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Treating Physical Ailments After Being Cured From Spiritual Ailments

Version: 21st Oct 2019.

DISCLAIMER: This is from the writer’s own experience. The writer will not be held responsible for any repercussions that may occur if his advice is practiced. Please read the terms of use at the bottom of the page.


Bismillahi Walhamdulilah wa salatu wa salam ala Rasulilah.

In this article, I want to look at how we can treat physical ailments after Allah has cured your spiritual ailments.
What you will learn here is something that you can implement throughout the rest of your life.
We will look at what intentions you should use to treat your physical ailments and then we will explain how you should read ruqya on your modern medicines. Finally, we will see how you can adapt the self treatment plan, that you used for your spiritual ailments, and see how we can use it for your physical ailments.


When I use the term ‘physical diseases’, I mean all those other diseases that the human body can suffer from, other than the 4 spiritual diseases sihr, ayn, jinn possession or waswaas conditioning. This would also include ‘mental illnesses’ that have been caused by brain damage or a disease of the brain. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

We believe that if the muslims used ruqya treatment with modern medicines then they would get better and recover faster from any physical disease because ruqya is a cure in of itself and it is not just for spiritual ailments.
Sadly, ruqya is the last thing muslims do when they physically get ill. It should be the first thing that is done while you are going to the doctor or while you are waiting to see a doctor AND THIS IS BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS FROM DOING RUQYA! How can ruqya be dangerous? It is only a dua to Allah to cure you and it will never interfere with your modern medical treatment. So pregnant sisters should not be afraid of doing ruqya as long as they are not doing major sins and they do their morning and evening adhkar.
I have seen two types people, those who treat physical ailments with JUST modern medicine and those who treat them with JUST ruqya. Both of these are fine and permissible and I would not criticise or condemn either of them but I believe it would be better to do BOTH OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME!
We shouldn’t restrict ruqya to just spiritual ailments but we should use ruqya for physical ailments as well because it is part of the sunnah to treat physical ailments with ruqya as the Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam did on himself during his last illness before death and which has been recorded in Bukhaari (4728) and narrated by Aisha radiullahu anha.

Now, we can use ruqya to diagnose spiritual ailments but we can’t use ruqya to diagnose physical ailments. HOWEVER, WE CAN TREAT PHYSICAL AILMENTS WITH RUQYA. This is because a physical ailment does not react to ruqya in the same way as a spiritual ailment does. This rule is taken from ruqya experience of treating patients. The ruqya is definitely doing something POSITIVE and BENEFICIAL to the physical illness that the patient is suffering from but at the same time the patient can’t feel or sense it. In order to diagnose, a physical ailment, we need to visit a doctor or you yourself will be able to know if you are suffering from a physical ailment. That is because Allah has created our bodies so that we can see or feel physical ailments so there is no need to use ruqya as a tool for diagnosis. RUQYA DIAGNOSIS IS ONLY FOR SPIRITUAL AILMENTS.

As I have said in other articles and even my videos, a spiritual ailment might cause a physical disease. We know this via specific ruqya. In some cases, the physical illness or disease is 100% caused by a spiritual ailment. In other situations, the spiritual ailment might partially be the cause of a physical illness as I have discussed in ‘7 Rules for Specific Ruqya’. Now, once the patient has become fully cured from all spiritual ailments, the physical diseases, that the spiritual ailments caused, may not disappear straight away and the patient will have to now use ruqya to treat these physical ailments. Even though the spiritual ailments originally caused physical ailments, the spiritual ailments cannot be blamed for causing the current physical ailments since no spiritual ailments remain and what is causing the continuation of the physical ailments is the original damage the spiritual ailment caused in the first place. For example, lets say a patient’s liver and pancreas cells were severely damaged via ayn and this damage caused diabetes. When the ayn got completely cured, the patient continued to still have diabetes, meaning the original damage the ayn had inflicted on the liver and pancreas cells was so great that they had not recovered and therefore the ‘NEW’ cause of the diabetes is now the damaged cells AND NOT THE AYN! How can it STILL be ayn when there is no longer any ayn! Yes, the ayn originally caused the problem but now the diabetes is being caused by faulty liver and pancreas cells, and this is a physical ailment and not a spiritual one. So when the patient does their ruqya treatment they will “ask Allah to cure them from all the diabetes (ie the all manifestations and symptoms of the disease) and whatever  (faulty liver & pancreas cells) is currently causing the diabetes”. It is important to understand what is currently causing your physical illness as this information is essential for helping you with your treatment intentions. When the treatment intentions are made for physical diseases, there is no need to make any reference to any spiritual ailments even if they were the original cause of the physical disease.
It must be noted that the patient, who is cured from all spiritual ailments, can no longer do specific ruqya diagnosis to see if the ayn he used to have is STILL CAUSING his current physical disease! WHY?…….because he is cured from all ayn and he can’t react to ayn ruqya diagnosis! He used to react and he got a positive result in the past that the ayn did cause his physical disease, like eczema, but now he can no longer do that because he has no ayn! This may sound obvious to some but I have had a few patients ask me this question so I thought I better mention it here. So if you become cured from all your spiritual ailments then you no longer can do specific ruqya diagnosis or to put it a better way, your body won’t react to ruqya diagnosis FULL STOP!

The intentions you should use for your physical ailments are actually 4 that I have summarised into 2 so that they can be easily memorised. Just like with the 7 intentions for spiritual ailments, OUR MAIN REASON FOR DOING RUQYA IS SO THAT WE CAN GET BETTER AND THEN RETURN TO WORSHIPING ALLAH PROPERLY AGAIN. Indeed, this intention is what is really going to make a difference in your ruqya and I would strongly recommend you take some time to really understand it so that you can appreciate it. My dear brothers and sisters, we are ONLY here in this world to worship Allah and maybe through your illness and ruqya that uses this important and powerful intention, you will realise how worthless this world is and how you may have been deceived by it, which in turn will make you change the way you live. Can you see the wisdom in getting ill?

1. O Allah cure me from ALL the PHYSICAL AILMENTS and their CAUSES that YOU KNOW that I’m suffering from NOW, so that I can return to worshiping you properly again without any illness.

2. O Allah cure me from ALL the PHYSICAL AILMENTS and their CAUSES that I KNOW that I’m suffering from NOW, so that I can return to worshiping you properly again without any illness.

From our ruqya treatment experience of using the 7 intentions for spiritual ailments, we know that the more focus and precision the intentions have, the better the ruqya results are! Therefore, we put this lesson into developing these 2 above intentions. So even though some would say that intention 1 is enough and we don’t need intention 2, we would say that from our experience the more intentions the better the ruqya becomes. Especially, when someone knows or has an idea of the illness he is suffering from and then he asks Allah to cure him, he will make a much more sincere ruqya dua to Allah than someone who doesn’t know what he is exactly suffering from. So when someone has been told that they have cancer then their ruqya dua will be much stronger than someone else’s who has a physical illness but doesn’t know what it exactly is. Hence, the importance of incorporating the patient’s knowledge of their illness into the intentions and the importance of the patient getting a proper medical diagnosis so that this infromation can be used in his ruqya intention thereby making his ruqya stronger.

The reason we mention Allah’s knowledge in the first intention is because ONLY Allah really knows exactly what we are suffering from and therefore any misdiagnosis by doctors or ourselves cannot affect our ruqya treatment.

We may have been diagnosed by a doctor or we may have diagnosed ourselves that we are  suffering from particular physical ailments and this would be covered by intention 2. However, having said that, there might be some physical ailments that we don’t know about or realise that we have or medical science doesn’t recognise because it might be a new disease AND THEREFORE HAVING INTENTION 1 PRESENT, MAKES SURE THAT NO DISEASE WHATSOEVER ESCAPES THE RUQYA TREATMENT.

Remember, the intentions happen in your heart and are never said in your mind or by your lips.

Now, you cannot adapt intention 1 and give it a future meaning and then read that with ruqya on a regular basis as a form of prevention from future diseases because ruqya is ONLY for diagnosis and treatment. If you want to prevent disease then you MUST use your morning and evening adhkar and the Quls after every salah. It will be a bidah to do ruqya as a preventative measure because there is no text showing that the Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam did that. We do our morning and evening adhkar for protection and prevention ie we don’t read ruqya treatment with the intention ‘O Allah cure me from any future illnesses’.

The main point here is not to fall into bidah with ruqya so we ONLY do ruqya treatment when we have DEFINITELY identified and diagnosed a spiritual or physical ailment because that is how ruqya was used in the sunnah. We don’t do ruqya on someone who does not need it ie a fit and healthy person. If we did that then we will fall into the bidah of the jinn catching raqis who do ruqya on the catcher who does not need ruqya. We ONLY do ruqya, if there is something wrong with us and we do not do it for NO apparent reason… there has to be a problem or someone noticed something in you or you yourself noticed something or you think you have some illness.

It is important that you also use modern medicines to treat physical ailments just as you may have used them during your treatment of spiritual ailments. So visiting the doctor and using the medicines he gives you is part of your treatment AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!
You should read ruqya on all your modern medicines that were prescribed to you by using surah falaq and nass with the TWO intentions above. These medicines could be pills, tablets, liquids or creams.
You must open the package or bottle or lid and then read over the medicines directly ie there must not be a plastic barrier or packaging between you and the medicine unless they are capsules, which you should not open (just read over the capules just like how you read over tablets or black seeds). If you don’t do this ruqya directly on the medicine then the ruqya is not as effective as it could be. We believe that the blocking or disruption of the sound waves makes the ruqya less effective as we have seen from experience. This is why raqis open the lid of a bottle of water before they read ruqya on the water in a bottle.

You can access the self treatment plan or notes for spiritual ailments here:

Self Treatment Notes

You should combine the medicines the doctor has given you with your daily ruqya treatment, black seeds, honey and hijama as described in the self treatment plan that you used to treat your spiritual ailments. You can even use the ruqya soup because it contains many things that are from the sunnah and which the Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam told people to use and to treat themselves with.
You should consult your doctor about combining your modern medicines with black seeds, honey, senna, hijama etc since you don’t want to have any adverse reactions or cause the modern medicine to become less effective. As I mentioned earlier, you do not have to worry about doing ruqya since there are no side effects from doing ruqya.

You should also read ruqya, with the two intentions, over your food and drinks as much as possible. This would just be reading surah falaq and nass ONCE as a pair over the food and drink. Ideally, it would be better to do them 7 times as a pair but once is enough. The key thing here is to do what is easy for you and not to make it too hard or difficult to follow.

The ruqya treatment basically stays the same as the self treatment plan. All you need to do is change the 7 intentions to the 2 above intentions during your ruqya treatment with surahs falaq and nass and OBVIOUSLY, YOU MUST AVOID MAJOR SINS IF YOU WANT YOUR RUQYA TO BE EFFECTIVE!

For the JET treatment, you just need to do a comprehensive JET (version 2) with the 2 above intentions, using only those parts of the intentions that are relevant by adding them to the JET intentions. So change the spiritual ailments to physical ailments and their causes that Allah knows and you know about and obviously the main intention of “getting cured to worship Allah properly again without any illness” should also be present (I won’t mention any of these essentials in the intentions below so as to make the text less but they should be their in your heart already). Therefore your intentions will be:

(NB: From our experience of using the JET for spiritual diseases, we know that Allah is able bring the possessing jinn and the other spiritual ailments to the kahil point via ruqya and then destroy them there and extract them out from there as well. Therefore, he can obviously do exactly the same thing when we use ruqya with physical diseases because Allah is able to do all things. This understanding doesn’t contradict the Shariah because the Shariah does NOT differentiate between the way we deal with spiritual or physical diseases.).

Ask Allah to:
1. Draw all the physical ailments and their causes to the kahil point and keep them trapped there.
2. Destroy all the physical ailments and their causes when they arrive at the kahil point.
3. (When actual hijama process starts)
Push out of the body and into the hijama cup all the physical ailments and their causes.
Ask Allah to:
4. Destroy with every cut of the blade all the physical ailments and their causes
5. Extract all the physical ailments and their causes into the hijama cup via the pumping action of the hijama gun.


What we described here is something that ALL Muslims should always do when they have a physical ailment as it is not too difficult to do.

If following the above plan is too difficult, then the minimum they should do is the ruqya treatment with the 2 above intentions and they should do this as soon as they get physical ill. They should also read ruqya treatment on their medicines and their food and drinks.

By doing ruqya immediately and continuously while you are on the way to the doctor and afterwards, you will speed up the time it takes to get the cure from Allah.

When we do get physical ill, we should NOT see it as a burden and a waste of time but we should see it as a blessing in disguise and an opportunity to do ruqya which is an extra good deed on our scales and an act of worship that will definitely bring us closer to Allah…..after all, we are ONLY here to worship HIM!

…..and with Allah is the success and cure.