctor if you should continue drinking the ruqya soup mixture.
A few Doctors have told me that they couldn’t see any problem with drinking the ruqya soup, as all the ingredients are natural. In fact, one said to me that a certain well known soda or carbonated drink is worse than the ruqya soup.

5. Ruqya Soup Tea

The post below was put together by one of my patients who found my original ruqya soup drink too potent or strong for her stomach and bowels therefore she created this tea drink with my original soup ingredients and said that she really benefitted from it and so I decided to share this with other patients.

One of the main benefits she got from drinking this tea was the reduction or relief from waswas.


I´m a sister with sihr currently treating myself with Sheikh Saeed´s Ruqya plan.

It was from Allah´s qadr that the sihr caused me a severe chronic bowel disease, therefore, after having major problems drinking the original ruqya soup drink, I developed this Ruqya-tea based upon Sheikh Saeed´s ingredients.

In this tea, I only used those herbs and ingredients which are widely known and used in most kitchens throughout the world, and the tea is to be prepared with hot water, like you would for normal tea.

I didn´t find anything wrong with drinking this tea and it was very beneficial for me. It didn´t harm me or cause me those severe symptoms of my IBD. So it should be safe to drink even for people with Crohn´s disease or weak digestive systems, inshaAllah. However, pray istikhara before drinking it and speak with a physician in case you are in any doubt.

Please make sure you do not forget that you prepare this tea with the intention that Allah cures you so that you can get back to worshipping him properly again….ie SO YOUR ACTUAL PREPARATION OF THE TEA BECOMES AN ACT WORSHIP ITSELF!


Please make sure all of the ingredients are cleaned of stones, dirt or any impurities.

Use natural and pure henna LEAVES ONLY, as henna powder could have other chemicals/ingredients in it. Make sure that you clean up the sidr leaves carefully from all thorns!!! In general, it is best to use all the ingredients in leave/seed form and not in powder.

(Tbls = tablespoons) (tsp = teaspoon)

Approx 200 ml Water,

1* Zamzam water or Ruqya-water or normal water.
2* 1 tbls Senna leaves
3* 1 tbls Sidr leaves
4* 3 tbls Fennel seeds
5* 3 tbls Cumin seeds
6* 3 tbls Black seeds (habbatus-saudaa)
7* 3 tbls Coriander seeds, lightly grounded (ground them in a food processor or so)
8* 1 tbls Red Henna leaves
9* 3 tbls Aniseeds
10* 3 tbls Caraway seeds
11* ½ tbls Cinnamon powder
12* ¼ tbls Qustil hindi powder
13* 1tsp Apple cider vinegar
14* 1 pinch of salt (sea salt or table salt)
15* 1 tsp honey
16* 7 Ajwa dates/dried Figs (optional)


1. Mix Senna leaves, Sidr leaves, Fennel seeds, Cumin Seeds, Black Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Red Henna leaves, Caraway seeds, Cinnamon powder, Qustil Hindi powder and Aniseeds in a glass jar that has a cover like big jam jar or so. Close lid on the jar.

2. Shake the jar until the ingredients mix with each other, evenly. Read and blow Ruqya on it with the intentions you need and using Surah Falaq and Nas in a pair, 7 times for yourselves or with the other Ayaat for your family like Sheikh Saeed advices. This mixture will last for maybe one month, depending on how much you drink.

3. Take the ruqya water or Zamzam water or normal water and bring it to boil in a sauce pan or tea pot or something similar.

4. When the water starts to boil, turn it off and add 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture to it. Let the tea brew for 5 minutes approx.

5. Strain tea into a drinking glass, let it cool down until drinkable or cold.

6. Add some honey, a pinch of salt and some apple cider vinegar.

7. Read and blow your Ruqya on it (Surah Falaq and Nass in pair 1,3 or 7 times or family ruqya) and then drink with the intention to be cured so that you can get back to worshipping Allah properly again without any illnesses.

8. Optionally and if you can eat them, you can take 7 or some ajwa dates or some dried figs with the tea, read and blow ruqya on them and eat them while drinking the tea.

I generally drink 1 glass of this tea in the morning and on an empty stomach.

You can also drink it at night before sleep.

You should experience a better sleep, inshAllah, or you might get headaches, a little bit of sick feeling or something similar to this. I didn´t experience more than this even though I have severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

I also experienced a remarkable relief from waswas.

Wa billahi attaufiq.


Store the ruqya soup in a fridge or freezer. Don’t store at room temperature. The ruqya soup will not go off for several months, if kept in a fridge. We only advise you to use ruqya soup that is several months old in the bath or as a rub, but not for drinking. For drinking purposes, please prepare using fresh ingredients and don’t drink ruqya soup that is older than a week.


This ruqya soup has helped me literally kill jinn in some patients and I, myself, have benefited from bathing with it.

It is essential that ruqya practitioners conduct such experiments as mentioned in the introduction in order to help Muslims treat their spiritual illness. We need to keep up-to-date with technology and investigate which medical procedures, techniques and equipment can be successfully used to treat spiritual ailments. We can only do this by experimenting and trying things out! Unfortunately, not much research is done in this area and there is a real need. We pray to Allah that he makes it easier for the Ummah and its ruqya practitioners to carry out research and experiments. Ameen.