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How Sins Affect Possessed Muslims & Why Jinn Speak In Them

Version: 1st December 2023.

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(NB: Please download the attached pdf table so that you can refer to it during your reading of this article. The link is at the end of this article)

Bismillah walhamdulilah wasalatu wasalam ala anNabi.

This attached table below and the data it presents has been produced from conclusions and observations from my own jinn possession experience and other cases that I and my students have treated and dealt with over a number of years.

Other Ruqya Practitioners/Therapists may differ in their opinions regarding the issue of how sins affect a possessed person.



This very simple explanation of the SINS of the patient being the main problem that is causing the CHAOS and HAVOC is extremely difficult to accept for some people, especially if you make your money from such cases.

Patients and their families can’t believe it is that simple. They would like to hear a complicated story about jinn possession or they would like to hear something to do with their family member having dangerous or unique jinn. However, the reality is very simple. In fact, it is so simple that it is difficult for them to believe.

Obviously, if you are a raqi making your money from extreme jinn cases then you will be less inclined to believe that the problem is caused by the patient’s sins and you will be more inclined to believe that it is due to BIG JINN or MULTIPLE JINN POSSESSION because the other alternative is that the raqi is not really needed and patients and their families can do their own ruqya without a raqi. This would reduce the raqi’s job to just giving advice and recommending different treatments. There is not much money in giving advice and it can be difficult to convince people that they should get charged for that, so for some raqis, it is better to keep believing and even teaching people this understanding that it is not their sins which is the problem so that they can stay in business.

It is important to know the effects of the possessing jinn on the patients they possess and to know what caused these effects and what needs to be done to improve the patients’ condition or to remove these effects.

Excluding children, the possessed Muslim patient’s overall situation is either due to sins or it is a test from Allah ie he or she got originally possessed as result of their sins or it was a test from Allah to raise their status and to give them more reward. If it is due to sins then obviously they need to stop sinning. If it is a test, they need to be patient with what Allah has decreed for them.

All possessed patients exhibit certain traits and actions that they all share. However, we have found that there are particular traits that ONLY sinning patients have.

Effects 2  – 12, in the table attached below, are due to sins, NOTHING ELSE!. WE HAVE ONLY SEEN THESE 11 EFFECTS IN SINNING PATIENTS! We have never found, seen or heard these issues in pious Muslims or children below the age of puberty. Jinn can enter a very pious Muslim, a child or a sinning Muslim but the possessing jinn will NEVER BE ABLE TO SPEAK in a pious Muslim or child below puberty, while THEY ARE AWAKE and NOT SLEEPING!! This is due to the fact that the possessing jinn are unable to control or have power over the mind or limbs of a strong believer because the jinn are weak when it comes to their dealings with strong pious Muslims (Quran 16:99 & 4:76 & 17:65) and because the child below puberty is sinless and not accountable and therefore a child doesn’t have any weakness, in terms of iman, that can be exploited by the possessing jinn.

When we say that a patient with speaking possessing jinn is sinful, it doesn’t mean that we are looking down at them or finding faults in them or belittling them. It  has absolutely NOTHING to do with JUDGING a patient but rather it is all to do with HELPING them so that they can better themselves. We tell them that they are sinful with love, care and concern and with a strong desire to help them overcome their jinn problem.

WARNING: If you do have speaking possessing jinn then I warn you against doing any more sins and you must make tauba because if you don’t STOP sinning then the possessing jinn may take over your body completely, (without you being able to stop the jinn) causing your death via an apparent suicide or causing murder, chaos or havoc in your home, which may lead you to being arrested by police or being sent to a mental health clinic or hospital. In some cases, the possessing jinn have the ability to take over and “hijack” the patient’s body because of the patient’s sins but the possessing jinn don’t do that and they rather stay hidden and cause mischief without the patient or their family knowing what exactly the problem is. This is especially true for the jinn that came through sihr as they have a mission to complete and it is in their interest to keep things quite and sihr undiagnosed but at the same time cause arguments and disputes subtly so as to make problems look as natural as possible (ie make people think that no jinn are involved in causing the problems, when in reality jinn are actually causing all of the problems). This is why in my experience those who end up in mental health clinics are usually those patients who have jinn from ayn (ie they don’t have jinn from sihr as the jinn from sihr want to keep things hidden). The jinn from sihr cannot afford to send the patient to a mental hospital because this may result in people realising that the “mental problem” is really being caused by jinn possession and then the patient may seek ruqya or do ruqya on themselves (Please note that Allah will NOT hold you to account for anything evil that occurs while the jinn completely manifest and take over your body. You are NOT responsible but the jinn are because they “hijacked” your body and used it to do evil without you being able to stop them. In the Shariah, you will be classified as majnoon ie insane or mad). 

What we have mentioned above regarding the jinn speaking in sinning patients is also applicable to other manifestations of the jinn in sinning patients such as crying, laughing, smiling, grinning (cheeky or evil smile), screaming, wailing, groaning, gasping (as if they are shocked), growling, grunting, making animal noises, grimacing and other than them ie all of these states are due to the patient’s sins. In fact, the jinn may completely manifest but then decide to remain silent and not make any sound and just sit there looking around the room, meaning it has the ability to speak but it doesn’t want to, which obviously means that it has gained power over patient because of the patient’s sins. The presence of a non-speaking jinnee, that has the ability to speak through the patient, is enough for us to know that the patient has fallen into sins. WE DON’T NEED TO ACTUALLY HEAR THE JINN SPEAKING, TO KNOW IF THE PATIENT IS A SINNER OR NOT. The mere abilty for the jinn to speak or communicate or to produce an utterance, if they want to, is sufficient evidence that the patient has sins.

Also, a possessing jinnee may completely take over a patient but may not have the ability to speak because of a disability or some other reason so it uses sign language, gestures, facial expressions, pulling faces, winking of their eyes, limb or head movements, like nodding or shaking, thumbs up, to communicate with the raqi, which again are all signs that the patient has sins because of the presence of the jinnee and its ability to do those things.

If we find that a jinnee in a patient is able to make the infamous ‘devil sign’ with their index and little fingers then this is to do with sins, even if the patient has the ability to prevent it. (Obviously, it is worse if the patient does not have the ability to prevent it ie the patient has more sins than the former). The mere ability for a jinnee to make this devil sign, which is a type of non-verbal communication, is sufficient proof that the patient has sins.

Included in these things is when a jinnee takes over a patient’s arm and hand and then starts writing a message with a pen or starts texting people using the patient’s phone (ie the ability to do these actions, is a sign of sins). In such situations, sometimes, the patient may just look on and observe the message writing of the jinnee but not have the actual ability to intervene and stop the jinnee from writing or texting. In other situations, the patient has the ability to stop the writing and texting but this is still not an ideal situation to be in. The very fact that the jinnee can write and text through a patient is enough proof that sins have caused this situation. This is similar to the situation below that I describe, where a patient has the ability to stop the jinn from speaking but if the patient relaxes and lets go of their body, then the jinnee would continue to speak. The ideal situation is when the jinnee cannot take over and speak, write or text even if the patient relaxes and lowers their guard.

I would also include in all of this, the ability of the jinn to take control of the arms of the patient and then point with their fingers or use sign language (ie non-verbal communication) or to punch, kick or strangle someone or to harm the patient himself/herself or the jinn takes control of the arm and hand of the patient and then touches or fondles the patient’s private parts or genitals or the jinn flirts or dances provocatively or even walks or runs around a room or picks things up and throws them at people. All these last examples are also proof that the possessing jinn have taken control because of the patient’s sins. If the patient did not have sins then the possessing jinn would not be able to do these actions.

So looking at all of this above information, we can say that if you see a patient with jinn possession in a ruqya session or a hijama session or in fact anywhere else and their jinn are shouting or screaming or crying or laughing or fighting or being very physical or running/walking around the room and breaking things or damaging things and it is difficult to control or restrain the patient…..THEN KNOW THAT THE CAUSE OF ALL OF THIS CHAOS & HAVOC IS: “THE SINS OF THE PATIENT”! 

The main thing here is NOT to restrict and to think that I am just talking about jinn that speak in patients, but rather I am talking about a series of complete manifestations and body-take-overs of the possessing jinn that use the voice, mouth, head or limbs of the patient to communicate with others or to be physical with people, violently or non violently. 

Another important point that I would like to add here is that you are either possessed by jinn or you are not possessed by jinn. There is no inbetween and thus there is no such thing as semi-possession or partial possession as some people believe. We based this understanding on our experience of treating patients.

What seems to have happened is that those people who do not understand how to actually diagnose jinn possession or those people who don’t understand the issue of sins and how they cause the jinn to speak in people, concluded that a patient may become fully possessed or partially possessed depending on whether the jinn speaks or not. So they would consider a person with speaking jinn as being fully possessed and a person with non-speaking jinn as partially possessed. This is all wrong! Both are complete cases of possession. Just like we won’t accept someone saying that: “I have a partial sihr or partial ayn”, then we should not accept someone saying that: “I have partial jinn possession”. The reason these people fell into this misunderstanding is because they could not explain the phenomenon of jinn speaking in some people but not speaking in others.

If these possessed pious Muslims and children below puberty were to totally relax their bodies and allow ruqya to really affect them, the possessing jinn would still not have the ability to take over them and start speaking. These people do not have to make any special effort to stop the jinn manifesting completely and speaking during a ruqya session. They have full control of their minds and bodies during ruqya and they never ever have to worry about jinn speaking, no matter how much agitation the possessing jinn receive from the ruqya or any other means such as hijama.

If you are one of those patients who has good control over their speaking possessing jinnee and they can easily stop it from speaking OR you are one of those patients who has to struggle and make a real conscious effort to force and stop your possessing jinn from speaking during a ruqya session or even outside of ruqya, THEN you are in a better position than other possessed patients, who have speaking jinn, BUT you still have issues with sins (i.e you are sinning) because if you were to relax your body and let go of yourself’, the possessing jinn, in you, would take over and start speaking and this is a clear indication that you have sins because if pious Muslims and children below puberty were to do exactly the same and “let themselves go and relax” during ruqya or outside of ruqya, their possessing jinn would still not be able take over them and start speaking. This experience of pious Muslims and children below puberty is our evidence that it is SINS that are causing your problem of speaking jinn, even if you have some control of the situation. Your aim should be to stop sinning and then become like the aforementioned pious Muslims and children below puberty, who can totally relax their bodies and minds during ruqya or outside of ruqya and not ever have to worry about their jinn taking over them and speaking through them.

The worst cases of jinn possession that I have come across are those cases were the jinn completely manifests and starts speaking (with or without ruqya) and then when the patient regains control and returns, they are completely and utterly oblivious to what had just happened (As described in Point 4 in the pdf attached table below). They can’t remember anything of their jinn experience. Basically, when the jinn took over, the patient went into an unconscious state or they totally blacked out and they can stay like that for hours. I remember one case where the jinnee was present for 10 hours! This particular jinnee did and said a lot of things during these 10 hours but the patient couldn’t remember any details whatsoever. When we investigated such cases and compared them to other speaking jinn cases, we came to the conclusion that the more sins a person commits then the less they will remember when the patient regains control and returns from a jinn speaking episode.

In some cases, where the ruqya is stopped after a few minutes and NOT continued, it may seem that the ruqya is very effective because of the apparent strong reactions from the patient. However, once we look at the patients sins and iman, we realise that they had such strong reactions because the possessing jinn have a lot of control and power over the patient. If the ruqya is continued for more than 5 minutes then the result would be “speaking possessing jinn”. When you speak to the patient, they will describe a similar situation to that which is mentioned in point 12 in the attached pdf table below ie the patient had uncontrollable limb movements which they couldn’t stop.

In other cases of jinn possession, the jinnee and the patient become closely intertwined personalities as I describe in point 6 in the attached pdf table below. In such cases, the patient would be present and speaking normally and then all of a sudden the jinnee would take over the patient and start speaking, and then suddenly the patient would be present again. Because of these sudden changes in personalities and speech, many people, especially those who are not familiar with the patient, would consider the patient to be very rude, abrupt, immoral, irreligious and inconsiderate. That is because they believe the speech of the jinnee to be the actual speech of the patient. What makes these cases even more difficult to deal with is that sometimes the jinn may impersonate the patient by speaking in the first person (I, me, my or mine) and even mimic the voice of the patient ie the jinn may not use a different or distinct voice and because of all this, it can be very difficult to convince people that it was the jinn that was speaking and not the patient. This speech of the possessing jinn inside the patient may contain kufr and might mock Islam, family, friends and even strangers. Initially, the patient may know and believe that it is not them that is saying all this evil and kufr but because of so much criticising from people, they start believing that the jinn’s speech is their own speech which they are accountable for in front of Allah. This obviously makes the patient very depressed and sad as they can’t understand why they actually speak like that to people and why they can’t stop it. We say to such patients, who are very closely intertwined with their possessing jinn, that if you actually hate what has come out of your mouth and you are not happy with what has happened and that you have some sort of regret and remorse in your heart or mind and you cannot actually understand or believe that you would say such horrid, evil and kufr speech……THEN KNOW THAT THIS WAS NOT YOUR SPEECH BUT THE JINN’S SPEECH and therefore, you will not be held accountable by Allah for such speech because it was not yours! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO STOP THIS UNFORTUNATE SITUATION THAT YOU FIND YOURSELF IN, IS TO STOP SINNING & MAKE TAUBA. Stopping sins will prevent the jinn taking over you and you will no longer have this problem of being misjudged as an evil person.

(The last scenario, we have just described above, is similar to Tourette’s Syndrome.

Also, in Tourettes, there is the phenomenon of a sudden random limb jerk or movement, which can happen without warning and is a single movement and not continuous. These kinds of unexpected limb jerks or movements also happen to all 4 types of possessed patients in our attached table, especially before ruqya diagnosis. If the pious Muslims and children below puberty knew exactly when a sudden limb jerk would occur then they could stop or reduce the movement, just like they do with continuous jinn movements but since it is single and unexpected then they can’t do much. With regards to sinning patients, even if they knew when a sudden limb jerk would occur, they would not be able to stop or reduce it, just like they are unable to stop or reduce continuous jinn movements as indicated in point 12 of the attached pdf table below of results.

It was through one of these sudden jerks that I realised that I had a spiritual problem. Once, I was sitting with my wife and while discussing things, we had a disagreement (but not an argument) and my whole left arm suddenly jerked and moved strangely without me expecting it. It was a quick and unexpected single jerk or movement and NOT a continuous movement. It started and ended very quickly and if I was looking the other way, I may not have noticed it. I remember distinctly looking at my arm and saying to myself “What is that”! I knew it was not a normal movement. I immediately called my wife’s brother and told him what had happened and then he explained that it could be a spiritual disease and advised me to do diagnosis using ruqya water and the rest is history…….The reason I believe that I didn’t get too many incidences of sudden single limb jerks is because of the protection adhkar that I used to regularly do. However, occasionally, I would seek refuge from the shaytan and this would cause my left arm to suddenly jerk or move slightly and quickly or the upper left side of my body, neck and head would jerk and then shiver slightly. So whoever, gets similar reactions from their dhikr needs to check themselves for jinn possession.

Allah knows best but it seems that all cases of Tourette’s Syndrome could actually be possession jinn cases, especially those that have the speaking element of Tourettes. Obviously, ruqya diagnosis would have to be done to confirm this theory but it certainly looks like that from my experience)

In some cases of jinn possession, that I have seen, you will find that the patient is inbetween the pious patient and the sinning patient in terms of sins and iman. So they are doing sins regularly but they are also doing a lot of good deeds at the same time which cancel out their sins. From the cases that I have seen, it seems that one of the good deeds that these Muslims do is to help other Muslims with sadaqa or other things. Indeed, helping Muslims while you yourself are ill and in need, is a very good deed and so it is not a surprise that their action cancels out their sins. Having said this, they still need to be very careful with sins. They must try to stop them if they really want to be successful in this life and the next. They need to understand that once the opportunity for good deeds stop or gets reduced then their sins may overtake their good deeds and then they may find themselves with speaking possessing jinn.

If you are a possessed patient that doesn’t have any speaking jinn and that you can always keep control of your limbs, fingers, toes, faculties and mind with or without ruqya and that you can also easily STOP any jinn movements whenever you want to and your possessing jinn can NEVER really take over you while you are awake even if you allowed it to, ie you try to relax and let it to take over you but it never can do it……Then from our experience of ruqya: YOU ARE A MUSLIM WHO ISN’T COMMITTING ANY MAJOR SINS AND YOU ARE NOT CONTINUOUSLY DOING THE SAME MINOR SINS!

If we see any effect from 2 – 12, from the attached pdf table below, in a muslim patient and they are awake and not sleeping, then this is a sign that the jinn have gained power and control over them and which can ONLY mean that they must have committed sins to be in that particular state! Possessing jinn can only REALLY gain power and control over a muslim when they have been sinning and that is why possessing jinn, especially sihr jinn, encourage the patient to do sins so that the jinn can have control and then make the patient do things such as divorce, murder or any other goal or mission that the jinn want them to do.

There seems to be some confusion about the possessing jinn, external jinn and the qareen jinn. Some Muslims make the error of seeing the possessing jinn like the external jinn when in reality, they should really see the possessing jinn as having similar characteristics and abilities as the qareen jinn that every human has. Now, external jinn can kill humans and cause much more havoc and chaos than either the qareen or any possessing jinn so it is incorrect to see the external jinn and possessing jinn in the same light. It is more correct and befitting to see the possessing jinn like the qareen. We all know that our qareens can be subdued and weakened once we follow Islam properly and keep away from sins and we do not have any difference of opinion regarding this issue of sins and their relationship to strengthening the qareen. Indeed, this fact is so well known and agreed upon by all Muslims that there is no need for me to give any evidence for it. Understanding this fact and also knowing that the qareen and possessing jinn are in our bodies, then it should not be a surprise that the possessing jinn is exactly the same as the qareen with regards to sins so if you have strong iman then your qareen and possessing jinn will be weak and you will be the master of both!

Unfortunately, when I try to explain the reason why jinn speak in patients, some sinning patients get very upset and angry with me as if I am looking down at them or speaking to them in a condescending manner and that is far from the truth. WE ARE ALL SINNERS INCLUDING MYSELF AND THE BEST OF US MAKE TAUBA AND COME BACK TO ALLAH. Just because someone has sinned, it does not mean they can never become part of the best of the Muslims. All they need to do is make tauba and live a much more Islamic life and then they can climb the highest levels of iman and then they will eventually become the most beloved people to Allah.

Sadly, the reason they get so angry is because the possessing jinn are giving them a lot of waswaas via feelings and emotions and they must ignore the waswaas and listen to the advice carefully. The possessing jinn do not want their victims to stop sinning because they will lose their influence and power over their victims so it is in the interest of the possessing jinn to make the victim very angry and upset when the topic of sins is discussed. So it is essential that patients listen to this advice about sins and not get deceived by their possessing jinn’s waswaas and think that this anger and emotions are something that is totally natural and stemming from themselves. Yes, some of the emotions might be natural when we tell a patient to stop sinning but the majority of the emotions and feelings in the patient will come from the possessing jinn because they do not want the patient to listen to the advice to stop sinning.

I sincerely advise all possessed patients who have speaking jinn to look at their sins carefully, especially those sins that are done against their spouses and parents or the sin of believing in negative thoughts about Allah (We are not talking about the minor sins that every Muslim will fall into now and again, but we are talking about the major sins and also doing the same minor sins continuously). WHY DON’T YOU TRY AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STOP SINNING & MAKE TAUBA? You have got nothing to lose and all to gain since you will not be wasting your time because every Muslim must regularly check their iman and look at their sins that they have committed.

Whenever I have given this advice and it has been accepted by patients whose jinn completely manifest and speak, their jinn stops speaking and the patients can easily do self ruqya.

We have NEVER had patients who have speaking possessing jinn, say to me that my opinion is wrong because they are very pious and they don’t commit major sins BUT THEY STILL HAVE SPEAKING JINN!!!……….Isn’t that something to think about!

The reason these patients do not argue with me or say that my opinion is wrong, is because deep down in themselves, they know that they are sinning.

This advice about stopping sins to control possessing jinn also works for those rare cases where the possessing jinn cause chaos and havoc in a home and the relatives can’t control the patient’s manifesting jinn. Once the jinn have stopped manifesting completely and they have gone back down into the patient’s body and the patient regains temporary control of himself, THAT IS THE TIME TO TELL HIM ABOUT SINS AND TO MAKE TAUBA before another jinn episode that might lead him to being sent to a mental health clinic. If he does implement the advice properly about stopping sins then he will not need any emergency mental health care!

To date, we have not seen any of the pious scholars and students of knowledge with possessing jinn that speak. Isn’t that something to ponder upon and think about! These people definitely can get possessed but their iman and good deeds of spreading knowledge makes it impossible for jinn to speak in them. I have had the honour of treating such pious people that were possessed. When I would see that they were spiritually ill, then I  would offer to do ruqya on them since they would never ask for it because of the hadith about the 70000 Muslims. THE JINN WOULD NEVER SPEAK IN THESE PEOPLE EVEN THOUGH SOME WOULD HAVE MULTIPLE JINN OR IFREET JINN IN THEM, WHICH IS THE WORSE TYPE OF JINN. So we must understand that this issue has nothing to do with the type or number of jinn in a patient. IT IS ALL TO DO WITH SINS AND IMAN!

There are no documented records of pious scholars and imams of the salaf with speaking possessing jinn walhamdulilah. I could never imagine any jinn speaking in these people because it would be a humiliating and a degrading thing to see jinn speaking in our scholars and imams! These people are the inheritors of our Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam so Allah would never allow such humiliation to befall them. There is absolutely nothing good about jinn speaking in humans and the Muslims must understand and realise that it is a very degrading and humiliating phenomenon.

We have also not seen any speaking jinn in possessed children who are below the age of puberty and that is obviously because they are sinless. Some people have tried to argue or present information that contradicts this opinion but whenever we investigate these claims thoroughly, we find that the child was sleeping during the ruqya OR the child was above the age (i.e the pen had already started writing and so they are Islamically responsible) OR we find that the child was actually below the age of puberty but they were pretending to be a jinnee to get some attention from their parents OR the child was just playing and having fun.

We have heard or read about cases of young children, around 3 or 4 years old, speaking languages that their parents don’t speak. Some Muslims make the mistake of thinking that these children have speaking possessing jinn, which is incorrect. Basically, what has happened in such cases is that either the child is possessed and the jinn communicate with him in his mind and he has conversations with them and then he learns the language like that or he actually plays with jinn in human form that only he can see and he learns the language through playing with jinn. It is also possible that the child hears the jinn in his mind and he just repeats what the jinn says so the child becomes a sort of inbetween person, between adults and jinn, without really understanding what is being said. Remember, the child probably thinks that his jinn experience is very normal because he has no reference point or anything that could tell him that he is abnormal. Such things happen so that the jinn can reinforce the belief of reincarnation or other beliefs (such as the well known cases of Izzan and Shanti Devi). These cases and other such anomalies are rare and usually isolated and they always have a logical explanation that disproves that the jinn are actually speaking in the children below the age of puberty while the children are awake. (jinn can speak in children below the age of puberty but that is ONLY during sleep and epilepsy. See the section below that is titled “The two exceptions to the general rule” for more information on this).

For those who are convinced that possessing jinn can easily speak in children just like they can easily speak in adults then we must ask the question! How do you explain that the number of cases of jinn speaking in children is very small? If you are correct then at least the number of children’s cases and adult cases of speaking jinn should be equal or very similar in number but in reality, we do not see this at all. The majority of speaking jinn cases are adults and NOT children! That is approximately 99% from my own experience and other people’s experiences. I have only dealt with two cases where jinn have spoken in children. One was a sleeping child and the other was a case of epilepsy. All the rest of my speaking jinn cases were adults who did not have epilepsy nor were they sleeping but they ALL had major sins so their jinn were able to speak through them.

In some situations, it can seem that the jinn are manifesting and speaking through a child below puberty. However, when a raqi with extensive experience examines the child and asks certain questions, we find that there are not any jinn speaking and it was just the child doing all the talking. What has happened is that the child had been heavily influenced with waswaas from the possessing jinn causing the child to behave badly and maybe even swear or even have a temper tantrum. At the same time the jinn may have reacted strongly to the ruqya which caused physical pains and clear limb movements or other problems for the child. A raqi without much experience may conclude that the jinn is manifesting and speaking because of the very strong reactions to the ruqya but if the child is carefully examined then it would be apparent that no jinn spoke and it was just the child speaking. In such situations, it is imperative that the child is believed and not treated as if they are a jinnee. DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF CALLING A CHILD A JINNEE WHEN THEY AREN’T OR FORCING THE CHILD TO ADMIT THAT THEY ARE A JINNEE WHEN THEY AREN’T ONE! If you are in doubt then leave the child alone and seek a raqi’s help. (When I deal with such situations, I always use family members to help me identify if it is jinn or patient speaking ie get family members to listen to my conversations with the patient/jinn)

The waswaas type 1 from a possessing jinn inside a child can be so bad that the child just listens to the jinn and may even lash out at other children or even break things. Please look at the the attached table for more examples of this behaviour.

Some parents don’t even know the signs of puberty and just presume that their children are below the age of islamic accountability and this can cause problems when we try to advise these parents to tell their children to stop sinning since these parents will defend their children and say that their children are below the age of puberty and are therefore sinless. Sometimes, in such cases, the parents do not want to admit that their son or daughter are actually sinning and they will try to cover their children’s sins from us. (One of the sins that these young adults fall into is the sin of being disobedient and rude to their parents which is a major sin and that’s why their jinn manifest and speak). However, once the parents work with us and they realise that we want the best for their family, they readily admit that their son or daughter is sinning and then they themselves advise their children to stop sinning.
Because there is so much confusion regarding this issue of puberty, I am going to briefly mention the signs. The signs of puberty are 4 for girls and 3 for boys and only one sign has to be present and it does not matter which one appears first.
1. Age 15 on the islamic calendar (ie on their 15th Islamic birthday, which is about 14 & half years old on the Gregorian calendar). Therefore, it is important to note down the Islamic birthday of your child but you should not celebrate birthdays.
2. Wet dream. This is the one that parents usually miss and so it is important to regularly ask your children or at least make them aware of this sign. 
3. Growth of pubic hair. This is the coarse hair that grows around the private parts (penis & vagina). Ignore others such as hair under the armpits, moustache etc.
4. Menstruation for girls.


The possessing jinn can only speak and gain control of a pious Muslim’s body or a child below puberty’s body when they have fallen asleep or during epilepsy caused by jinn possession. We will discuss epilepsy afterwards. Lets us first look at the exception of sleep. Now, this is because during sleep their souls are no longer in their bodies while they are actually sleeping (Quran 39:42) (although, there is still some form of connection between the soul and body during sleep) and the possessing jinn take control and exploit the situation to their advantage and cause mischief, although the pious Muslims (and child) will not be accountable for anything the possessing jinn do with their bodies while they are asleep because the pen has stopped writing (Tirmidhi 1343 and An-Nawawi in Sharh Muslim 8/14).

When the soul of the pious Muslim or child tries to return to their bodies, the possessing jinn may interfere and cause the phenomenon that is known as sleep paralysis. When their souls eventually do return to their bodies completely, the possessing jinn totally lose control of the patients’ bodies and cannot manifest in them and start speaking. This taking control during sleep can also occur to the sinning Muslim as well. However, when the soul of the sinning Muslim returns and they wake up from sleep, the possessing jinn still has full control and can completely manifest and start speaking with or without ruqya. This is not case with the pious Muslim or the child below puberty. When they are FULLY AWAKE and not sleeping (ie their souls have completely returned to their bodies), no matter how much ruqya or agitation their possessing jinn receive, IT WILL NEVER START SPEAKING IN THEM!

It seems from experience that ALL cases of sleep walking and sleep paralysis are to do with jinn possession. So if you know someone who suffers from either of them, then please advise them to do ruqya diagnosis for jinn possession and the other spiritual ailments by using my first video ‘Practical Self Ruqya Part 1’ or my short diagnostic videos ‘Practical Self Ruqya 7.1 – 7.6’ and the ‘Self Diagnosis Notes’ that can all be found on my website (


WARNING: YOU SHOULDN’T PLAY RUQYA AUDIO OR READ RUQYA ON ANY ADULT OR CHILD PATIENT WHILE THEY ARE SLEEPING BECAUSE THIS MAY CAUSE JINN TO MANIFEST COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY TAKE OVER THE PATIENT’S BODY AND THEN THE POSSESSING JINN MAY ‘HIJACK’ AND SLEEP WALK WITH THE PATIENT’S BODY OR DO OTHER DANGEROUS THINGS OR BECOME VIOLENT. THIS PHENOMENON OF JINN HIJACKING THE BODY WHILE THE PATIENT IS SLEEPING COULD ALSO HAPPEN WITHOUT RUQYA AUDIO. INDEED, THEY ARE CASES WERE THE JINN HAVE MANIFESTED IN PATIENTS AND THEN PHYSICALLY HARMED PEOPLE. This is why I always emphasise the importance of ruqya diagnosis especially for jinn possession. Many brothers and sisters are not taking this issue seriously and do not believe that it is important. They will only probably look into this issue of jinn possession and jinn hijacking a body when they themselves attack someone while they are asleep, which is extremely disappointing.

With regards to the other exception to this general rule, namely epilepsy, in the attached table, I explain at “point 20” that ALL Muslims can be affected by the epilepsy that is caused by possessing jinn. During one of these epileptic fits the possessing jinn can completely take control of the limbs and voice of the patient and so the jinn can be heard speaking, growling or making noises and being violent ie attack people or themselves while the fitting is going on.

The reason the possessing jinn are able to take over during an epileptic fit and speak is because the patient is in some sort of unconscious state that is similar to sleep and Allah knows best. We can therefore assume that similar unconscious states, like a coma or blackouts or fainting, will probably cause the same phenomenon of the jinn speaking through patients. So next time you come across a case of jinn speaking in non-sleeping children or pious Muslims, before you dismiss what I have said in this article, you should find out if they are suffering from epilepsy or if they were in an unconscious state when the jinn spoke.

In one particular case that we dealt with, the epilepsy didn’t manifest itself in the patient until the first ruqya session. Previously, before this first ruqya session, the patient exhibited some general symptoms of jinn possession but there were NO epileptic fits or seizures. During the first ruqya session, the patient, who was a child below puberty, reacted strongly to the ruqya diagnosis and had NO control over his limbs or mind or faculties. Initially, at the beginning of the ruqya diagnosis, the pupils of his eyes would go around in circles “like a washing machine” then he started running around the room and then finally collapsed and then he started fitting uncontrollably. During this fitting the jinn could be heard growling or making noises and it would try to attack the mother who was trying to restrain it.

During the days, after the first ruqya session, the boy could predict when an epileptic fit was about to happen and so the family could prepare themselves. This situation was obviously very stressful for the family but Allah made things easy for them and the boy was finally cured via the ruqya treatment of his mother…..indeed, what a wonderful raqi a mother makes!

What we can take from this case is that if you see a pious Muslim or child below puberty reacting very strongly to the diagnostic ruqya THEN PREPARE FOR AN EPILEPTIC FIT OR SEIZURES ie get into a position so that you can gently restrain and restrict the jinn movements so that patient or others don’t get hurt or injured, as this may happen. It is always better to be prepared for such circumstances than to be sorry afterwards.

In general, pious Muslims and children below puberty can control their limbs and stop them being shaken by the possessing jinn (as mentioned in point 12 & 24 in the attached pdf table below) but this is not the case with epileptic seizures or fits caused by jinn. This anomaly in epilepsy might be due to the particular place in the brain where the possessing jinn have an effect and which might be completely different from the place where the jinn’s usual effects are experienced. We have to remember that jinn are intelligent beings so we shouldn’t be surprised if some of these filthy creatures have actually learnt from their experience and know how to cause epilepsy in children and pious Muslims.

For information on how to deal with the epilepsy that is caused by jinn possession then please read the appropriate section in my “Family Diagnosis and Treatment Notes”.


One area of sins in patients that sometimes gets overlooked is the belief in negative thoughts and ideas about Allah or having a negative attitude towards Allah. The reason this sin is overlooked is because it is a hidden sin in the patient’s heart that the general Muslim community cannot see and so they don’t know about it and therefore they cannot give any advice to the patient to stop this sin.

We have had cases of people blaming Allah for their situation or not being content with the decree of Allah. Keep far away from believing in negative thoughts of Allah. THEY ARE SINS! And possessing jinn are masters at throwing these negative thoughts in the patient’s mind because they know the greatest sins are shirk and kufr with regards to Allah.

The possessing jinn will definitely throw them into your heart but you must ignore them and not follow them up and start agreeing with these evil thoughts AND BELIEVING IN THEM! You must actively feel disgusted and abhor such ideas or thoughts about Allah with all your mind. The possessing jinn may block your heart from feeling severe disgust and anger towards these evil thoughts and ideas about Allah because the filthy jinn can play with the heart’s feelings, which usually occurs in sihr, but your mind and intellect must reject them, no matter what the heart feels. You will not be held accountable by Allah for these evil ideas or thoughts and even feelings that the possessing jinn put into your heart via waswaas because they are not originally coming or stemming from yourself so there is no need to become depressed about Allah punishing you.

If you have unfortunately had negative thoughts about Allah which were generated by possessing jinn or qareen and then you, yourself believed the negative thoughts to be true or blamed Allah for your problems then please make sincere tauba and never return to doing that again. Allah is the way you think He will be with you according to the well known hadith. So if you believe that He won’t help you or he doesn’t care about you (which are an evil and negative thoughts) then that’s how Allah will be with you. If you are positive about your situation and you know that only Allah can solve your issue then Allah will solve it because you thought well of Allah.

I have had tough time trying to explain to patients what I actually mean about not agreeing with the evil waswaas about Allah. Because of the real and genuine hardship that they are going through, some patients are vulnerable and susceptible to believing in this waswaas. In some instances, the jinn convinced them and it seems that some patients actually feel a little bit justified in agreeing with some of the negative thoughts about Allah. So you may find patients having resentment in their hearts for Allah and blaming him for their current predicament. Patients need to understand that they cannot have any resentment or anger towards Allah in their hearts because this is kufr akbar that takes a person out of Islam and this is a fact that is known by the deen by necessity, hence there is no need for me to give any proof of that.

No person has the right to be ever angry or upset with Allah. Allah does what he wants and he only does that which is good for his slaves so then how can he ever be blamed for doing something to them. The blaming slaves are to be condemned and blamed for not understanding Allah’s wisdom.


There is no harm and it is not haram to feel sad about your jinn possession situation but you shouldn’t allow that to stop you from having a positive outlook on life and you should carry on with your ruqya and carry on with doing acts of worship and helping muslims. You shouldn’t wallow and become despondent and depressed to such an extent that you lose all hope in life and stop your ruqya and stop doing good deeds. THIS IS JUST WHAT THE JINN WANT! The Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam was sometimes sad in his life such as when his wife and uncle died, and that year in the seerah books is known as the ‘year of sadness’. He, salulahu alayhi wasalam, even cried when his son Ibrahim died but the Nabi, salulahu alayhi wasalam, NEVER ALLOWED THE SADNESS TO RULE HIS LIFE! He would pick himself up and carry on worshipping Allah. This is what the possessed muslims should do and in fact all muslims that are going through problems.

We have seen cases where the patient says: ‘O I accept the qadr of Allah in my mind but I can’t get rid of this sadness feeling in my heart and therefore I am not going to carry on doing any positive actions and I’m  just going to wallow and not do anything with my life anymore’  We say that this is a deception from the shaytan or jinn in you and you should ignore these feelings in your heart as the possessing jinn can throw them in there. (The jinn either exacerbate an already natural sadness or they can actually initiate or create new ones. The jinn prefer the former so that the person would believe that the sadness they are actually feeling is totally natural and has nothing to do with jinn and so the person would act according to these feelings). In reality, this person who said this statement has not fully accepted their situation and this is demonstrated by their inaction. They  may have accepted the qadr of Allah in their mind but they haven’t followed it up with actions so no fruit of their acceptance of qadr is seen in reality and therefore we must question how much of the qadr have they really and truly accepted. We are not asking them to be completely happy and have no sadness at all, we are just asking them to show Allah that they are still worshipping him to their best ability even though they are possessed and depressed. Like I said earlier, our Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam would feel sad sometimes but would carry on pleasing Allah to his best ability and he would not let sadness stop him from doing good deeds and he was always positive, optimistic and never negative and pessimistic. SO PLEASE FOLLOW HIS EXAMPLE.


We have already explained in our article “The waswas from the possessing jinn”, that the qareen and possessing jinn can actually generate feelings and emotions in any patient be they pious Muslims, children and even sinning patients. The severity of these emotions and feelings will depend on the level of iman the patient has and on whether or not they have done their protection adhkar. Therefore, the more sins you have, the more power the jinn have over you and the more severe the waswas they can generate.
Possessed pious Muslims and possessed children who are below the age of puberty, will have issues with depression, anxiety and panic attacks that have been generated by the possessing jinn and even qareen. However, because the pious Muslims are not committing major sins, they can handle the waswas of depression, anxiety and panic attacks very easily and they can even igonre it and even use ruqya to reduce the waswas. The same applies to children below puberty because they are sinless.
However, in sinning patients who have manifesting speaking possessing jinn, you will find that they complain about suffering from severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks. This is because of two reasons: the first being their sins which have given the possessing jinn and qareen the ability to generate strong waswas in them. The second is a phenomenon that is not discussed much at all and that is the possessing jinn has sort of basically become one with the sinning patient but NOT in a literal sense as they are STILL distinct and separate beings or entities. What has happened is that there is some kind of overlap or sharing between the two. So the sinning patient actually feels and experiences exactly what the possessing jinn is actually feeling and experiencing. Remember, the sinning patient can actually experience the jinn speaking through them and some actually describe listening to what the possessing jinn say and they can feel their mouths moving but they know that it is not them that is doing that but rather it is the possessing jinn using or hijacking their mouth. This experience with the possessing jinn moving the patient’s mouth and the patient experiencing this and realising that it is the jinn doing the moving, is also true with regards to the patient’s limbs or body parts. So you may find a possessing jinnee taking over a sinful patient’s limbs or even other parts (such as the genitals) and then carrying out some activities and the sinful patient experiences what the possessing jinn experiences, be it “good” or bad. Obviously, this is not a nice experience for the patient and it can be a very traumatic experience, especially, if the possessing jinn do particular haram activities that the patient has never done.
With regards to emotions and feelings of the possessing jinn, a sinning patient can also experience these, just like they can experience the jinn speaking and moving their limbs or body parts.
Now, obviously, the possessing jinn is very depressed because of the ruqya treatment and other treatments that have been administered on them by the sinning patient and they are literally dying slowly. Hence, the severe depression of the possessing jinn. This very depressed state is also experienced and actually perceived by the sinning patient because of their sins, which have made them “one” with the possessing jinn.
One of worst possessing jinn’s feelings that the sinning patient can experience and perceive is the jinn’s sexual urges or desires and this can be very difficult to deal with especially when these feelings are for the opposite gender. You may find a female jinnee, inside a human male patient, having sexual desires for a male jinnee or male human and then the human male patient experiences this sexual desire and may believe that he is a homosexual, when in reality he is not.
There are also feelings and emotions that may be termed as “phantom feelings”, where the sinning possessed patient feels the effects of ruqya on the possessing jinn ie they feel the jinn’s burning. This also applies to other treatments especially hijama. You may find a sinning patient complains about how excruciating the hijama treatment was and that is because they experienced what the jinn experienced.
The level of this experience of the sinning patient to what exactly the possessing jinn are experiencing, will depend on how sinful the patient is and how much control the possessing jinn has over the sinning patient. What we are mostly describing here, are situations where the possessing jinn are not speaking but have the ability to speak through the sinning patient (ie the possessing jinn decide to remain silent) and we are also describing situations where the possessing jinn have completely manifested and are speaking. In both these situations, the patient can feel what the possessing jinn feel. Having said that, there is a point, though, when the sinning patient is so sinful that when the possessing jinn completely manifest and start speaking, the sinning patient actually goes into an unconscious state and in this state the sinning patient can no longer feel what the jinn are actually experiencing. This is when it is possible to beat the possessing jinn in the patient’s body and the patient does not feel anything because they are unconscious. This phenomenon is described by Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Tayymiah (rahimullah) and other scholars. (I DON’T RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO DO THIS SINCE IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO KNOW IF A SINNING PATIENT IS IN THAT UNCONSCIOUS STATE)
Having said all of that, the solution to the problem is quite simple with the help of Allah. STOP SINNING AND MAKE TAUBA!
So if you find some possessed patients complaining about very severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks then advise them to look out for any sins.
On a side note: We will NEVER feel or perceive what the qareen is actually experiencing in terms of feelings and emotions and this applies to ALL patients, be they pious Muslims, sinning patients and even children below puberty. This is because the qareen is NOT a spiritual disease and therefore it will NEVER speak through us and likewise, we will NEVER EVER experience or perceive what the qareen is actually experiencing and feeling ie we can’t experience the qareen speaking through us then we can’t experience the qareen’s exact feelings. The same applies to the qareen from angels that is also constantly with us.

If a person gets overtaken by his possessing jinn while he is awake and then the possessing jinn forces him to have sex with them and the patient can’t stop this “rape” and he is just a passive observer then this scenario can ONLY happen because of sins of the patient. Some people can’t believe that this rape was due to the patient’s previous sins weakening the patient against the possessing jinn because the patient outwardly seems to be a very practising Muslim. My reply is that this patient has fallen into sins and this is why the jinn can do such an action. It has got nothing to do with a “powerful ashiq” jinn or multiple jinn or dangerous jinn but it is ALL to do with sins of the patient. Some Muslims look outwardly very practising but they still have speaking possessing jinn, which can take over them at anytime while they are awake and that can only happen because of sins. I have personally dealt with a case like this! The possessing jinn would put the patient into a trance and then take over or hijack their body and then lead the patient to the bedroom, where the possessing jinn would have “inner” sexual intercourse with the patient. The possessing jinn would still stay inside the body of the patient but they would enjoy the patient’s body from the inside. In such cases, the patient must do their best to not partake in the sex act and they should also try to do their best to not enjoy it. This can be very difficult, especially for Muslims who are single. These Muslims need to understand that Allah is not going to hold them accountable for things that are beyond their ability. All the patient needs to do is reject ALL of the act as much as possible in their heart. Obviously, some pleasure would be felt by the patient but Allah won’t hold them to account provided that they have tried their best and have not accepted the sex with their heart. After the act, the patient will have to identify their sins and then make a very sincere tauba as quickly as possible and then pay some sadaqa with the intention of asking Allah to cure them and to remove their sins. Doing this will end this traumatic experience inshallah as the possessing jinn will not have the power to “rape” the patient again because the patient has made tauba.
The possessing jinn are also able to force the sinning patient to masturbate. The possessing jinn would take over the arm and hand of the patient and then force them to masturbate. The possessing jinn would enjoy this action because they are inside the patient. Again, as with the previous case, the solution to this problem is for the patient to stop sinning and to make tauba and to pay sadaqa and then the possessing jinn would not be able to do this again, inshallah. As with the previous case, the patient has to reject with his or her heart completely what the jinn are doing to him or her and then they will not be considered sinful even if they feel some pleasure from the action.
There is a condition where the possessing jinn can stimulate and cause the sexual arousal of the genitals. This arousal may lead to several or many orgasms in a short space of time in both men and women. Doctors refer to this condition as “Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD). In my opinion, this is a possessing jinn problem! Obviously, we would have to confirm via ruqya diagnosis but that is my thinking for now. I have only dealt with a few female cases and it seems the sisters took my advice and got better because I have not heard from them or their friends again.
This condition (PGAD) can happen to pious Muslims and sinful ones as well because it has got nothing to do with sins and Iman. In this condition, it seems the possessing jinn have basically taken control of the genitals and areas of the brain that are to do with sexual pleasure. Overall, it definitely helps if you have less sins, as with all jinn conditions, but we must not blame sins for the condition and we need to see it like possessing jinn induced impotence (Rabt), which also has nothing to do with sins and is a condition where the possessing jinn have also taken control of the genitals and areas of the brain that are to do with sexual pleasure.
The reason why the jinn are able to do PGAD on sisters more than brothers is because women are able to have multiple orgasms whereas men can’t. So when men ejaculate, it is difficult for the jinn to re-stimulate the genitals again, although in some cases they can do this.
I knew a brother who had trouble making wudu for fajr prayer because the possessing jinn were fondling his private part which would cause the release of prostatic fluid (madhi). The jinn didn’t want to give him an orgasm because it would be difficult for them to re-stimulate his genitals. They just wanted him to keep making wudu and to go to extremes in this. The brother may have reluctantly felt some pleasure but because he is rejecting this jinn action with his heart completely then he will not be accountable for the slight pleasure the body felt, which is beyond his ability to control.
The advice for patients of PGAD is to the JET Hijama treatment on the lower part their spine and their upper inner thighs to dislodge the possessing jinn from these areas. It would also be a good idea to do a JET Hijama treatment on the head of the patient to dislodge the possessing jinn from those areas of the brain that are to do with sexual pleasure. These patients should also do their morning and evening protection adhkar and whenever they feel an attack of PGAD, they should immediately read Surahs falaq and nass, once as extra protection. If after reading Surahs falaq and nass, once as protection, the patient feels more PGAD, then they should do ruqya treatment on themselves using surahs falaq and nass until the jinn attack subsides. I would also advise that they pour cold ruqya water on their genitals as this seems to reduce the effect of the possessing jinn.

With regards to external jinn then they can kill and rape us. If they can kill a Sahabi then they can do less than that to us ie rape us. I have not heard of any cases of rape of Muslims by external jinn but it happens to the non Muslims, mainly.

Some non Muslims are actually happy with having sex with external jinn and they regularly do that with them ie they like the fact that they are visited by external jinn and have sex with them. Some of these non Muslims think the visiting jinn are the souls of their deceased spouses. It definitely isn’t their deceased spouse but the deceased spouse’s qareen, who knows the intimate details of their past sexual relationship and is therefore able to pretend and mimic their dead spouse and that is why the non Muslim gets confused and believes that it must be my dead spouse because this “soul” is behaving exactly how my dead spouse used to behave with me during our marriage.

External jinn can have relations with pious Muslims and children while they sleep ie we don’t need to be possessed for this to occur to us. In fact, they can do worse than that! They can kill a pious Muslim and a child while they sleep, hence the importance of protection adhkar before sleep.
Possessing jinn can’t rape or force sex on pious Muslims or children when they are awake. However, they can do that when they are asleep.
Many patients will experience dreams of having sexual intercourse with jinn. Now, I would not class these dreams as nightmares even though they are very uncomfortable to bear for some, especially unmarried sisters. These dreams need to be interpreted by the dream scholars but I must say that some dreams are interpreted as they are ie their apparent meaning and it does seem from experience that if you have an ashiq jinn with you then it may have intercourse with you while you are asleep and then you are likely to have a dream from Allah (and the dream is your message from Allah), showing you what is actually happening in reality so that you can take some action. This sexual activity can be from external jinn as well as possessing jinn so it is essential that we sleep with the protection adhkar for sleep, especially the Quls and Ayat-kursi. One way of temporarily reducing or even stopping this sexual activity of the jinn at night, is to leave on your bedroom lights. From experience, this has been beneficial but it is only a temporary fix because sleeping with the lights on is not good for your body.


During ruqya diagnosis, if the patient notices that he laughed or cried and is definitely sure that it was NOT him, who cried or laughed, then we can take it to be the possessing jinn that cried and laughed. The same is true for when the patient doesn’t notice the laughing or crying but we do. We would also say that this crying or laughing during the ruqya diagnosis is the possessing jinn. This being similar to when a limb shakes but the patient didn’t notice it but we do. In such a situation, we would say that the limb movement was caused by the possessing jinn reacting to the ruqya diagnosis.

If the patient does not know why he cried or laughed but he knows it actually happened during the ruqya diagnosis ie he can’t explain the laughter or crying, then we can also accept it as the possessing jinn that cried or laughed. Since, this crying or laughing are not consciously and knowingly produced by the patient, they can be described as involuntary crying or laughing ie out of control of the patient and are similar to a reflex action.
In ALL cases of possessing jinn crying or laughing, the patients must be told about sins because such crying or laughing (and even speaking) of the possessing jinn can only happen due to sins as I have explained in this very article that you are reading now.
Occasionally, you may come across a case where the patient bursts out into tears and cries uncontrollably (and it is definitely not the possessing jinn) because they have been so overwhelmed by what has happened to them and so they get so emotional when they start the ruqya diagnosis, especially for sisters. In such cases, the patient has been “keeping in” all their emotions and not expressing themselves or have not had the opportunity to be themselves and cry on their own without people being around them. This is particularly true for those sisters who get married and then live with their in-laws and in such a predicament, she is not given some privacy to cry or express her problems to anyone and she doesn’t have “a shoulder to cry on” even though she has a husband. This has nothing to with mistreatment of the wife by the husband. The wife may not want to trouble him with her jinn problems and thus keeps it to herself. In such cases or similar cases, if the patient categorically says “It is definitely me who is crying and not the jinn BUT I can’t give you a good explanation of why I am crying now (or they don’t want to)”, then we MUST accept this from them and not argue with them. This particular situation of crying only really happens with the first ruqya diagnosis and it should not happen for subsequent diagnosis but if does then it is most likely the jinn crying and not the patient. Having said that, whatever the case, it would be a good idea to explain to the patient the concept and understanding of the jinn crying or speaking, etc and the implications of this.
It is also possible for the patient to cry himself when he hears the Quran during ruqya diagnosis. This would not be the possessing jinn crying but the patient because the words of Allah have affected him. In such cases, the patient would be able to explain exactly why he cried eg he cried because he remembered the Hell-fire. In such cases, there is no doubt in the patient’s heart that it was him who cried and so we will accept that from him. The same applies to laughing. It is possible for the patient to laugh at something in the room during the ruqya diagnosis. The patient will be able to explain why he exactly laughed and therefore we can dismiss it as a ruqya reaction ie it is not the possessing jinn that is laughing.
What I have said about crying and laughing is similar to involuntary limb movements during ruqya diagnosis. If the patient is sure that it was him who moved his leg then we will accept it from him and say that the leg movement is not caused by the possessing jinn. However, if the patient didn’t see the leg move or didn’t even notice the leg move, then we take it as the possessing jinn causing the movement, especially when the patient can’t give any explanation of why his leg moved. The same applies to a patient who is directly looking at his limb and then he sees his limb move and then he explains it was not him who moved his limb. In such cases, we would also say it is the possessing jinn that moved the limb.
In some situations during ruqya diagnosis, the patient will get a muscle cramp or pain in his leg and then the patient would move his leg to get some relief from the muscle cramp or pain. In this situation, we would say the muscle cramp or pain was a direct ruqya reaction but the leg movement was not and so we would ignore the leg movement and not say it was the possessing jinn. This is similar to the ruqya causing severe pain or sadness and then patient himself cries. We would say the pain or sadness is a direct ruqya reaction but not the crying itself because it is the patient that cried and not the possessing jinn (NB: this sadness is caused by the waswas conditioning indirectly reacting to the jinn possession ruqya diagnosis because these two diseases are related to each other. Waswas conditioning is made or caused by the possessing jinn so waswas conditioning will react to jinn possession ruqya diagnosis and possessing jinn will react to waswas conditioning ruqya diagnosis. This relationship is similar to when we read sihr ruqya diagnosis for some in the body, eg stomach, and we get limb movements indicating that there are jinn that are connected to the sihr ie direct ruqya diagnosis for sihr causes indirect reactions for possessing jinn). Likewise, the ruqya diagnosis may cause the patient to feel ticklish under his armpit and because of this, the patient may laugh slightly or smile. In this situation, we would say that the ticklish feeling under the armpit is a direct ruqya reaction but not the laughter because it is the patient that laughed and not the possessing jinn.
I have to be honest here! From what I remember of my experience, I have NEVER had any problems with diagnosing patients who exhibit crying, laughing or limb movements. This is because patients almost always have other ruqya reactions, like a headache or pain in their bodies, to base our diagnosis on. So I would not worry too much about what I have said here because there are other ruqya reactions that will almost always accompany crying, laughing or limb movements and this is what the diagnosis is usually based on. Having said that it is still important to know this information so that you don’t get confused when dealing with patients.
We must remember that the diagnostic intention in your heart is what really counts. It is Allah who makes things clear so that you are not confused. Because you asked Allah with the specific intention ie “O Allah show us” then he will show you something that will convince you. You just have to put your trust in Allah! This is the main reason I have NEVER had any real problems with ruqya diagnosis.
In summary: crying, laughing or limb movements can be caused by the ruqya diagnosis having an effect on the possessing jinn. Sometimes, they can be caused by the patient himself. The only way to know is to ask the patient himself. If he explains himself satisfactorily then accept it from him but if he can’t then take it as the possessing jinn causing those reactions. Occasionally, you may come across a case where the patient bursts into tears and cries uncontrollably (and it is definitely not the possessing jinn) because they have been so overwhelmed by what has happened to them and so they get so emotional when they start the ruqya diagnosis especially for certain sisters in very difficult circumstances. In such cases, if the patient says “It is definitely me who is crying and not the jinn” then we MUST accept this from them and not argue with them. Having said that, it would be a good idea to explain to the patient the concept and understanding of the jinn crying or speaking, etc and implications of this.
If you are still in doubt after speaking to the patient then do the ruqya diagnosis again and don’t worry as there are other involuntary reactions that we can rely on for diagnosis. Just make sure you sincerely ask Allah to help you and to “show you or the patient reactions” that are clear and indisputable during the ruqya diagnosis.
All diagnostic ruqya reactions must be either involuntary or a reflex action ie the patient has absolutely NO control over them and doesn’t decide to react. This means the patient doesn’t make any conscious decision to react. Because of this, we can say that any crying or laughing that the patient initiates by himself is not considered a direct diagnostic ruqya reaction. So if the patient knows what he is doing and he himself decides to cry or laugh then we will ignore it and not record it as a ruqya diagnostic reaction.


If you find that you have any of these 11 symptoms (2-12 in the pdf attached table below), then please ask Allah to guide you to your sins. If you are having difficulty in working out what sins you have fallen in to then ask close family members or friends to help you identify the sin or sins. After you realize your sins and make tauba, I would strongly recommend that you follow the self treatment plan or program, which you can find here.


Even if you do not have any of the 11 symptoms, you should carefully look at your life and try to work out the reason Allah has decreed for you this jinn possession: Is it because of sins or is Allah testing you? In general, whatever evil comes from a possessing jinn that affects a sinning Muslim (when he/she is not asleep) then it is because of sins! And whatever evil comes from a possessing jinn that affects a pious Muslim (when he/she is not asleep) then it is a test to raise his status.

It is important to work out if you are being tested or punished at the beginning, when you first diagnosed yourself with jinn possession and then also do this if you find that your treatment is taking a long time. If your treatment is taking long then it could be because of sins or it could be to test you and raise your status and therefore you should be patient and continue with your treatment.


Having said all of the above, in some very rare cases you will find that the jinn will not even speak in extremely sinning muslims. When you investigate these people, you will find that they are very far from Allah indeed, and may not even pray (the correct opinion seems to be that they are outside the fold of Islam for not praying). These people are so sinful that the ruqya is not being accepted by Allah and is only having minimal effect on the possessing jinn or no effect at all. REMEMBER RUQYA IS A DUA! If a person is sinning extremely, they may not have the ruqya dua accepted, just like the sinning man in the desert, who raises his hands, in the well known hadith in Sahih Muslim. In general, it is accepted in the ummah that sins are a cause for dua not being accepted so it essential that sins are stopped for ruqya to work. These extremely sinning muslims’ situation can be worse than the moderately sinning muslims’ situation (who show signs 2 to 12 in the attached pdf table below) because when we try to tell them to rectify their deen, they are very reluctant and don’t believe they have to, since nothing serious has happened during the ruqya session. With the moderately sinning muslim, they would have noticed the effects of the jinn and are more willing to listen to advice about rectifying their religion. Therefore, it is better to be a moderate sinner with a speaking jinnee rather than an extreme sinner with a non-speaking jinnee.

These extremely sinning Muslims who are possessed can easily read self ruqya on themselves with no trouble at all because the possessing jinn are not being burnt by their self ruqya, which is obviously not being accepted or being made to work by Allah. The jinn just sit in these bodies and don’t try and stop the extremely sinning Muslims from doing any self ruqya because there is no need to. These patients will hardly react to the ruqya of a raqi as well. There would be no significant reactions and no major limb movements and the possessed extremely sinning Muslim could sit through hours of ruqya and not feel a thing, just as how I describe in the attached pdf table. The ruqya is absolutely ineffective and it is not at all harming or burning the possessing jinn so the possessing jinn don’t need to make any special effort to stop the self ruqya or any ruqya from a raqi. However, this is not the case for the moderately sinning Muslim, whose self ruqya is more effective than the extremely sinning Muslim, and hence the reason why the possessing jinn tries to stop them doing self ruqya by controlling their jaw muscles, tongue and limbs. You may even hear the jinn’s voice coming through and mixing with the moderately sinning Muslim’s voice during the self ruqya session. All of this can be easily rectified by just stopping the sins they are doing and then the moderately sinning Muslim’s self ruqya will become like the pious Muslim’s self ruqya i.e NO JINN INTERFERENCE DURING SELF RUQYA!

Now the question arises: HOW DO YOU DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE EXTREMELY SINNING MUSLIM AND THE PIOUS MUSLIM SINCE THEY BOTH HAVE NON-SPEAKING POSSESSING JINN”? This is quite simple and straightforward! You just need to ask them about their religion. If you find that they are fulfilling their obligations to Allah and avoiding major sins then you know that they have non-speaking jinn because of their strong iman. However, if you find that they are sinning then you know that they have non-speaking jinn because of their sins and weak iman. They may not want to disclose any information about themselves and we must respect that but they must be told about the fact that sometimes jinn won’t speak in extremely sinning muslims because of their SINS which results in the non-acceptance of the ruqya dua even IF they are really sincerely beseeching Allah properly from the bottom of their heart. That is because sometimes, sincerity in dua has NO effect when you have too many sins. 

Most of the times, it is obvious that they are extremely sinning muslims by just looking at them and speaking to them, you can tell that they are very far from Allah. Only in one situation did I have a case where the patient looked pious and was wearing a thawb and his general character looked fine but after doing the ruqya we only got a minimal effect and so I asked him if he prayed and he said he didn’t and so this is why the ruqya was not effective.

In short, and to repeat and to reiterate, jinn ONLY speak in sinning muslims. They will never speak in pious muslims or children below puberty. In some rare cases the jinn will not speak in extremely sinning muslims because their sins have made the ruqya ineffective. To differentiate between these extremely sinning muslims and pious muslims, you just need to ask them questions about their religion and it is usually obvious and apparent that they are extremely sinning muslims.
If they are obviously and apparently sinning and can be classed as extremely sinning muslims, then it would be better to avoid reading on them and to advise them to rectify their religion and to explain to them that ruqya is not like taking antibiotics. Antibiotics usually work for everyone by the permission of Allah but ruqya only works for the pious Muslims who are not doing major sins or are not continuously doing the same minor sins.


I remember a case of a particular patient where they were extremely sinning when they had their first ruqya session and because they were extremely sinning the ruqya was ineffective ie no reactions. However, once the patient started reducing sins, it was noticed that during ruqya the possessing jinn were now speaking and causing some chaos and havoc. This phenomenon caused some confusion for some people as they could not explain what was happening. As I explained in the previous section (regarding the difference between the extremely sinning Muslim and the moderately sinning Muslim) the reason for this phenomenon is that the ruqya is now more effective than it was previously and it now affects the jinn, which are fighting back. Previously, the jinn did not have to fight back when the patient was extremely sinning as the ruqya was totally ineffective as it was not accepted by Allah ie it did not “burn” the jinn or cause the jinn harm as the dua as ruqya was not accepted. However, now the patient is moderately sinning so the ruqya “burns” the jinn slightly and so they try and fight back. This is a postive development and much better but it is not perfect and therefore the patient must stop all sins so that the ruqya becomes more effective and the jinn are not able to speak.
I remember another case where a pious patient of mine, who was not doing ruqya treatment for long, contacted me and said that they were cured because they were getting no more reactions during ruqya. I was really surprised but I did say that it is possible to be cured quickly ie within a few weeks or months. Nevertheless, I did ask them if they had done any sins recently and then they mentioned that they had a very serious falling out with their mother and that they were not on speaking terms from what I remember. I told them to make tauba and make up and reconcile with their mother and when they did this, they started getting ruqya reactions again. This shows us how important it is to stop sinning and the fact that someone can be deceived in thinking that they are cured from jinn possession or any other spiritual disease. It also shows us that a pious Muslim can become an extremely sinning Muslim by just doing one major sin! We should not be surprised by this. If it is possible to become a kafir by just doing one act of major shirk or kufr then likewise it is possible to become an extremely sinning Muslim by just doing one extremely bad sin! All of this can be done in a very short space of time.
We must not belittle how dangerous the sin of mistreating parents is. If it is a major sin to just say in disgust to them: “urgh” or “uff”, as mentioned in the Quran, then what about if someone swears at them or even hits them! Obviously, that is even worse and much more sinful and that is what this aforementioned patient of mine had fell into.


With regards to the non Muslims or disbelievers in Islam, then their situation is usually like the extremely sinning muslim situation as mentioned above and the jinn will not speak in them or they will have minimal effect from the ruqya, especially when they have not made the intention of seeking ruqya and they don’t recognize ruqya as being effective and it is forced upon them by some over zealous muslims. Ruqya should never be forced on people, if they do not want it! We must remember that if the heart of a person doesn’t want ruqya then Allah does not accept the ruqya dua because one of the conditions of dua acceptance is to have an attentive beseeching heart.
Those disbelievers who are a little bit more sincere, sympathetic and interested in Islam and they don’t mind ruqya being done on them or they actually ask for ruqya, these disbelievers may get a strong reaction from the ruqya or their jinn may even speak. Again, this is a better situation than that of the disbeliever with no speaking jinn or no reactions at all, because the disbeliever who got strongly affected by the ruqya will understand the importance and effectiveness of ruqya especially when the Quran is used and all this may be a cause for him to accept Islam and to seek a cure in ruqya. The disbeliever who didn’t get affected by the ruqya will probably continue in their disbelief in Islam and not appreciate ruqya.

We believe that the disbelievers have more possessing jinn than the Muslims. The jinn in the disbelievers generally don’t talk or speak, even though they have the ability, because the jinn do not see any need to speak. They are quite happy with the situation of living ‘peacefully’ in the disbelievers ie leading them to the hell fire and they don’t want anything to change that predicament, so they don’t cause any problems that might lead the disbelievers to seek answers for their jinn problems, which might mean being introduced to ruqya treatment and then to Islam.


From all of this research, we have learnt that we don’t take any lessons (which you can use on other patients) from a sinning patient’s experience of ruqya diagnosis because their jinnee is not under control so it may exaggerate or not react at all to your ruqya diagnosis and that’s because sins can cause the ruqya to be rejected by Allah ie no reactions. We should ONLY learn from our experience of reading ruqya diagnosis on children and pious Muslims. I personally, don’t pay much attention or I am very cautious with any ruqya information that comes from a sinning patient’s experience and that is because they may have been deceived by their possessing jinn. For example, a sinning possessed patient may have very strong jinn reactions to the word “Allah, Allah, Allah” or even worse than that their jinn reacts to the noise of clapping hands. However, when ayah kursi is read on this same sinning patient, their jinn hardly moves. Now, the sinning patient and other less experienced raqis may say that ayah kursi is not as good as the word “Allah” or clapping hands but we would say that this is a deception from the possessing jinn.

When trying to develop new treatments for spiritual diseases, we should not use sinning possessed patients as our subjects because their jinnee is not under control so it may affect the results of our experiments by pretending to react to a substance or proceedure. We should ONLY use children and pious Muslims in such experiments. I personally, don’t pay much attention to specific treatments developed from sinning patients’ experience because such treatments are unreliable since they were based on a sinning patient’s experience, which doesn’t carry much weight in my experience.


The first thing a sinning patient, with speaking jinn, must do is to stop sinning and then make a sincere tauba to Allah with all its conditions.

The second thing they should do is to pay sadaqah because sadaqah removes sins and it is a good deed itself which also wipes out sins.

The patient should continue paying sadaqah even after their jinn have stopped speaking because the sadaqah will continue to remove inevitably sins from the patient. We will all sin and therefore sadaqah is a way of removing sins that we are bound to commit.

The patient should also do extra good deeds such as salah, dhikr and even sunnah fasting. They should identify those extra deeds that are easy for them to do and then do a lot of them. Some may find that extra fasting is too difficult for them but they find that doing extra salah and dhikr very easy so then they should continue with what is easy for them to do.

One of the best and easy deeds to do is to serve your parents. Allah loves this deed! Use your imagination and think of what will make your parents happy and pleased with you. It may be simply massaging your mum’s head and feet or cleaning your dad’s car or making them a cup of tea. It may just be spending time with them ie sitting next to them, smiling at them and listening to them and having a general conversation with them about deen and family affairs while you are actually showing that you are interested in what they are saying.

Those patients who are committing sins by mistreating their spouse or parents should do the following:

1. Make tauba to Allah for this sin and all your sins combined that you have done ie don’t limit the tauba to just the sin you have just done against your spouse or parents.

2. Pay sadaqa with the intention of asking Allah to remove your sins and to seek the cure from Allah.

3. Make dua for your spouse and parents, asking Allah to bless them and to forgive their sins and to make life easy for them and to make them patient with your spiritual illness.

4. Say SORRY to your spouse or parents WITHOUT DELAY even if they show reluctance to accept it from you. Your job is to say sorry and to leave the rest to Allah. You are proving to Allah that you are trying to change your ways.

5. Do a good deed for your parents or spouse…..give them a kiss and smile at them, massage the head or feet or make them a cup of tea, etc or whatever action that will make them happy.


The patient with speaking jinn should pay sadaqah with the intention of seeking the cure from Allah because of the hadith:

“Treat your sick ones with charity.” This was classed as hasan by Shaykh al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’ (3358)

The family members can also pay this sadaqah on behalf of the patient.

There are a few cases I have heard of people being cured because of the sadaqah they have paid and I am quite sure there are many more cases that I haven’t heard of.

You don’t have to be paying a lot of money but do what is in your means so if you can only afford a few pennies or cents or dihrams a day then do that inshallah. IT IS THE INTENTION THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IE FOR ALLAH’S SAKE!

Try to give it on a daily basis or every other day or on a weekly basis and make sure it is done regularly. I personally recommend at least a few pennies everyday, which can be done online or in the charity box of your local masjid.

For more information on this topic:

The fatwa explaining that the patient or sick person himself can offer this sadaqa to treat himself can be found below:

The fatwa explaining that the family can pay this sadaqa on behalf of the patient can be found below:


Occasionally, some patients complain that they have stopped all sins but they still have speaking possessing jinn. In my opinion, there is still a problem with sins since the patient still has speaking possessing jinn.

My advice would be to look at the following five areas:

1. Do you have some hidden sins that are in your heart such as being upset with Allah, believing that Allah won’t/can’t help you, minor/major shirk in the heart, hatred of parents or relatives or even Muslims, some issues of aqeedah, bidah, showing off when doing good deeds (shirk arriya), etc. To work out if any of these issues of the heart are causing you to be sinful then you need to speak to someone of knowledge.
2. If the main intention for doing your islamic actions and stopping sins is to prevent your possessing jinn from speaking, then THIS INTENTION IS WRONG. You should be doing islamic actions and stopping sins to ONLY please Allah and out of fear of Allah because that is what you were created for and as a natural result of doing this, your possessing jinn will eventually stop speaking. You need to understand that your possessing jinn, and even your qareen, can read your mind and thoughts so once they know that they can’t stop you from doing a good deed, they will then try their best to corrupt your intentions.
3. If the main intention for doing your islamic actions and stopping sins is to weaken or to annoy or to fight back or to get back at your possessing jinn, then THIS INTENTION IS ALSO WRONG. You should be doing islamic actions and stopping sins to ONLY please Allah and out of fear of Allah because that is what you were created for and as a natural result of doing this, the possessing jinn will get weak and you will have power over them and then they will eventually stop speaking. You need to understand that your possessing jinn, and even your qareen, can read your mind and thoughts so once they know that they can’t stop you from doing a good deed, they will then try their best to corrupt your intentions.
4. It could be that you have not made a very sincere tauba (with ALL its conditions), where you ask Allah to forgive you for all of your known and unknown sins and even forgotten sins. If there is a known sin or sins that you did in the past, which you clearly remember, then please make a specific tauba for that sin or sins. Don’t just presume that your general tauba got rid of that sin or sins from your record of deeds. It is better to be specific with tauba when you remember the sin, especially sins like negative thoughts about Allah, which need a specific tauba and they shouldn’t be combined and jumbled up together with other sins’ tauba. Patients may not think that these sins about Allah need special attention but in reality they do, so please make sure you deal with these sins promptly and don’t just leave them and mix them up with other sins’ tauba. Only do a general tauba for all past sins when you genuinely can’t remember any past sins that you did.
5. Could it be that you are doing sins that you actually think are permissible to do? Such as listening to music or brothers shaving their beards or sisters puting on make-up and perfume and going outside like that.
We must understand that possessing jinn need patients to do sins so that they can have control over them and make them do things, especially jinn from sihr and ashiq jinn (ie jinn that are in love with the patient). Therefore, these jinn will purposefully confuse patients to do haram actions so it is very important for patients to be honest with themselves and check what activities they are getting up to. These jinn from sihr are masters at making patients feel justified in doing haram. So you may find a sister cutting off with her parents because of their verbal abuse and then the possessing jinn will give the sister waswas of feelings and emotions and thoughts that tell the sister that she is totally justified in breaking off relations with her parents because they are verbally abusing her. The possessing jinn may even add to all of that by whispering that the parents are not good practising Muslims, anyway, so it is better to keep away from them as they will affect the sister’s iman. This is one of the most dangerous types of waswas as it gives an Islamic justification for doing sins, such as cutting of with parents, and it is very difficult to correct, especially when the sisters and brothers who do it, don’t have much Islamic knowledge. You may have to spend a long time with them and bring them proof after proof until it becomes clear that what they are doing is haram. Some of them may not understand why their heart is not readily accepting the Islamic proofs when it is presented to them. They need to be told that it is the waswas from the possessing jinn that is making it difficult for the heart to accept the truth, as it does not want the patient to stop sinning. In such situations, the patient must be told to ignore the waswas of feelings and emotions and not pay any attention to it, as it has clearly been demonstrated and explained with clear-cut proofs that it is haram to cut off from parents or any other haram that they may be involved in.


This article explains that speaking jinn in an adult Muslim patient is ONLY due to sins, and nothing else! Sins weaken their iman, which then allow the possessing jinn to have power over their bodies causing the possessing jinn to speak, cry, laugh and other manifestations as explained earlier.

We have NEVER seen speaking jinn in pious Muslims (or children below puberty) because jinn are unable to take control of the pious Muslims’ mind and limbs. The only two exceptions to this general rule are during sleep and epilepsy.

In some rare cases, the jinn will not even speak in extremely sinning Muslims. In such cases their sins have made the ruqya ineffective.

Jinn speaking in humans is not a good thing FULL STOP! In fact, it can be seen as a disaster from two angles. Firstly, it indicates that the patient is a sinner and has succumbed to the power of the possessing jinn. Secondly, it can be a way of misguiding Muslims who listen to what the jinn says regarding unseen matters. That is because some Muslims believe that important information can be gained from speaking to jinn that would help the patient but they do not understand that most of what the jinn will say are lies. We must understand that we don’t need to speak to jinn and that we can gain all our important information from specific ruqya diagnosis.

We should avoid speaking to possessing jinn and we should not believe, in general, anything that they say to us. It can be a means of falling into shirk and disbelief SO THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY EXCITEMENT OR HAPPINESS WHEN JINN START SPEAKING IN MUSLIMS DURING RUQYA OR OUTSIDE OF RUQYA. We should abhor it and have this understanding that there is, in general, no goodness or benefit to gain from speaking to jinn and if we realise this then we will not fall into the bidah of jinn catching, which relies on speaking to jinn to treat Muslims. For information about jinn catching and why it is a bidah: The Problems with Jinn Catching

We should also try to avoid filming these speaking possessing jinn cases and putting them on youtube if the sole purpose is advertising ruqya services. If the filming is done with the permission of the patient and for educational purposes then it is fine since there is some benefit for the general Muslims.

There is a misconception out there that many Muslims follow, including those who have a considerable amount of knowledge, and that is that there is a need to make the jinn speak during a ruqya session and if they do not speak then the ruqya was a waste of time and not an absolute success. Such a scenario would then make patients walk away in a sad state because their jinn did not speak. In reality, the opposite is true. If your jinn don’t speak then that is much better for you.

If what we have said is wrong and incorrect then please present your evidence from the Quran and Sunnah, and also evidence of jinn speaking in pious Muslims and children below puberty. So far we have not had anyone produce any evidence or information that contradicts what we have said. You must note that if you say that I am wrong with my opinion then you are implying that sins are not really relevant or important and that sins are something that possessed patients do not need to really worry about because they don’t strengthen the possessing jinn and therefore patients can carry on as they are, even if they are doing major sins, which obviously does not sound right! How can we tell patients to do ruqya and not to worry too much about their sins! Therefore, before anyone embarks on trying to refute what I have presented, they need to ponder on the implications of belittling sins in the eyes of possessed patients since it may make their situation worse if they start to believe that their sins cannot strengthen their possessing jinn, WHICH IS NONSENSE! 

From my experience, I would strongly recommend that you don’t treat or disgnose any patients who have manifesting jinn ie speaking, crying, laughing etc. This is because it can be very dangerous. You should focus on getting the patient to stop sinning, making tauba, paying sadaqa with the 2 intentions of removing sins and seeking the cure. The patient’s family should also pay sadaqa to seek the cure on the patient’s behalf. Once the patient has completely changed their life and the jinn no longer manifests and speaks, you can diagnose and then treat them. We must remember that the sins of the patient will make ruqya less effective, hence the importance of stopping sins.

We must realise and remember that the phenomenon of speaking possessing jinn has hardly anything to do with the ‘power’ of the raaqi but it is more due to the SINS of the patient………and with Allah is the success and cure.