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How Allah Cured Me (JET VERSION 3)

Version: 12th October 2023.

DISCLAIMER: This is from the writer’s own experience. The writer will not be held responsible for any repercussions that may occur if his advice is practiced. Please read the terms of use at the bottom of the page.

How Allah Cured Me from Sihr, Ayn, Jinn Possession & Waswaas Conditioning. (JET VERSION 3)

By Saeed Abdullah

(An Explanation of What to do if you Can’t Find the Taweez or Get the Ayn Perpetrator’s Ghusl Water)

Bismillahi Walhamdulilah wa salatu wa salam ala Rasulilah.

NB: please watch this important video update before reading this article. Once you have read this article then please watch this video again if you have forgotten the important update.


Allah cured me from all of the ayn and waswaas conditioning that I was suffering from walhamdulilah! That’s after nearly 8 years of ruqya. It took about 6 years to get cured from sihr and jinn possession and then nearly 2 more years to get cured from the ayn and waswaas conditioning so I am now cured from all 4 spiritual ailments walhamdulilah.

For me it was a learning process and that’s why it took that long I believe. I tried different types of ruqya treatment until I finally just used surah falaq and nass with the 7 intentions. If I was given the cure straight away then I would not have learnt much and I would not be able to teach ruqya the way I teach it now so it was a blessing in disguise for me which I only really appreciate now walhamdulilah.

HOW DO I KNOW THAT I AM CURED? Well, I no longer react to any of the 4 spiritual ailments during ruqya diagnosis SO THAT’S HOW I KNOW!

THE ONLY WAY YOU REALLY KNOW THAT YOU ARE CURED IS WHEN YOU NO LONGER REACT TO RUQYA DIAGNOSIS. It is that simple! Basically, your reference point during ruqya diagnosis is the same as the end point of the ruqya diagnosis as I explain in Practical Self Ruqya Part 1 on YOUTUBE.

Allah did this without me having to run after or pay any raqis. So those who claim, as they used to say to me, that you can ONLY get cured by visiting raqis then they are truly mistaken.

And to all of my poor Muslim brothers and sisters who are still suffering from all or some of 4 spiritual ailments then I say to you that what I am going to teach you DEFINITELY WORKS as Allah has cured me. So please don’t listen to those who speak ill about me or laugh at me or criticise me without any real knowledge about my ruqya or hijama methods. Don’t listen to them and try out what I will teach you here. You have nothing to lose! It worked for me so why won’t Allah make it work for you! It is all about thinking well and positive of Allah.

What I am about to share here is a modified method which I used to remove the jinnee and sihr in me. The original method can be seen on the last 10 to 15mins of ‘Practical Self Ruqya PART 2’ on YouTube, where I practically demonstrate how I found the jinnee in me using specific ruqya and then used hijama to remove it.
This new method, which I used to remove all of the ayn and waswaas conditioning I had, is basically a modified version of the JET or jinn extraction technique which I use on patients and which you can read about here.

The only difference in this new method is that the intention to gather and trap the jinn (or ayn or waswaas conditioning or sihr) is not used because the jinn (ayn, waswaas conditioning or sihr) were already in a specified place in the body and do not need ruqya to gather them to an area.
The astonishing thing that I experienced during the process of searching for the waswaas conditioning is that it was exactly in the same place (heart area) as my jinnee and sihr were and it had always been there. It is amazing that it did not get removed with the sihr and jinnee!
Why do you think the waswaas conditioning DIDN’T come out with the sihr and jinn possession?………..BECAUSE I DID NOT MAKE THE INTENTION TO REMOVE IT! Can you see how intentions are really important even during hijama! So if you don’t make the intention to remove the waswaas conditioning then you won’t remove it! Likewise, if you don’t make the intention to remove the jinn during hijama then you won’t remove it. When dealing with these 4 spiritual ailments, you need to be making intentions during treatment and diagnosis. To illustrate the importance of intentions, look at the example of a patient who had given himself ayn. He would wash himself regularly in a bath tub, obviously being contact with his own water but he couldn’t get rid of the ayn he gave himself until he actually made the intention to wash with his own water in the same bath tub and ONLY then did he get cured from the ayn that he gave himself. This is why I keep emphasising the importance of intentions during ruqya and hijama for the 4 spiritual ailments. And that’s really the main difference between my method and other raqis.

Sadly, many still don’t believe in waswaas conditioning and so when a raqi does not find sihr, ayn or jinn possession in a patient they just tell patients to go and seek medical advice for the phobias or other mental health issues  that they are suffering from and then these poor Muslims get prescribed medicines that don’t get rid of their mental problem. Honestly, I used to believe the same as these raqis until Allah guided me. I myself suffered from waswaas conditioning and have treated patients for it so it definitely EXISTS and there is no doubt in my mind about that. It does not matter if so-and-so Sheikh doesn’t recognise it; this isn’t an evidence that it doesn’t exist. How could it not exist when I (and my patients) used to react to it and NOW walhamdulilah I don’t react to waswaas conditioning ruqya any more. Meaning the ruqya was attacking something and then that something disappeared walhamdulilah.
There is a type of waswaas that we must just ignore and that is mentioned in hadiths. This is the waswaas that doesn’t need ruqya and which the Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam described as ‘clear sign of iman’ and ‘plots of shaytan’ (Muslim and Abu Dawood), he didn’t prescribe ruqya treatment. What we are talking about here, is completely different type of waswaas. It can cause mental health problems such as phobias, anxiety disorders, other mental issues and even physical diseases such as cancer and heart problems. The two are related and you may basically see the second type or waswaas conditioning as an extreme form of the one that is mentioned in hadiths.

Waswas Conditioning may be defined as a type of Psychological Conditioning that reacts to or can be detected by ruqya diagnosis and because of this reaction to ruqya, it is a spiritual illness. We believe that Not every psychological conditioning, as defined by psychologists and psychiatrists, will react to ruqya diagnosis, hence, not every psychological conditioning is waswas conditioning.

It seems that the normal waswas gets transformed into waswas conditioning by the psychological conditioning of the qareen and possessing jinn and Allah knows best. So those instances of psychological conditioning that react to ruqya diagnosis are ONLY those instances that were caused by the qareen and possessing jinn in the first place.

Another astonishing thing, and which I am still amazed at, is the fact that the ayn had gathered in a specific place on my body. Who would have thought that the ayn could be found in a specific place! The amazing thing about locating the ayn was the actual area I found it in. It was on the left side of my left knee, a truly strange place for me. It was ALL in that area which was about the size of a medium hijama cup and was no where else in my body since I had checked the rest of my body for ayn.

I truly didn’t believe that ayn or waswaas conditioning could EVER be removed from my body like how I removed the sihr and jinnee and maybe that’s why I didn’t bother trying out this technique until only recently.

THE METHOD I WILL EXPLAIN BELOW, CAN ONLY REALLY BE DONE BY PATIENTS WHO ARE IN CONTROL OF THEIR JINN AND THE JINN DON’T SPEAK AND MANIFEST COMPLETELY WHILE THEY ARE AWAKE AND NOT SLEEPING. Jinn only speak in humans, who are NOT sleeping, because of sins. To learn more about how sins affect possessed Muslims please read article. 

THE METHOD TO REMOVE STATIC DISABLED JINN: JET VERSION 3 (Also applicable to Static Dead Jinn, Dead Jinn Parts, Ayn, Sihr & Waswaas Conditioning).

Before you commence with the method of searching for the jinn in your body or any of the other 3 spiritual ailments, I would strongly recommend that you cut yourself off from the sihr and hasd networks that may be connected to you. Having said that, you may still find that you don’t have to cut yourself off from these networks and that you are able to find the 4 ailments in a static state. However, in my case I had to cut myself off from the sihr and hasd networks before I could proceed to remove them via hijama.

If you don’t react to the first ruqya and corresponding intention that I teach below then you need to do more ruqya treatment to cut yourself off from the sihr and hasd networks using the 7 intentions of ruqya that I describe here. If you are just dealing with jinn that are not static, then you must carry on with your normal ruqya treatment including any JET version 2, to disable the jinn and make them static so that you can do this treatment which I explain here in this article.

(Please read these self diagnosis notes I wrote to familiarise yourself with my method of diagnosis:

You may also watch ‘Practical Self Ruqya PART 1 video on youtube.

Step 1:
Establish a good reference point.

Step 2:
Read surah nass and then keep repeating the last ayah 6 (just like when you are doing general jinn possession diagnosis) with the intention of asking Allah ‘to show you and to attack with ruqya any jinnee that is disabled and stuck in a part of your body the size of your palm or smaller’. If you get a good reaction then we can now start searching for it so go to step 3!


(NB: During specific ruqya diagnosis to search for the exact location of a jinnee (or any other spiritual disease), you may find that your leg shakes during the specific ruqya diagnosis but it doesn’t necessarily mean the jinnee is in your leg. When a patient searches for a jinnee in their body using specific ruqya diagnosis, they may find that the jinnee has collected in their right foot but during specific ruqya diagnosis the right foot doesnt actually move or react to the specific ruqya diagnosis. Instead, the patient’s left arm might move or react to the specific ruqya diagnosis. This doesn’t mean the jinnee is in the left arm but it is in the right foot because that was the intention of the specific ruqya ie ‘O Allah show me and attack with ruqya if the jinnee is in my right foot’ and if we get any clear reaction to this intention anywhere in body then the jinnee is in the right foot. This also applies to other spiritual ailments when they have collected or gathered in a particular point or area in the body. Another example would be, if you are searching for a jinnee in your head ie your intention is ‘O Allah show me and attack with ruqya if the jinnee is in my head’. This ruqya diagnostic intention may cause your leg to shake or some other physical reaction may occur in your body. Therefore, don’t presume the ruqya reaction has to be in the same place as the jinnee ie in your head. It may be in a completely different place. The main thing here is that you got a good reaction in your leg so according to your intention the jinnee is in your head and not in your leg).

If you don’t get a good reaction then you aren’t ready to extract disabled jinn. You should continue doing your normal ruqya with the 7 intentions as I describe in the above article. You should try removing your jinn using the JET technique above while you do your normal treatment. The JET technique was specially developed to deal with jinn that aren’t disabled and that move around the body and this is basically what you have since you haven’t reacted to the initial intention in step 2. Please refer to the JET article above.
After doing the JET treatment, it might be that you damage the jinn to such an extent that they become disabled and so it is important to check for disabled jinn after the JET procedure and that means you can try this procedure that I describe here again. You may find that the JET treatment actually cures you completely and therefore there is NO need to use this procedure I describe here in this article.

If you find that your disabled static jinnee is in an area larger than the size of your palm eg the jinnee is all over your head and it is nowhere else ie you reacted to the ruqya intention: “O Allah show me and attack with ruqya if ALL of the jinnee is in my head”, then I would suggest that you do version 1 of the JET treatment on your head rather than on your kahil point or chest. That is because you will be directly attacking jinnee since it is definitely in the head and nowhere else. This also applies to the other spiritual ailments such as ayn or sihr. So if you find that all of the ayn is in your head then do version 2 of the JET treatment on your head to remove the ayn.

Step 3:
Again using surah Nass and ayah 6, do another ruqya with the intention to see if you have any disabled and static jinn in the lower part of your body – waist down i.e ask Allah ‘to show you and attack with ruqya any jinnee that is disabled and stuck in the lower part of your body (waist down) in an area the size of your palm or smaller’
The skill here, and with ALL specific ruqya, is to be able to manipulate the intention to get the result and information you require. YOU DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW THE EXACT WORDING I’M USING IN MY INTENTIONS ABOVE. THE MEANING IS THE IMPORTANT THING!

You may have 2 or more jinnee disabled and stuck in more than one area of your body so don’t get worried or confused if you get a positive result for any disabled jinn in your lower body and then a positive result for a jinnee in your upper body.

Step 4:
If you reacted to the ruqya intention in Step 3, you should now change the wording of ‘lower body’ to ‘whole right leg’ or ‘whole left leg’. Then you should make the area even smaller by just changing the intention. So that in the end, you are just dealing with, for example, the right side of your right knee ie the disabled jinnee is in the right side of your right knee because you reacted to the ruqya intention ‘O Allah show me and attack with ruqya if there is a disabled jinnee in the right side of my right  knee’, again by using surah nass and repeating the last ayah.

Step 5:
Get a medium sized hijama cup and place it on the area where you have detected disabled jinnee. Now do another ruqya with the intention ‘O Allah show me and attack with ruqya if ALL of the jinnee is now covered by this cup’, again using surah Nass and ayah 6. If you get a good reaction for that intention then mark the area with a pen by running a pen around the outside rim of the cup. If you didn’t get a good reaction then keep repeating this until you get a good reaction. You don’t need to move the cup much, only slight movements are necessary and you will finally get good reaction inshallah because the jinnee is definitely in that area as you reacted to the ruqya in Step 4.

Step 6:

Since you have reacted to the ruqya and intention in Step 5, we now need to remove the jinnee using hijama and ruqya.

(NB: You should try your best to carry out this hijama treatment on the 17th, 19th or 21st of the Islamic month as it may cure you. You should also try and do this hijama treatment on an empty stomach as it may also cure you ie preferably before eating your breakfast but if you can’t then 4 to 5 hours after a meal. We say this because of the well known hadiths that give this particular advice and which every reputable hijamist knows.)

Place the same hijama cup in Step 5 on the same area which has been marked. Pump the cup with the hijama gun with the intention that you are asking Allah to remove the jinnee via the pumping action of the gun. Leave the cup on to allow the skin to rise and get affected by the vacuum.

Step 7:
While the cup is still in place, start reading for 3 minutes, ruqya using ALL of surah falaq and nass as a pair with the intention of asking Allah to burn ANY jinnee (including our disabled jinnee) to death in that place AND to push out ANY jinnee (including our disabled jinnee) in that area into the hijama cup. THESE TWO INTENTIONS ARE ESSENTIAL! (The use of ALL of surah falaq and nass is important because the ruqya here is treatment and NOT diagnosis as we aren’t specifically targeting just the disabled jinn we discovered earlier but we are also targeting any other jinnee in that area as well. In general, we try and make treatment intentions as broad and general as possible while diagnosis intentions are always specific, restricted and are for finding out information)

Step 8:
Remove the cup and while still reading the ruqya, start doing the hijama scratches with your blade with the intention that you are asking Allah to attack and kill ANY jinnee in that area with every scratch of the blade. DO AS MANY TINY SCRATCHES AS POSSIBLE IN THAT AREA.

Step 9:
While still reading ruqya with the 2 intentions, put the cup back on the area and pump out the blood with the intention of asking Allah to remove ANY jinnee out of that area via the pumping action of the gun. Dispose of the blood and repeat the Step 9 about 3 to 5 times.

Step 10: After 12 hours, you should do a diagnosis to see if all of the jinnee in that area has gone….ie you do specific diagnosis checking if any of that disabled jinnee you detected in that area is still there or not. We aren’t worried about the jinn in other areas for now. We just want find out what happened to the specific jinnee we found earlier in Step 5.

Since the reactions during diagnosis may be subtle, it might be better to do diagnosis while lying down on your bed and without using a pillow. This will take some of the force of gravity off your limbs and eyelids so that they can react to ruqya more readily. (If you try this procedure for ayn and waswas conditioning then as I have explained in my first video, one of reactions you get during ayn and waswaas conditioning diagnosis, is that your eyelids may start to flicker, blink or twitch).

Step 11:
Repeat the procedure in the same area in two weeks time and then do it again after another two weeks. This should be done even if you feel that you have been cured. This is just to make sure that nothing is left behind and to make up for any errors during diagnosis.

A: You can do this above procedure on your patients.

B: You can follow the same steps to remove static dead jinn, dead jinn parts, sihr, ayn or waswaas conditioning. For dead jinn and dead jinn parts, use ayah 6 of surah nass in Step 2. Sihr use ayah 4 of surah falaq in Step 2. For ayn use ayah 5 of surah falaq and for waswaas conditioning use ayahs 4 and 5 of surah nass in Step 2. When dealing with dead jinn and dead jinn parts then treat them as if they are live jinn when it comes to the treatment intentions for the ruqya and the hijama aspects of this version of the JET.

C: I believe, because of the specific ruqya diagnosis that I did, that ALL of waswaas conditioning will be found in the heart area so look for it there first of all and don’t look for it in your head! Even in surah nass, Allah says that it is in that chest area. If this is the case then those Muslims who are suffering from phobias and mental illnesses should target the heart area with the process I mention above. The specific area I am talking about is just below and around the edge of the left pec chest muscle. This is the area where you should start your search for waswaas conditioning. If you can’t find the exact place as I did then take it as if the waswaas conditioning is all of the area around the left Pec muscle just as in the photo below.


Area of waswaas conditioning in a male (Muslim Sisters may have to lift their left breast to expose the said area. This lifting can be achieved by using an appropriate or adapted bra or something similar. It may be easier to do this lying down)
D. To see a practical demonstration of the above procedure then please watch ‘Practical Self Ruqya PART 4’ at (1 hour : 28 mins. 40 seconds)


I am still amazed that I am cured walhamdulilah and I am even more amazed at how important specific ruqya is and how important hijama is for treatment. So I would strongly recommend and advise ALL patients to learn how to do specific ruqya and also to learn how to do hijama treatment on themselves. You don’t have to do a course, you just need a hijama therapist to teach you enough so that you can treat yourself (but not others)……..and with Allah is the cure and success!

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