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The Waswas From The Possessing Jinn & Qareen

Version: 6th May 2024.

DISCLAIMER: This is from the writer’s own experience. The writer will not be held responsible for any repercussions that may occur if his advice is practiced. Please read the terms of use at the bottom of the page.

Bismillah wa salatu wa salam ala Nabiyyina Muhammad.


In this article, I want to talk about the waswas of the possessing jinn, its forms and how we can deal with it. What we will mention here, about waswas, is also relevant to the personal jinnee (qareen) that every human has (and which is NOT classified as a spiritual disease that needs treatment, unlike the possessing jinn which are a type of spiritual disease). Therefore, even if you are not possessed, you will still benefit from most of the information that is presented here. This is all because the personal jinn (qareens) and the possessing jinn use the same waswas tactics to deceive us. Hence, once you are familiar with one of them, then that knowledge will help you deal with the other one.

Sadly, many Muslims are totally oblivious to the waswas tactics and “games” of the possessing jinn and qareen. And because of this lack of knowledge in this particular area, we find that many of them have succumbed to the waswas or they follow it, believing it to be the correct thing to do. Indeed, I was one of them! No one told me that the qareen or possessing jinn can create feelings and emotions in me, in order to deceive me. No one told me that the qareen or possessing jinn can actually imitate me in my mind and pretend to be my own self talk so that they can deceive me. (I basically call this an impersonating whisper in this article). No one told me that the qareen or possessing jinn can read my mind and therefore, they can know my thoughts and intentions. If one of my Islamic teachers told me these things, then it would have helped me deal with the sihr that I had and I would not have done many or several actions in the past. If I had this knowledge, then I would have made much better decisions and judgments and I would have probably saved more money and not wasted my time doing unnecessary things!

I remember when I had sihr, and before I did ruqya diagnosis, that I would be at home with my wife and I would feel very angry for hours, sometimes, but for no apparent reason. It was such a strange feeling. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I mentioned this problem to a student of knowledge and he just said that it was normal and even he had experienced it! I now know that it was the possessing jinnee from sihr that was causing the anger in me and that student of knowledge probably had sihr as well but he didn’t know it! I also now know that I was supposed to act upon that anger and quarrel and fight with my wife but by the mercy of Allah I didn’t.

Having said all of that, it is the qadr of Allah that I did not know what the possessing jinnee was doing to me. I must not dwell on what could have been as this will itself open a door for the shaytan. There is always a good reason why Allah decrees something and we must try to understand and always accept the wisdom of Allah and not question it. I now have no regrets about my past lack of knowledge of waswas. Indeed, I have come to realise that not having this knowledge of waswas in the past, has made me appreciate what I have learnt from my experience, since this experience has enabled me to tell people about the waswas that I had suffered from and it has allowed me to even write about it. In my opinion, there is nothing better than hearing people’s experience about waswas and then learning how they dealt with it so that you can implement those lessons into your own life.

We all know that Allah tells us not to follow the ways or steps of the shaytan and that we are supposed to take him and his followers as our enemies. Therefore, we should do our best in identifying and trying to work out their evil plots and plans so that we don’t get deceived by them. Their waswas deception can only be overcome by recognising the waswas as waswas, in the first place. This ability to recognise waswas, is one of the most important Islamic lessons that we could learn, since it will stop you from following and being misguided by your number one enemy, who is constantly with you and whose sole objective is to take you to the hell fire.

You need to understand that most of the misguidance out there in the world today, from false religions to bidah in Islam, is caused by the shaytan (Iblis) and his followers, be they from personal qareens or other jinn. They are also mostly responsible for initiating the other evils that we see in the world, such as murder, rape and prejudices like racism. All of this misguiding of people by the devils is usually done via waswas so obviously you can see how important it is to study waswas. In fact, it is very important to study evil in general.

“Sheikh Abdur-Razaq ibn Abdul-Mohsin Al-Badr” (who is the son of the Mohadith of Medinah in our time): said regarding this issue of knowing evil and learning about it:

“Veriliy, there is a very great demand for a Muslim to understand evil and the issues of Jahiliyyah (pre-Islamic time) so that he can be aware/cautious of it and keep away from it and so that he can warn his Muslim brothers (and sisters) from it, and a lot of the people fell into misguidance, ignorance and falsehood (baatil) because of their unawareness and ignorance about these issues of evil, its causes and means – as it was said in the earlier times: “How can someone fear, and he doesn´t even know what he should fear”.

Someone who doesn´t know evil, how will he be able to fear it? And for this reason it was narrated in Sahih Al Bukhaari, from Hudhaiya Ibn Al-Yamaan, radiallahu anhu, that he said:

“The companions of Allah´s messenger, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, used to ask him about Good (things), and I used to ask him about Evil (things), out of fear that it will overtake me.”

And the scholars say, that: “in knowing the evil, lies the ability to stay away from its falsehood”, and this is a great beneficial point: meaning that if the Muslim knows the evil and its danger and knows its harms for him in this worldly life and the next, then this is the greatest assistance for him, after Allah the Exalted, to avoid it and and guard himself against it.

And so it is, my noble brothers, that it is required for a Muslim to know the good so as to act upon it. It is also required for him to know the evil, to stay away from it.

And as the book of our Lord the Exalted shows us the good things so as to act upon them, likewise, it makes us aware of the evil things. Likewise, with the Sunnah of our Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. He, the Exalted and High, made clear for us the evil and its people´s attributes, so that we stay away from the evil and from its people.

Allah says: “(6:55) Thus We clearly set forth Our signs so that the way of the wicked might become distinct.”

Meaning, so that it becomes clear for the people and so that they keep away from it, and fear their deeds, attributes and characteristics.

And this is why it was said: “I learnt the evil not for the evil (itself), but to keep away from it. Because verily, the one from the people who doesn´t know the evil, falls into it.”

The one who doesn´t know the evil, maybe he has already fallen into it, since he thought it to be the truth and the true guidance. And as soon as the knowledge of it and its means and reasons becomes weak (reduced) between the people, it could quite possibly be that they have already fallen into a great portion of it, (while) believing that they had not yet fallen into it!

Rather, maybe the matter is unclear for him, so that he believes the innovation to be Sunnah, and the Sunnah to be innovation, and the truth to be falsehood, and the flasehood to be the truth. The matter has become mixed up and confuses and it will not become clear for the Muslim, except that he knows and learns about the truth and sticks to it, and learns and knows about the evil, and stays away from it”.

The above translation is taken from a recording from the introduction of “Masa’eel Al-Jahiliyah”:

Obviously, what the Sheikh has said is also applicable to learning about waswas and its evils so that we can stop ourselves from following it or being deceived by it.

You cannot recognise waswas unless you learn about it and understand how it is done. In this article, we hope to give you some insight into their waswas by explaining how they do it and also give you many examples of waswas that my patients and myself have experienced so that you understand it and then hopefully recognise it when it happens to you, inshallah. You cannot avoid waswas unless you study it in this way.

There are two aspects of this knowledge:

1) Recognising the waswas.

This article will help you recognise the waswas by explaining how the jinn do it and it will give you many examples of waswas so that you learn from the examples and then use this information to help you recognise “NEW” incidents of waswas attack that may occur in your life and in the life of others. 

2) having the ability to NOT follow it.

This article will teach you strategies that will stop you from following it, inshallah. 

THIS ABILITY TO RECOGNISE WASWAS AND TO REFRAIN FROM FOLLOWING IT, IS A GREAT GIFT FROM ALLAH! So ask Allah to give them to you and don’t listen to those who say that it is impossible to recognise waswas!

If you are suffering from severe waswas, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), extreme anger, suicidal thoughts, constant nightmares, etc then it is important that you diagnose yourself because we need to know if your severe waswas is being caused by possessing jinn or not. I would also strongly recommend those people who suffer from extreme forgetfulness, brain fog or constant yawning to do ruqya diagnosis as these can also be caused by possessing jinn.

I would also strongly recommend those who have been medically diagnosed with schizophreniabipolar disorder or psychosis to do ruqya diagnosis for jinn possession as these diseases can be a symptom of jinn possession. (However, before they do the self ruqya diagnosis, they MUST make sure that they are not doing any major sins or continuously doing the same minor sins, like listening to music and this is because sins affect ruqya diagnosis). I remember a friend of mine and colleague, who is consultant psychiatrist, took me to a family where a sister had been diagnosed with schizophrenia but when I did the ruqya diagnosis, we realised it was sihr with jinn possession. The family were very surprised with the outcome but obviously very pleased as well since they could now do the correct treatment for jinn possession.

You should not presume that you don’t have jinn possession and you should NOT take advice from people who do not know much about ruqya and jinn, like some medical doctors. You should not even take advice from some Muslim speakers who talk about jinn. Many people speak about these topics but they don’t have a clue about how to actually diagnose jinn possession so you shouldn’t take their advice as they may misguide you and make you believe that you don’t have jinn possession, when you may actually have it. If a speaker doesn’t know how to diagnose jinn possession then they are obviously unqualified to tell us when someone is jinn-free. The same rule applies to the other spiritual ailments so if someone does not know how to diagnose ayn (evil eye) then they can’t tell you if you are ayn-free! 

You must understand that the only way to find out if you have jinn possession, is by doing ruqya diagnosis. Please refer to my Self Diagnosis Notes and the short ruqya diagnosis videos (7.1 to 7.5) on my website.

Once you have done ruqya diagnosis and your results are negative for jinn possession and the other spiritual ailments, you must now go and see a medical doctor who can solve your problems, inshallah.

In this article, the majority of the evidence about the possessing jinn and their waswas is taken from my experience and the experience of my patients and students. It is completely permissible (and sometimes even obligatory) for us to tell other Muslims about our experience so that other Muslims don’t fall for the same games and tactics of the possessing jinn and even qareen. This is because advising fellow Muslims is part of our religion. This advice about the jinn is similar to advising Muslims about a particular evil group of people and how we dealt with them and how we avoided their evil and how their evil affected us. Once the Muslims learn from our mistakes and triumphs, they will be in a much better position and will be ready to deal with the jinn and their waswas.
The reason we are allowed to talk about any new threats from the jinn and to expose them to the Muslims, is because the jinn are intelligent beings who will use NEW tactics and tricks to deceive and harm Muslims, which they didn’t use before and so we need to keep up to date with their new strategies against us in order to comply with the obligation of taking the devils as our enemies. For example, some scholars advise us to say “Bismillah” when we pour hot water down the drain to protect us from being attacked by jinn. There is no hadith on this type of jinn attack but the advice is accepted by many scholars and no one condemns these scholars for giving this advice. This shows that we can keep up to date with what the jinn do so as to help Muslims. Because of this, I can say, from my experience, that speaking possessing jinn is a sign of the patient’s sins (ie the sins have given the jinn the ability to manifest completely and speak). There is nothing wrong with me saying that and no one can condemn me as I say this to help Muslims and it is not for entertainment purposes.
From what we know, there are no hadiths or narrations of the Sahaba having speaking possessing jinn so it is important to talk about it and to address it. In fact, if we don’t address it and explain that it is not a good ruqya outcome if jinn speak in a patient then the Muslims may fall into shirk with the possessing jinn and may believe what it says about itself, such as it being the qareen of the patient. This may lead the Muslims to seek its help, which is shirk. I remember being asked about the qareen, after a self ruqya talk, by an Islamic scholar (a sheikh who ran an Islamic school). He thought that sometimes the speaking possessing jinnee was actually the qareen of the patient. I had to explain to the sheikh that the qareen will NEVER speak, no matter how much Quran you read on a person and no matter how much you agitate the jinn with hijama, etc. I also explained that the qareen is not classified as a spiritual disease in Sunnah and that the qareen does not react to ruqya. He accepted my explanation, walhamdulilah.
The ideal situation is not to talk about the qareen, if there is no need to but if Muslims are confused then it becomes obligatory for me to say something to correct their belief and to stop them from possibly falling into shirk. Because of this confusion from the sheikh and others, I added a section in this same article, where I compare the qareen with the possessing jinn so please refer to it if you are confused about this matter.
Some Muslims may get upset when people talk about the qareen but sometimes it is essential to talk about it. What these Muslims need to understand is that talking about the qareen is not like talking about the angel Jibril (alayhi salam). We must not talk about angel Jibril (alayhi salam) except with proof from the Quran and Sunnah because angels are part of our fixed aqeedah and no one can add or subtract from that. However, the filthy qareens, which are Shaytans (may Allah’s curse be on them) are not as special as the angels in our aqeedah. Yes, we believe in them and they are part of our belief in the unseen but we can talk about them when there is an urgent need, like the example of my explanation to the sheikh about the qareen not being the speaking possessing jinnee. It seems that there are still some Muslims who believe the qareen can speak in patients so we have to keep talking about the qareen until we correct their belief by permission of Allah.
What is condemned by the scholars is useless talk and speech about the jinn that does not help Muslims in their religion or wordly matters. For example, saying that the jinn have a football stadium in their world or the jinn visit planet Mars every Saturday afternoon or the jinn drink tea or the qareen leaves the dead patient through the left foot or the qareen only lives in the head of a human or the qareen plays tennis in the human’s blood or the possessing jinn and qareen make and live in castles inside humans. Such information or similar information about the qareen, which I have heard from people, is useless and does not help Muslims so we must keep away from narrating it.
We can explain or define in our own words what a new or old disease is and how we think a spiritual or physical ailment actually works or how we think it actually causes sickness in humans in order to explain the phenomena to patients or other professionals. So if I use my own words or ideas or concepts to talk about how I believe the waswas from the possessing jinn works or how it affects patients, then there is nothing wrong with that, just like there is no bidah when a medical doctor decribes how a particular mental or physical disease works or how it affects people. If you are not going to criticise the psychiatrists or psychologists and say that they are doing bidah when they talk about a “new” phenomenon in mental health, then you have no right to criticise me for explaining how I feel the possessing jinn does its waswas as long as it is beneficial to Muslims and as long as I don’t give unnecessary information (ie I explain the phenomenon in general terms because I can never give the exact and full details because waswas is unseen). This is because describing how a disease actually works is not a fixed act of worship. So if someone describes how cancer works, we can’t say that they are doing bidah because nobody uses this information about cancer in their fixed acts of worship like salah or Ramadan and cancer is not an aqeedah issue. Likewise, if I say something about the waswas of the possessing jinn from my experience, then no one can accuse me of bidah or changing the aqeedah as long as it is beneficial to the Muslims.
The problem with people today is that they readily accept what a medical doctor says and they never accuse them of bidah or deviance but when it comes to a raqi, they are quick to accuse and blame him for misguiding people. You don’t have to accept ANYTHING of my experience that I have said in this article and you are free to ignore it, just like you are free to accept or reject what a medical doctor says regarding a particular issue. This is because the issue of how the possessing jinn work or cause problems has NOTHING to do with aqeedah (Islamic belief). Again, as I said earlier, it is not like speaking about angels, like Jibril (alayhi salam). Either you accept what I said from my experience of jinn or you can reject it and it won’t affect your Iman. Just like you have the right to accept or reject an explanation of Autism that is put forward by a medical doctor. His explanation, whether it is wrong or right, won’t affect your aqeedah.
In short, we must accept jinn possession as a reality and fact and we must believe in it because the Quran and Sunnah and ijma of the scholars confirm this. The same applies to sihr and the evil eye. Having said this, if we add to this knowledge, things that will help the Muslims deal with these spiritual diseases then there is NOTHING wrong with that. This is what the scholars and those who teach or treat Muslims with ruqya have been doing for centuries and no one has ever said that these people are deviants because they have changed or added to the Islamic belief (aqeedah). For example, scholars and raqis talk about sihr with jinn possession and ayn with jinn possession and how it happens and how we should treat it. There are no hadiths about these spiritual diseases (ie jinn possession caused by sihr or ayn) but we believe in them because they are a reality that people have experienced. Likewise, the spiritual disease of waswas conditioning that I discovered, by the mercy of Allah, is a reality that people have experienced. If I talk about it to help Muslims then there is nothing wrong with that. If I describe it in general terms, how I think the possessing jinn or qareen cause waswas conditioning to help Muslims then there is no problem with this. This is because once we have a general idea of how the jinn do it, then we can tell Muslims how they can counteract it and stop themselves from getting waswas conditioned. In my opinion, it seems the patient gets waswas conditioning because the possessing jinn or qareen keep repeating the same waswas numerous times until they have conditioned the patient. We can never know the full details of this process because it is unseen but we can get some general idea by talking to patients and learning how they got conditioned by the jinn. Knowing this basic information, allows us to tell patients to ignore the waswas and not to repeat the action. So if a patient keeps cleaning his table because he keeps getting waswas that it is dirty and full of unseen bacteria, then we can warn the patient and tell him that if he keeps listening to the waswas and acting upon it, then he may end up with OCD.
Returning back to the issue of talking about the qareen, then sometimes talking about it is also acceptable, as I said earlier in this article, because it is from the jinn and it has to be exposed sometimes to stop the misguidance it causes. For example, when I say to people that once I was cured from jinn possession or maybe just before this, I realised that my qareen uses the same waswas attacks and tactics as the possessing jinn, then there is nothing wrong with me relating this experience of mine. Others have also experienced this from my patients and students. There is no harm in mentioning this phenomenon as it helps Muslims to deal with the waswas of their qareens because it exposes their evil and makes it difficult for the qareens to deceive Muslims in the future. We must remember, as I said earlier, that talking about the jinn and even the qareen is not like talking about Jibril (alayhi salam). Sometimes, it is essential to talk about the qareen and to expose this enemy of ours to the Muslims and even to the Non-Muslims. Take for example, the false belief of reincarnation, which is reinforced by the qareen. The way the qareen reinforces this false belief is as follows. The qareen of a dead person would enter and possess a young person and then via waswas, this qareen would give the young person detailed personal information about the qareen’s previous dead human companion. The young person would then tell people about this very personal and detailed information that he had received from the dead person’s qareen. People would become amazed, especially the dead person’s family. Some would believe that the dead person’s soul had returned and entered the young person but in reality it is probably the qareen or the qareen has given all the information to another jinnee, which then entered the young person. Either way, the qareen is involved because of the very detailed personal information that no one else could know. In another example, the qareens can give personal information of people to the jinn of a fortune teller and then the fortune teller can relate this personal information back to the people to impress them. Some Muslims get affected by these incidents and so it is essential that the people of knowledge, who deal with jinn, explain what actually happens so that their aqeedah is not affected. There are even stories of the qareens impersonating dead parents and then behaving exactly how the parent behaved in life and even having the same voice and accent (See pages 143-148: “The World of the Jinn & Devils”. Sheikh Umar Al-Ashqar (English Version). If it weren’t for the scholars explaining this phenomenon as a deception of the dead parents’ qareens, then many Muslims would have got confused and fallen into fitna and some may have even believed in this kufr. This shows us that we can sometimes talk about the jinn and even the qareen, when there is a benefit for the Muslims.

(When I added this above update to this article, one of my senior students and colleagues said that he knows widowed non-Muslim women who say that their husbands visit them at night, on a regular basis and that they have intimate sexual relations with them. These women claim that it must be their husbands who are visiting them because it is exactly how their husbands would behave in life and no other man can act, react and know all of this detailed information about the women and their sex lives. In fact, one woman was so absolutely convinced that it was her husband that she was not interested in searching for a new partner ie she doesn’t want to betray her “spirit husband”.

The Islamic response to these women would be that your husbands are definitely not visiting you all and that you are actually having sexual relations with the dead husbands’ qareens. These qareens were actually present and inside their husbands throughout the husbands’ lives and therefore, they also partook in the sexual intimacy, along with their husbands and this is why the qareens know every single detail regarding those sexual acts. It is also possible that these women are having sexual relations with a single male jinnee or several male jinn, who previously used to possess their husbands. These jinn were present and partook in sexual intimacy with these women while they possessed their husbands, just like their husbands’ qareens. Such a scenario is possible as we know that possessing jinn can be present in children and then stay in a person until adult life, married life and even up until death ie a human can be possessed all of his life with the same jinn!).


When you start your ruqya treatment or do ruqya diagnosis, the possessing jinn will severely increase their waswas and they will generate different emotions and feelings inside you, especially anger, so that you stop ruqya. You may find yourself getting very angry with your spouse, children, family and friends and that’s because the possessing jinn have created this anger in you, hoping that you will act upon it and cause fitna. YOU MUST NOT ACT UPON THIS ANGER! Allah will not hold you accountable for these feelings or anger because they are coming from the jinn and not you. You need to prepare yourself for this waswas attack and have a routine to deal with it. You also need to recognise the waswas for what it is and not act upon it. This article will help you do these things inshallah.

As soon as jinn possess someone, they start their evil work of waswas. Their waswas is so severe that they psychological condition a patient almost immediately so the patient has to deal with two types of waswas. Normal waswas or Type 1 which everyone gets (non-possessed people will get it from their qareen. Possessed people will get it from their possessing jinn and even their qareen) and the more severe type 2 or waswas conditioning which is so extreme that it can be detected by ruqya diagnosis and it can damage a patient’s heart. We will discuss the definition of waswas conditioning (type 2) and give examples of it, later on in this article. For now, I just want to focus on the more common waswas type 1 or normal waswas which can be generated by the possessing jinn or qareen.

From experience we have identified and seen that the possessing jinn (and even qareen) seem to give EIGHT DIFFERENT CATEGORIES of normal waswas (type 1) to patients. The first two catergories below are the bases of ALL the other catergories of waswas attack ie they are the two main forms of waswas attack and that means ALL other forms of waswas attack are made using these first two categories. Hence, you will find either catergory 1 or 2 or even both in the rest of the six catergories:

Category 1) Evil and negative thoughts, ideas, scenarios, images or impersonating whispers (ie pretending to be the patient’s self talk by softly speaking in the mind of the patient as if the patient is speaking or thinking to himself. This is one of most difficult waswas attacks to recognise and deal with, especially when it is done by the qareen, who is an expert at imitating you. This is because its impersonating whispers are so subtle that they don’t stand-out as not being your own self talk. This should not be a surprise because it has been with you since birth and it knows you inside-out. Having said all of that, with the help of Allah, you can learn how to recognise and deal with its waswas attacks).

Category 2) Evil and negative feelings and emotions.

Category 3) A combination of just categories 1 and 2 waswas with NO feelings or emotions or thoughts or self talk from the patient’s self.

Category 4) A combination of category 1 waswas with the feelings or emotions of the patient.

Category 5) A combination of category 2 waswas with the natural feelings or emotions of the patient so that the emotion or feeling become exacerbated.

Category 6) A category 1 waswas that is combined and embedded into the self talk or thoughts or ideas of the patient.

Category 7) A combination of category 1 and 2 waswas with the patient’s natural feelings and emotions but NO embedding of the jinn’s impersonating whisper into the self talk, ideas or thoughts of the patient.

Category 8) A category 1 waswas that is combined and embedded into the self talk or ideas or thoughts of the patient and at the same time joined with a category 2 waswas and also the patient’s natural feelings and emotions. Basically, this is everything combined together!

Obviously and as you will probably realise, categories 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 are the worst and most dangerous types and are what the jinn prefer to do when they are given an opportunity to use your own self or nafs against yourself so that you believe that what you are experiencing is totally natural and has nothing to do with jinn.

Let’s look at some examples of the above so that you can understand what I am saying.

Examples of Category 1: Out of nowhere and without expecting it, the evil idea or thought comes to your mind that Allah is not helping you but he helps others, seeing in your mind unislamic images or pictures, scenarios playing out in your mind like a video or film, suggesting or making you think about suicide, day-dreaming or seeing or imagining yourself committing suicide, playing music or songs in your mind or whispering to you to do haram as if you are talking to yourself ie the possessing jinn impersonating you and speaking in your mind as if you are talking to yourself (what I call “impersonating whispers”): “I’m gonna break that fool’s neck” or “I will mock and laugh at that sister or brother” or “I’m gonna steal that car” or “I can’t pay anymore obligatory zakah as I will become poor” etc.

Having given those examples above, the general method of waswas attack that the jinn prefer, especially your qareen, is the subtle and discreet attack which does not stand out as being out of place or strange or unnatural ie the waswas attack seems very normal and is line with your general thoughts and ideas or self talk so much so that you don’t really question it and are likely to regard it as your own thoughts and ideas or self talk, hence you are more likely to follow it. This is the real deception. This all means that your waswas attack, from your possessing jinn or qareen, is especially made for you and it takes into account your current situation that you are in and experiencing. You can see it as a type of bespoke waswas attack! No one else will have exactly the same waswas attack as you. We are all different and obviously the jinn know this. What might affect you, might not affect someone else. Hence, the jinn make sure that all the information about your strengths and weaknesses, which they know, is used to formulate your own and very personalised waswas attack that considers all aspects of your personality and your current mood and even situation. The waswas attack is so precise that most of us would not be able to withstand it and thus we would end up following it. It is ONLY by the mercy and help of Allah that we are saved from following the shaytan as Allah says in the Quran.

You may have noticed a person you know (or even a stranger) while you were walking outside and the possessing jinn or qareen realise that you have noticed this person so they try to make use of the situation and try to make you hate the person by using an impersonating whisper: “I hate him”, hoping that you will believe that the impersonating whisper is your own self talk. The jinn may have a plan about why they want you to hate the person or they may just see this waswas attack of theirs as something that will produce further opportunities in the future, eg that it may lead to a fight or a future argument with the person.

A lot of the “good” ideas or suggestions that you suddenly and unexpectedly get in your mind, are probably from the possessing jinn or qareen. These suggestions or ideas can be in the form of an impersonating whisper ie as if you are talking to yourself. So be careful and don’t just act on it without thinking it through ie what could possibly happen if I follow and act upon this “good idea”. For example, you may be on the way to the masjid and then you see a friend on the other side of the road but he is going in the opposite direction. You hear in your mind: “I wonder if he is going to play football tonight”. Ignore this and don’t ask you friend anything as you need to get to the masjid. Just wave to him and carry on. You need to be smart and realise that this suggestion was an impersonating whisper to delay you or even make you miss the pray in the masjid. If you did listen to it and actually crossed the road and spoke to your friend, then the possessing jinn or qareen would then bombard you with other suggestions and you could end up speaking to your friend about football and other things for an hour or more. If your friend asks you “to come over to speak” to him, then kindly and politely decline and say you will speak to him later as you need to get to the masjid. From my experience, I have fallen for this type of waswas attack via impersonating whispers many times. I have done things or said things that I later regretted. The funny thing is that none of these things I did or said, because of an impersonating whisper, were haram but the way the other person responded was not appropriate or good and it left a kind animosity between us, when I was only trying to be nice or even help out. Now, my policy is to think thoroughly before doing anything so as not to get humiliated or hurt by people and this is actually from the Sunnah ie “A believer is not bitten in the same hole twice” (Bukhari & Muslim). Even if the “suggestion” is from my own self, I still will think it through carefully as I am not perfect and my own suggestions can make things worse. So just don’t think that if the suggestion is not from the possessing jinn or qareen that it is always good and can never cause problems. On contrary, your suggestion can sometimes be as bad as the jinn’s suggestion or even worse. So think through things carefully and never get arrogant and believe your own suggestions and ideas are always right and perfect.

The possessing jinn or qareen can “hijack” your thoughts and run away with your imagination so that you forget about or even delay doing important things such as salah or doing your work. For example, you might be thinking about how to start a business and then the jinn take over and start adding to your thoughts and imagination, and “narrate” to you an elaborate story where you start to day dream about making billions, feeding thousands of poor people and travelling the world. Depending upon how susceptible you are to day dreaming, the jinn’s “story” might become exaggerated and make you the leader of a country, where you imprison evil people and get rid of corruption and then you move on to change the whole world. What is important here is to recognise what is going on and to stop following the story. This type of waswas attack is probably where the ideas for some fiims and novels come from.

You may be in the middle of doing your adhkar after salah and sitting in the masjid when suddenly the possessing jinn or qareen show you moving images in your mind (like a video or film) of you running around the masjid naked or urinating in the masjid and then fighting with the Muslims who try to stop you. This is obviously to put you off your adhkar. I remember one particular case, where a sister would see herself killing her own baby with a knife. Sadly, the sister would just watch the “waswas film or video” and not do anything about it. She should have seeked refuge in Allah and then done ruqya diagnosis to work out if it was caused by a possessing jinnee. I suspect it was a possessing jinnee because of the seriousness of the waswas and the way it was described to me but sadly, she did not do any ruqya diagnosis. Unfortunately, many people with waswas issues like this or other serious waswas issues like OCD, don’t do ruqya diagnosis for jinn possession. In fact, they may go to an Islamic counselling session for their problems but this won’t solve their waswas problems because Islamic counsellors are not really trained to deal with jinn possession or treat it. And with great regret, the majority of Islamic counsellors don’t even know how to diagnose jinn possession, let alone treat it!

The possessing jinn and qareen love to play out these haram waswas videos in brothers’ minds on a daily basis especially during salah. They know which women brothers are attracted to and so you’ll find brothers having to deal with waswas images and waswas videos of attractive scantily dressed women or even naked women during salah. In fact, sometimes these devils will remind brothers of the beauty of their own wives and even the halal intimacy with their wives in order to distract them from salah.

While driving or walking down a street, you may notice a sign or advertisement for a shop or restaurant that reads: “The best food in town” or you may see “call 5678999”. As soon as you look at these signs, adverts or numbers, the possessing jinn or qareen may read them aloud in your mind by using an impersonating whisper. You accept it as your own self talk ie “It was just me talking to myself” but in reality it was the jinn. You can’t believe the jinn would do such a simple and basic waswas attack because it looks so petty and trivial. In fact, in your understanding of waswas, it is far too simple for jinn to be interested in such things. The reason the jinn take as many opportunities as possible to confuse you and to convince you that the impersonating whisper is your own self talk, even if it looks simple to you, is because they want to prepare you for worse situations that might arise in your life, where you could sin because the jinn have “over trained” you so well ie the jinn are preparing the groundwork for future misguidance that they want you to follow and accept. For example, you may see some money lying around in a wealthy person’s car and the possessing jinn or qareen would whisper with an impersonating whisper: “I will take the money to pay my debt off and so-and-so won’t mind as he has too much money, anyway”. You accept this waswas attack as your own self talk and then act upon it and steal the money, which is a clear sin. This can only happen if the jinn have been excessively  impersonating your self talk over a period of time, even with simple things, and got you use to it. When the jinn have sensed that you have internalized their impersonating whispers and have accepted them as your own self talk, they will then try and make you sin when they see a “good” opportunity.

The possessing jinn or qareen could shout out in your mind, in the form of impersonating whispers, racist obscenities or vulgar swear words at particular individuals, ie you see a black man in the street and then immediately the jinn say in your mind: “You f…..king black b…..d”. Those individuals who don’t have any insight into waswas attacks, may accept this impersonating whisper as their own self talk and then they eventually become racists without even understanding how it all started. There is no excuse for racism and people can’t blame the jinn for their racist behaviour even if the jinn were the initial instigators. This is because people have the choice to either follow the racist waswas or they can reject it and this is similar to other sins.

The jinn may actually remind you of some good things you did in the past, like Hajj, while you are actually in salah or it may remind you, while you are in salah, to do something good in the future, like giving dawah to a particular person or it may whisper to you what you should mention to your students in your next class if you are teacher, which may begin straight after the salah or it may remind you to say something that you forgot to your friend or relative after salah or it may remind you of where you left your phone that you had lost before salah. ALL OF THIS BEING DONE TO DISTURB YOUR CONCENTRATION IN SALAH! This last example of the jinn reminding you, while you are in salah, of something that you have forgotten or even lost, is so well known amongst the Muslims because so many of them have experienced it. We need to remember this experience and refer back it, whenever we need to distinguish between our own thoughts and the whispers of the jinn. Making this comparison between your own thoughts and the jinn’s waswas will enable you identify to the jinn’s waswas.

Another example of a waswas attack that has to do with salah is just before you make the first takbir of a salah (ie say “Allahu Akbar” to start the salah) the possessing jinn (or even qareen) whisper in your mind, the name of a different salah, which you are not praying. For example, you are about to make takbir to pray Dhur salah and as you raise your hands, the possessing jinn says “Asr”, using a voice in your mind that sounds exactly the same as your own self talk ie an impersonating whisper, which sounds and feels just like you. The reason the jinn do this, is to confuse you and make you repeat the first takbir or to make you fall into the bidah of articulating or saying the intention out loud, which we should not do, ie saying “I INTEND to pray Dhur” just before saying “Allah Akbar”. The smart Muslim, who Allah has guided, would ignore the jinn’s whisper and carry on with his Dhur salah because he knows that his intention in his heart to pray Dhur can NEVER be cancelled by a jinnee whispering “Asr” ie his salah is valid no matter what the jinn whisper.

The possessing jinn (and even qareen) may remind you that you have to pray salah or they may remind you to make dua because it is one of the times for dua to be accepted, eg before magrib on a Friday. If they see you following this reminder a few times, they will then give you another waswas and tell you that if you follow this waswas about praying salah or making dua then you have committed shirk by worshipping the jinn ie you have obeyed the jinn instead of Allah. In some cases, they may whisper that you have become a kafir for following the jinn’s waswas. In the worst cases, the patients who experience this, may stop praying and then the jinn may come to them AGAIN and say that you are a kafir because you stopped praying salah. My advice for such patients is that they need to ignore the waswas and they must pray. This is because Allah has already told you to pray before the jinn reminded you to pray. So you are praying NOT because the jinn reminded you but you are praying because Allah told you to pray and if you don’t pray then you will be sinful. Tell yourself: “I AM PRAYING BECAUSE ALLAH TOLD ME TO PRAY NOT BECAUSE THE JINN REMINDED ME”. You have to realise that the jinn reminding you of pray does NOT left the obligation of pray from you so you must pray regardless of what the jinn do. Same applies to making dua and any other good deed the jinn remind you of. You do the good deeds because Allah has already informed us in the Quran and through the Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam that we should do good deeds and so you are NOT worshipping the jinn by doing good deeds that Allah has already told us to do for him. The jinn are only reminding you of salah so that they can STOP you praying salah so ignore their waswas and know that Allah is not going to hold you to account because you prayed because the jinn reminded you. Allah knows exactly what is going on and he knows that you are truthfully trying to worship him properly and he knows what the jinn are doing to you SO PLEASE NEVER STOP PRAYING SALAH! To those patients who have succumbed to this waswas and have actually stopped praying because they were scared of falling into shirk. Then we say to you that Allah knows what is in your hearts and he knows that you were actually trying to please him by not doing shirk. Allah will NOT hold you to account because this is a type of “madness” that you are suffering from and one of the people who is not held to account is the madman until he gains his sanity so please do not feel that you have sinned, especially new Muslims. You must now start praying and you must ignore any new waswas that the jinn will throw into your heart, eg, they will try to make you feel like a hypocrite and say to you via an impersonating whisper that “I am not a sincere Muslim” and “If I was really sincere then I would have not left the salah”. You must ignore all these kinds of waswas and any waswas which is similar to them. You are still a Muslim and don’t let the jinn make you feel that Allah is not going to accept your salah or good deeds. Having said this, I would still advise you to make tauba and ask Allah to forgive you because always asking for forgiveness is a wonderful action that humbles the slave in front of his lord! Remember, our Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam always seeked forgiveness and he had no sins! So what about us then! Obviously, we need to seek forgiveness even more.

The possessing jinn may put images of idols in your mind while you are praying, especially when you do sadjah. At the same time they will give you waswas via an impersonating whisper that you are worshipping idols and praying to Allah at the same time ie you are doing shirk. You must ignore this waswas. In the worst cases, some may leave salah because of the confusion and like i said in the previous example, such a person will not be held to account because they are suffering from a type of madness. Such patients need to understand that Allah knows what the jinn are doing to you and he understands your situation and he knows you are afraid of shirk so don’t let the jinn deceive you and make sure you pray. Allah knows that you are not worshipping idols and he knows that you are worshipping him alone. He knows what is in your heart so ignore the jinn and carry on praying because you yourself know that you hate the idols and you yourself know that you would never ever worship them. Hence, you are not worshipping them because you yourself know that you are not worshipping them. Don’t let the jinn tell you otherwise!

Once you get experienced at recognising the waswas attack in salah and you are able to stop listening to it and following it, the jinn will then change tactics and do something completely different that will expose how much they hate you praying. While you are actually in salah, itself, the jinn will give you ideas and thoughts on how to actually deal with them in salah and other situations, just to corrupt your salah. They will do this by an impersonating whisper ie pretending to be your own self talk eg “Next time I get waswas in salah I will blow spittle over my left shoulder” (and it will remind you of the actual hadith regarding this issue and the sayings of the scholars) or “I have to be careful as the shaytan made me read that book for too long so I delayed my magrib salah” or something similar. So the first example gives you a tactic to use in salah and the second one exposes a successful waswas attack on you from the past and both of these waswas attacks are done while you are praying salah. They don’t care if they give you good ideas to deal with jinn in salah or if they remind you and expose their past triumphs over you. Their main aim is to destroy your khushu in salah by using any waswas that will work. This means more to them than anything else. So just ponder over this type of waswas attack and you will come to realise how important it is for the jinn to destroy your salah. They know that this is your most important link to Allah so they are willing to do anything to break this link, even if that is detrimental to themselves and their future endeavours against you.

The jinnee may recite the Quran in your mind, impersonating your recitation, while you are defecating or urinating in the toilet so as to entice you to read the Quran aloud, while you are in this state.

The possessing jinn will regularly put ordinary and random thoughts or whispers in your mind about everyday matters so as to prepare you to accept and act upon one of their future evil suggestions without you questioning them. So this maybe seen as laying the groundwork for a future waswas attack by making you feel comfortable so you readily accept their waswas as coming from yourself. For example, you may have gone to a shop and had a bad experience there and then the possessing jinn say in your mind via an impersonating whisper, “I’m not going back to that shop again”, and you accept it and believe this whisper to be your own self talk because it is in line with your own experience at the shop ie it isn’t a lie but the truth! After doing several of these, the jinn will move onto the next stage. When the jinn see that you don’t have the ability to differentiate between their whispers and your own self talk then they will slowly introduce you to their evil suggestions for you to follow. To illustrate this phenomenon, look at this example using the Quran. The possessing jinn may play Quran in your mind regularly and if they see you accepting and reading aloud that ayah which they kept playing in your mind, they will then play in your mind some lyrics of certain songs that you liked in the past, hoping that you may start singing them aloud, just like you did with the Quran. If you do, then they will eventually try and get you to listen to music. This process of getting you to listen to music will take several steps and may even take several months but it all started off with a simple whisper to read Quran and then developed into something evil and haram. Occasionally, this sort of waswas attack backfires on the possessing jinn and the patient actually ends up memorizing more Quran and getting closer to Allah.

You and other brothers are busy working at a masjid and organising an Islamic conference and one of the organisers requests a brother, who owns a car, to pick up the Sheikhs and the special guests from the airport. The possessing jinn or qareen whisper to you an impersonating whisper that you should offer your car to the brother to pick up the special guests ie: “I’ll help out and let the brother use my car to pick up the Sheikhs”. You think this suggestion is your own idea and not an impersonating whisper from the jinn. Without really thinking about any negative consequences that could occur, you just tell the brother: “Akhi, you can use my car to pick up the Sheikhs”. The brother turns around annoyed and says: “Are you trying to say that my car is NOT good enough for the Sheikhs or are you trying “steal” some of the honour and want people to see the Sheikhs in your car”. Now, this would obviously surprise you. It would have been better not to say anything in the first place. You should have tried to work out what could have happened if you said the suggestion, especially when you don’t know if it is a suggestion from the jinn or yourself. This particular waswas attack is NOT easy to deal with as it is presented as being a good and helpful Muslim. In this situation, the brother’s car is good enough and the suggestion does not really help. In fact, if the brother did follow the advice, it could make the situation of picking up the Sheikhs more difficult as the brother would not be familiar with driving your car. Therefore, next time you have a good idea and want to share it, stop and think carefully. Try to work out if it is an impersonating whisper or is it from yourself but if you can’t work out which one it is, then try to work out what the negative consequences could be. If you are still in doubt then just remain silent as silence can NEVER cause you problems and it is an Islamic principle to say something good or remain silent as the well known hadith mentions.

You enter a doctor’s surgery and there are no other patients except yourself and another person in the waiting room. You realise the waiting room is smelly and decide to open the window to let in some fresh air and without consulting the other patient. As you open the window, the possessing jinn or qareen whisper to you an impersonating whisper “This room stinks” and you, without really thinking, repeat this sentence and actually say it aloud, while forgetting about the other patient in the waiting room, who clearly hears it. The patient replies “Are you implying that I smell” and then a little argument occurs between you. This could have been avoided by not repeating the impersonating whisper even though it was correct ie the room is smelly but keep that information to yourself. It is always a good idea not to talk to yourself in public. Indeed, it is one of the signs of jinn possession.

Examples of Category 2: Out of nowhere and without expecting it, an evil feeling or emotion affects you. Sometimes a patient will be very sad or depressed or have suicidal feelings or feel really angry or feel very ugly (especially for sisters so that they take off their hijab or apply make-up to make themselves feel better) but they would not know why they are actually feeling like that. The possessing jinn can also make you very happy or excited so that you do something that may lead you to sin, although they rarely do this one because all devils prefer us to be sad and depressed as you are more likely to question qadr and rebel against Allah when you are sad and depressed. Patients could also have extreme fear but not know what exactly they are afraid of ie the possessing jinn generated this fear. It is also possible for the possessing jinn to make you love one person and hate another but you wouldn’t be able to explain why you have such feelings towards these people.

Having given those examples above, the general method of waswas attack that the jinn prefer, especially your qareen, is the subtle and discreet attack which does not stand out as being out of place or strange or unnatural ie the waswas attack seems very normal and is line with your general feelings and emotions so much so that you don’t really question it and are likely to regard it as your own feelings and emotions, hence you are more likely to follow it. This is the real deception. This all means that your waswas attack, from your possessing jinn or qareen, is especially made for you and it takes into account your current situation that you are in and experiencing. You can see it as a type of bespoke waswas attack! No one else will have exactly the same waswas attack as you. We are all different and obviously the jinn know this. What might affect you, might not affect someone else. Hence, the jinn make sure that all the information about your strengths and weaknesses, which they know, is used to formulate your own and very personalised waswas attack that considers all aspects of your personality and your current mood and even situation. The waswas attack is so precise that most of us would not be able to withstand it and thus we would end up following it. It is ONLY by the mercy and help of Allah that we are saved from following the shaytan as Allah says in the Quran.

The possessing jinn, and even qareen, will try to make you laugh by generating a feeling or urge to laugh at someone or something. You may find yourself getting this strange feeling to laugh when you hear something serious and confidential or when you are in a very formal situation. For example, a friend or loved one confides in you and tells you something serious and important but while they are telling you this, you feel the urge to laugh at them or what they are saying! Or while at work, you are in a formal setting in a hall and someone is giving a presentation and while everyone else is listening attentively, you get this strong urge to burst out laughing. In such situations, you need to seek refuge in Allah, from the waswas, by reciting the two Quls. In fact, whenever you get any of these negative and evil emotions and feelings from the possessing jinn or qareen, YOU MUST SEEK REFUGE IN ALLAH! Don’t let them fester and take hold of you. If you don’t seek refuge in Allah, you might get waswas conditioned.

You may see a Muslim and you say “salam alaykum” but the Muslim does not reply to your salams and then upon seeing this opportunity, the possessing jinn or qareen throw a feeling of humiliation and disgrace into your heart, hoping that you will act upon it and start an argument with the Muslim for not saying salam to you. In such circumstances, you should ignore the waswas and make excuses for your brother. Instead, you should make dua for your brother.

The jinn may stir up feelings of enjoyment while you read a book so that you continue to read the book and delay or miss your salah. The jinn may make you nervous or anxious so much so that you get ‘butterflies in your stomach’ but they will usually do this in a specific context like praying salah on a plane so that you don’t pray. If that nervous or anxious feeling doesn’t stop you from praying then they may make you feel embarrassed to pray on the plane. The jinn may make you feel embarrassed to pick up something harmful, like a broken glass bottle, from the street or pavement (sidewalk). Initially, you may have not felt anything when you decided to do such a good deed, which even non-muslims would appreciate, but once you set out to pick up the piece of glass, you become overwhelmed with a feeling of embarrassment that you cannot exactly explain ie ‘who and what exactly are you embarrassed about’! which indicates that this embarrassing feeling has been generated by the possessing jinn (or qareen). The Muslims won’t laugh at you if you bend down and pick up something harmful nor would the non-Muslims. How strange it is that this can even happen when there is no one in the street which obviously indicates that it is the jinn’s work. The same thing, ie the embarrassing feeling from the jinn, can happen when you want to pay charity in a public place like an airport or train station even when there are hardly any people around you SO NEXT TIME YOU GET THIS FEELING PLEASE IGNORE IT AND DO A GOOD DEED!

Allah says that the shaytan threatens us with poverty (Quran 2: 268) and this is one of his main weapons against us as it stops us from doing a lot of good in terms of charity which could change the lives of many Muslims and even Non-Muslims (as it makes them more inclined to Islam when they see Muslims helping them). This waswas is basically a type of a fear that overcomes your heart and it makes you feel that if you give sadaqa then you will deprive your family and that you will eventually become poor because of it. This waswas is very deceptive and it actually feels like it is your own self that is generating it ie it feels very real when in fact it is just waswas! Sadly many us have succumbed to this feeling when we want to give sadaqa (charity). This fear of becoming poor has caused many us to ignore giving sadaqa, when we have been asked to do it, even when we have the ability to pay it. This is a very evil feeling that even effects the yearly zakah. What do you think caused some people in the time of the Sahaba to stop paying zakah? Obviously, it was mainly the shaytans of these people giving them waswas not to pay zakah. If people who saw the Sahaba are not safe from this waswas, THEN WHAT ABOUT US! We need to be very careful and not allow our shaytans’ waswas to overwhelm us to such an extent that we refuse to give sadaqa.

The possessing jinn or qareen may generate the feeling of shyness or fear in a person so that they don’t forbid the evil or enjoin the good, when they have the clear ability to do that. This generated shyness may cause someone to not ask for a fatwa concerning a personal matter. It may even stop the student of knowledge from asking his sheikh questions about certain topics. From my experience, it seems that these jinn busy themselves with these three feelings the most, namely: fear, shyness and embarrassment. Because of this, I strongly recommend that every Muslim carefully think before they act upon these three feelings.

The possessing jinn can make you feel hatred and anger towards certain Muslims for NO apparent reasons and you can’t  explain why you hate them. Sadly, some Muslims don’t recognise this type of waswas attack and they may end up trying to justify their anger and hatred, when in reality it is NOT their true feelings but waswas. You may find them abusing and actually fighting these Muslims but they can’t explain what exactly led them to fight and abuse these Muslims. This is because they allowed those waswas feelings and emotions from the jinn to fester then develop and then become part of their own self ie they themselves start generating their own anger and hatred for those Muslims. For example, you may find a Muslim staying temporarily with another Muslim in a masjid or house or shared apartment and there is some animosity between them but for no apparent reason. Yes, there may be some differences in terms of food choices or how to clean certain things or how to keep a place tidy but this should NEVER lead to hatred. If it does then KNOW THAT IT IS WASWAS AND IGNORE IT. One of the two Muslims should go out of his way and prepare food for his brother or wash his clothes or other acts of kindness as this will reduce the ability of the jinn to cause hatred. Buying gifts is also a good idea in this situation as well as always offering to share your meal with your brother. He will appreciate it (and even reciprocate in the future), even if he does not want to eat your food.

The possessing can jinn generate hasd (envy) inside a brother or sister as soon the brother or sister see or hear that another Muslim has received some of Allah’s bounty. This kind of waswas attack is accurately timed so much so that even the patient would think that he himself was actually generating this hasd feeling and then this usually results in the patient feeling very guilty with himself ie “I must be an evil Muslim to have hasd for my brother”. This would then lead the possessing jinn to increase the guilty feeling and then it would generate a feeling of hypocrisy so the poor Muslim walks around feeling guilty and thinks that he is a hypocrite. This is a clear example of how the possessing jinn are very opportunistic and are always looking out for opportunities to get their victims. Patients should question every thought or feeling that they experience before acting on them.

You are in your car and waiting at a very busy and dangerous road junction or intersection. You are NOT in a rush and are NOT late but you get a very strange feeling of being extremely impatient and you may also feel a strong urge to join the traffic as quickly as possible, ie there is some unexplained urgency. You may feel the car drivers behind you, who are in a queue, are tired of waiting for you to make your move into the traffic and so you join the traffic without really waiting for a clear and safe opportunity to join the traffic. This is pure opportunistic waswas from the possessing jinn or qareen or even both. Many drivers have probably experienced this and just probably put it down to weakness of character. If there are others in your car with you, especially other drivers, they may criticise you and blame you for being weak.

I remember one patient telling me that when he would be driving and he would pass a large truck going in the opposite direction, he would get a very strong feeling to crash his car into the large truck. By the mercy of Allah, he never did that and when the jinn were removed from him using the JET hijama treatment, he never got such feelings again, walhamdulilah. This same patient would also feel the same “suicidal feelings” to jump off the tall building that he was working in. I think this feeling to jump off tall buildings is quite common but is probably dismissed or many feel like it is a taboo subject to talk about so they keep it to themselves. I wonder how many drunk people have succumbed to these dangerous feelings and have actually ended up killing themselves!

An elder Muslim may teach a younger Muslim a forgotten hadith and sunnah. This younger Muslim shares this sunnah on social media and it goes viral and people are very thankful and they give the younger Muslim a lot of praise. The older Muslim notices this attention the younger Muslim has received but he is generally happy because he knows that Allah will reward him for spreading knowledge. The possessing jinn and qareen, in the younger Muslim, make him forget to acknowledge the older Muslim in his social media posts. Now, the older Muslim’s qareen generates some hasad and anger in the older Muslim’s heart because the younger Muslim did not give him any credit in the viral post. However, the older Muslim realises what is happening and he seeks refuge in Allah and he ignores the waswas. This is what all good Islamic teachers need to do when they see some of their students becoming successful and the shaytan tries to use that situation against them. It is not easy to ignore this waswas but there is a lot of reward if they do that. They should even ignore the waswas temptation to regularly follow up their students on social media and observe their success. There is no need to see how successful your students are because if you do this, this may give the opportunity for your qareen to give you waswas of hasad against your students. You should not even ask for any credit or recognition from your students. ALLAH ALREADY KNOWS and that is enough!

A very practising Muslim sister is made to feel fat and ugly by the possessing jinn so much so that she is willing to accept any marriage proposal from any type of Muslim man even if he doesn’t pray on time because she has been made to feel that a “fat and ugly” sister such as herself only deserves second best. This waswas attack may cause her to take off her hijab so that she can get some attention from men to make herself feel beautiful. The fact that some people have said that she is beautiful does not have much affect on her and it does not influence her to change her perception of herself.

The possessing jinn can generate feelings of embarrassment and shyness so that you can’t say or find it is extremely difficult or slightly difficult to say “I love you” to your parents, spouse or even children. You may find it very difficult to say to your Muslim friends that “You love them for the sake of Allah”.

The possessing jinn may generate a feeling in your heart that you hate the qadr or destiny of Allah, especially when something did not work out for you, eg you didn’t get a job you applied for. This feeling can be so extreme that it may cause a patient to doubt his or her Islam so much so that they make tauba and retake their shahada! The reason they do this is because no one told them that the possessing jinn can actually generate feelings and emotions in them so they assumed that the feeling of hatred towards Allah’s qadr must be coming from themselves! There was no need to make tauba and there was definitely no need to retake the shahada. If these patients went to ask some Muslims about their feeelings, especially those who do not believe in jinn possession, they may have said to them that doing tauba and retaking the shahada was the right thing to do…….and how sad that is indeed! This is why I believe it is important talk about waswas and this is one of the reasons I wrote this article.

The possessing jinn can generate feelings of embarrassment and shyness so that you can’t KISS or find it is extremely difficult or slightly difficult to KISS your parents, spouse or even children. Included in this, is the type of kiss that is done after they have done something for you ie a “thank-you-kiss” or the kiss that is done to greet or say goodbye to them. The possessing jinn and qareen are extremely ALERT to such “kiss” situations that as soon as they sense that you might kiss a relative to express love or thankfulness, then they will generate this feeling of embarrassment to stop you from doing it. The only real way to deal with this and other waswas attacks is to always be ALERT yourself ie be on guard and question every feeling and emotion you get especially prior to doing a good deed or an act of worship.

One thing that I personally experienced is when the possessing jinn make you feel tired when you start doing your morning protection adhkar. Before you started your adhkar, you were fine and wide awake but as soon as you start you feel tired. This level of tiredness that the jinn can generate in you will be dependent upon your level of Iman ie the more sins you have, the more tired you will feel. This waswas attack using tiredness can also happen with salah and ruqya, and other acts of worship.

Another example, you might have locked your front door at night and then returned to your bedroom but then you suddenly feel that you haven’t locked the front door. This feeling of doubt can be generated by the possessing jinn or qareen. If you definitely remember locking the front door then ignore the doubt and don’t go checking the door as the jinn are playing around and seeing how much they can influence you.

The possessing jinn and qareen can sense when someone is shy concerning a particular topic and they can use this shyness against a person. So if a woman is naturally shy to discuss her sexual problems with her husband, the jinn can make it worse for her by adding to her shyness, especially for cases of sihr. This may result in the woman not discussing this problem, which then could lead to other problems such as sexual frustration or even looking at other men. It is a sad reality that there are cases of sisters masturbating and even watching pornography because of sihr or jinn possession or even both. I know many people hate to talk about this but I mention this here as many sisters will not be able to bring this topic up with those who can help them and some may even believe that there is no hope for them. This is wrong! There is always hope with Allah. Never let the shaytan make you think that you are too evil or too dirty for Allah to help you. Many sisters are in the same predicament as you but they are just too embarrassed to talk to you about it and they just keep it to themselves, which itself is a “trick” from the shaytan. These sisters need to understand that Allah is there to help them and they must seek help by speaking to people. They should speak to their close friends and let them ask questions on their behalf.

The possessing jinn or qareen know what makes you embarrassed and they can use this against you. So you may find an unemployed brother who finds it difficult to find work because of sihr, feeling naturally embarrassed about is employment status when he is around certain brothers who are working. The possessing jinn may add to his embarrassment which then makes him not go to certain Islamic events because the possessing jinn has convinced him that some brothers may criticise him or call him “lazy”.

A Muslim woman who is not married or can’t have children because of sihr will obviously feel naturally embarrassed about her situation and would not like to discuss it except with her very close relatives or friends. The possessing jinn know this and so they may add to this embarrassment and thereby prevent the sister from going to islamic events, especially weddings because this is where Muslim women generally talk about married life and children. The possessing jinn are so cunning that they may even prevent a Muslim woman from going to her own sister’s wedding because of the possible embarrassment that may be felt from the inevitable questions from relatives: “when are you going to get married and have children”, “look, your sister is now married so what about you”, etc. Just the thought of this social interaction can make a Muslim woman shiver!

Another good example that is common and which many people can relate to, is the feeling of doubt about your wudu when you definitely know that you have wudu because you just finished it and your face and limbs are still wet but you still feel this doubt that you don’t have wudu (or you have not done wudu at all). Your mind and intellect tells you that you have wudu but your heart is telling you otherwise. THIS WUDU DOUBT IS GENERATED BY THE POSSESSING JINN (OR QAREEN). (This last example clearly shows that jinn can generate feelings in us).

Examples of Category 3:  Generating sadness is one of the main waswas attacks of the possessing jinn or qareen, especially when there is already some natural sadness due to something like a death or divorce. The reason for the jinn’s like for this is due to the fact that they have had a lot of success in making people hate Allah’s decree (qadr) and then eventually making the person hate Allah and becoming a disbeliever. A person may have overcome their bereavement over a death of someone or their sadness due to a divorce or one of life’s mishaps and when they are not thinking or feeling anything about that past sadness, they then suddenly and when not expecting it and while doing something trivial like buttering some toast or making some tea or coffee, the jinn show them an image or play a waswas “video” in the person’s mind and they thus remember the dead person or their ex-spouse. The jinn will also generate some sadness to go along with their image or waswas “video” that they have made. If the person’s realises it is a waswas attack and seeks refuge in Allah, then it will all disappear as quickly as it came and then the person can smile and be thankful to Allah and carrying on making their tea or coffee. However, if they don’t realise it was a waswas attack then they may end up doing something that they will regret. Obviously, the jinn won’t try to make the person a kafir straight away. They will continue doing similar waswas attacks and when they have softened up the person to their liking, they will come in for the final push and kill. So next time you “remember” a sad past event and also feel its associated sadness, then ask yourself the question: “Is this me or the jinn” and ask Allah to guide you. One of the signs to know that it is the jinn’s work is when you seek refuge in Allah from the waswas by reciting Surahs falaq and nass (once as a pair and on the spot), you find that the sadness and images or moving images disappear quickly. That is your sign from Allah that it was all a deception from the jinn.

Out of the blue and without expecting it, the possessing jinn whispers to you to do zina with someone they remind you of in your mind ie show you images of that person in your mind and then they arouse or stir up sexual desires inside you to do zina with that person. In many of these zina cases you will find the pair who succumb to this particular waswas attack, and actually do commit the zina, are neighbours or in-laws or work colleagues and one or both of them are married. Their zina may eventually cause a divorce from their spouse and they may end up marrying their zina partner. However, you find this new marriage does not last long and it ends in an acrimonious divorce with serious complaints from both sides. One of the complaints being that their sexual intimacy was not as good as before they got married ie their present halal intimacy is not as good as the zina they used to do and now they regret getting married. Their zina was exciting, invigorating and passionate because their zina was a waswas fueled love making affair that was generated by possessing jinn. Once they got married Islamically, the possessing jinn (and even qareen) sees NO benefit in generating evil sexual desires in them so it stops it (ie their sex is no longer a sin for them) and it may even create discord to cause a divorce. Sadly, we have heard of a few cases of celebrity “Sheikhs” falling for this type of waswas attack and committing haram acts with some of their female followers. The first thing to do when you see or hear of such cases is to ask Allah to keep you firm and away from similar fitna. Don’t start criticising the sinful Muslims or start laughing at them. You should also make dua for those Muslims who have fallen into such fitna, by asking Allah to forgive them and to help them deal with fitna. It would be good idea to say this dua which I have taken from Hisnul Muslim:

“Upon seeing someone in trial or tribulation”

الْحَمْدُ للَّهِ الَّذِي عَافَانِي مِمَّا ابْتَلَاكَ بِهِ وَفَضَّلَنِي عَلَى كَثِيرٍ مِمَّنْ خَلَقَ تَفْضِيلًا

Alhamdu lillaahil-lathee ‘aafaanee mimmab-talaaka bihi wa fadhdhalanee ‘alaa katheerin mimman khalaqa tafdheela.

Praise is to Allah Who has spared me what He has afflicted you with, and preferred me greatly above much of what He has created. (At-Tirmizi 5/493,494).”

Out of the blue, the possessing jinn or qareen whispers or suggests to you to commit suicide, egKill yourself as nobody cares or wants you” (when it didn’t even cross your mind in the first place ie a totally jinn generated thought or idea) and at the same time the jinn generate feelings that try to make you view suicide as the only option you have.

Examples of Category 4: You may be naturally sad or angry over a certain issue or problem like losing your job or money or a divorce and then the possessing jinn would exploit the situation by impersonating you and whisper in your mind “I will never be successful at anything” or “I am always losing things” or “I will never be happily married” and you accept this impersonating whisper as being your own self talk because it is exactly in line with your feelings ie the impersonating whisper doesn’t sound strange or look out of place. It seems that the possessing jinn and qareen do this impersonating whisper when your natural feelings and emotions are at their peak or highest level of intensity because this is when you are more likely to accept their impersonating whisper as being your own self talk.

You may be feeling down, depressed and awful regarding your latest marriage rejection. These feelings are natural and inevitable and we are allowed to be sad sometimes ie it is NOT a sin to be sad. The possessing jinn and qareen sense your sadness and obviously they want to make use of this situation so they use an impersonating whisper against you: “O I can’t take this anymore, I think it is better to kill myself instead of getting rejected for marriage again”! The jinn know that it is highly unlikely that you will follow their waswas atttack and kill yourself but what they may want is to make you feel that you are mentally unstable and not fit to work because you are suicidal so you may find yourself leaving work or not applying for certain jobs because you “feel suicidal”. This loss employment and worrying about money then leaves you open to more waswas attacks. Indeed, it can be a vicious cycle that may eventually lead to suicide.

The jinn may also keep replaying in your mind, like a short clip of a film, the actual event or events that made you sad or angry and they will do this during times that you naturally feel sad or angry because of what has happened to you ie you remember briefly an incident that made you sad then the jinn keep replaying the incident in your mind.

Examples of Category 5: You may be naturally sad or angry over a certain issue or problem like losing your job or money or a divorce and then the possessing jinn would exploit the situation by increasing or adding to your sadness or anger.

If a person does not like interacting with their boss or they get anxious and nervous when they do so, this very natural emotion can be exploited by the possessing jinn and qareen. For example, if their boss phone calls them over the weekend to say “Ramadan Mubarak” and they refuse to answer the call because of feeling very nervous. They did not realise that this nervous feeling was actually exacerbated by the jinn. Yes, there was some natural nervousness but the jinn added more to it. This may result in an argument between the boss and the employee when they see each other at work when boss asks: “why didn’t you answer the phone”.

An Examples of Category 6:  The embedding of the jinn’s speech into your own self talk can happen without any generated feelings from the possessing jinn. So a person may say to themselves: “I need to pay more charity…..and then immediately the jinn adds and joins to this sentence the following: BUT I CAN’T PAY ANYMORE CHARITY AS I WILL BECOME POOR”.

If a person already has strange beliefs or ideas then the possessing jinn and qareen can exploit these deficiencies and weaknesses and use them to create specific or bespoke waswas attacks that make further problems for the patient, eg if a man believes that X people are racists and the jinn realise this, they will make sure they use this belief and create specific waswas attacks with it to cause problems, whenever the man interacts with X people. We may find the man in regularly confrontations or arguments with X people and he may end up refusing employment or marriage proposals from them and the man would not have a clue that all of that loss of work, marriage and even petty arguments with shopkeepers, was caused by the jinn exploiting his erroneous belief that X people are racists. They can do all of that without having to generate any waswas of feelings and emotions.

You are in your car, driving to the masjid and you remember that you want to pay charity at the masjid and you start thinking of which ATM or cash machine to use to withdrawal the cash but then out of the blue, you suddenly remember that you need to pick up your spare tyre from the garage, something you keep forgetting to do every time you go to the masjid. The jinn have reminded you of the spare tyre and you may find yourself driving towards the garage instead of the ATM or cash machine.

You start imagining how you will write an email to a prospective employer and what information you need to mention and then the jinn makes you see a scenario or images of yourself, deleting the email or it confuses your thoughts and ideas with other emails that you have not sent or delayed.

Examples of Category 7:  You naturally become angry because someone abused you or insulted you. The jinn start giving you impersonating whispers, thoughts and ideas to abuse the person back or fight him and at the same time they add more anger to your natural anger.

Another example would be that a person sees an attractive member of the opposite gender and the nafs naturally finds the person attractive, which is normal ie the nafs doesn’t give any waswaas to have a second look and sin (in some situations the nafs may give its own waswaas to have a second look but the strength of this will depend on how well it has been disciplined or not). Sensing this attraction ie the jinn know that the person is attracted to that type of person, the possessing jinn tries to make the person have a second look by suggesting via an impersonating whisper that “It won’t be that bad if I have a quick second look and anyway I can make tauba afterwards because Allah is Ghaffur (forgiving) and Rahim (merciful)” and at the same time, it increases the sexual desire for this attractive person.

An Example of Category 8: You may be NATURALLY very tired at a particular time like fajr and then the possessing jinn generate more tiredness in you. You then say something in your mind to yourself like “I’m really tired now” and then the possessing jinn QUICKLY adds an extra phrase to what you have already said in your mind ie add an impersonating whisper, hoping that you will act upon it. So a combination of these two phrases (one from yourself and the other from the jinn) would be: “I’m really tired now…..SO I’LL PRAY FAJR AFTER A LITTLE NAP OR SNOOZE”.

You want to apologise to your Muslim brother because you verbally abused him and argued with him over a trivial matter. Both of you have stopped talking to each other. You start thinking and imagining where the best place to say sorry would be. You imagine a scenario of yourself saying sorry at the masjid or his home since either of these options can be done immediately but while you are actually imagining saying sorry to him in this pleasant scenario of yours, the possessing jinn overtake or ‘hijack’ your pleasant scenario and turn it into something else, where you see yourself arguing and then physically fighting with your Muslim brother. The possessing jinn continue to give you thoughts, ideas and images about what to do and they may start playing out other scenarios in your mind that the brother is too upset and too angry and they may show you, in your mind, an image of his angry face or remind you of what his angry face looks like. You, yourself, are slightly angry and upset at the brother because he did abuse you as well. The jinn sense that you are still upset and angry and so they increase any animosity in you. They will use this animosity to try and make you delay any apology. They may play out several different scenarios in your mind like films which show you that you should wait for him and you to calm down. They may show you a scenario that if you say sorry tonight then you will start arguing and fighting at the masjid or at his home because you are still both angry. Finally, the jinn show you a final scenario of you saying sorry at his future wedding and both of you hugging and laughing together. For this final scenario, the jinn will generate in you false feelings of happiness and relief, making you feel good about what will supposedly happen at the wedding…….SO THE JINN MAKE YOU BELIEVE THAT THE BEST THING IS TO SAY SORRY AT HIS WEDDING IN 2 MONTHS TIME! Afterwards, you may feel a little uncomfortable about waiting 2 months so you say to yourself in your mind: “I will apologise tonight inshallah…. but the possessing jinn immediately add an impersonating whisper to your self talk……BUT HE’S TOO ANGRY NOW, IT WOULD BE BETTER TO WAIT UNTIL THE WEDDING”

Obviously, this delay will make the problem worse and in fact it is haram to stop talking to your brother for more than 3 days.

This last category of waswas attack is the WORST and the MOST difficult to recognise because it is embedded in your own speech, self talk, ideas or thoughts and with feelings and emotions that are generated from the jinn, along with your own natural feelings and emotions. It is especially dangerous when it is done by the qareen, who is a master at impersonating you. However, with practice and the help of Allah, you will be able to recognise this sort of waswas attack from the possessing jinn and then after you are cured form jinn possession, you will easily recognise the same type of waswas attack from the qareen.

The qareen that everyone has, does ALL of the above 8 categories of waswas type 1 but it is definitely much weaker than the waswas type 1 of the possessing jinn. 

The power and abilities of both the qareen and possessing jinn over a particular individual are dependent on the level of Iman of that individual ie the more sins you have the more power the possessing jinn and qareen will have over you. If you have strong Iman then they can’t generate very powerful waswas in you to deceive you, especially if you are pious Muslim, who does the morning and evening protection adhkar. Doing this adhkar does not necessarily mean that you will not hear or feel any waswas but it does mean that it will stop you from following it and being deceived by it.

We must remember that the difficulties and distress that the believer may suffer as a result of this waswas from the possessing jinn (and even the qareen) may be included in the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), “No Muslim suffers tiredness, exhaustion, worry, grief, annoyance or distress, not even a thorn that pricks him, but Allah will expiate some of his sins thereby.”

(al-Bukhari, Muslim).

So it is important to be patient and not get hasty when asking Allah to cure you from the waswas from the possessing jinn.


It is known that the qareen from the jinn that everyone has can read our mind and thoughts as Ibn Taymia and Bin Baz may Allah’s mercy be upon them have said:

From our experience of treating patients and my own jinn possession, we have concluded that the possessing jinn has access to this information that qareen has. The possessing jinn either gets it indirectly from the qareen of the patient or it directly has access this information by itself. We believe the latter and not the former because of experience ie that the possessing jinn have access to this information of our thoughts and they do not need any help or assistance from the patient’s qareen.

What all this means is that the possessing jinn or qareen know when you want to pray or give sadaqa or do any other good deed and they even know when you want to do evil deeds and will step in to encourage it via their waswas. They also know when you are angry or happy or sad and they also know when you are remorseful over sins or when you feel close to Allah or when you are affected by the Quran, etc. They also know when you are hungry or thirsty or when your libido is high or when you want to use the toilet. They will use this against you and make sure to target their waswas so that they are in line with your current situation. For example, if you are hungry and you have not said anything to anyone about this hunger and nor have you looked hungrily at any food, the jinn will still know that you are hungry because they are inside you! So if you start praying in this state of hunger, you will find the jinn attacking you with waswas about food to corrupt your salah. Hence, the importance of trying not to pray while hungry or whenever your natural needs or desires need to be fulfilled.

We should not become alarmed that they can read our mind and thoughts as this is something Allah has decreed to test us. In fact, this ability turns out to be a demoralizing and humiliating for the jinn with regards to the strong believer. That is because the jinn realise that they are still unable to defeat a strong believer even after having FULL access to their mind and thoughts and intentions. The important thing here is to realise that Allah does NOT burden you with something that is beyond your ability (Surah 2: 286). So the very fact that Allah has given the jinn this ability, means that he has also given you the abilty to handle the situation and deal with the jinn’s waswas. Allah would NEVER put you in a situation where you cannot defend yourself or fight the waswas of your number one enemy. Don’t lose hope or get depressed about this issue. Allah knows what is best for us!

You must not forget that the possessing jinn know your likes and dislikes, and will probably work out what sins you have done and will use this information against you. So their attacks are very targeted and precise because they need you to committ sins so they can take control of your body.

Having said all of this, it is important to PUT YOUR TRUST IN ALLAH! Do not worry about what these possessing jinn know about you as Allah is more powerful and you can overcome any plan or deception they are planning for you.

When I was possessed I would question every thought, feeling or emotion I would get so that I can prepare and counteract what the possessing jinnee was planning for me. If you sincerely ask Allah, he will guide you and allow you to differentiate between your natural thoughts and feelings and those of the jinns’ and He will make you realise when the possessing jinn is trying to deceive you with thoughts and feelings or emotions. These deceiving thoughts and emotions usually occur around good deeds so you must be very careful about negative thoughts or emotions immediately occurring, when you have decided to do a good deed or ruqya.

We have not mentioned this for you to become paranoid about jinn mental attacks against you but we say this to you for you to become vigilant and aware of their filthy games and so you don’t fall for their trap.


If it is said that it is shirk to say the possessing jinn can read our minds and thoughts because only Allah can read our thoughts, then we would say that you need to bring proof for that saying. We have already stated that scholars believe that the qareens read our minds and thoughts and no has ever said that this is shirk so then what is the problem of saying that the possessing jinn can read our minds and thoughts ie if you accept the qareen can do it then why don’t you accept the possessing jinn being able to do it.

I, myself know my own thoughts. Does this fact mean that I have done shirk? Obviously not, so then we shouldn’t say that it is shirk to say the possessing jinn can read our thoughts.

Our evidence is based on specific ruqya diagnosis and experience of patients. One of my senior patients and students did the specific ruqya diagnosis to see if her possessing jinn were reading her mind and thoughts, and she got a positive result. We also had a patient who had a conversation with their jinn in their mind ie not through the patient speaking with the mouth so if you saw the patient while they were having this conversation, you would not see their mouth move. We also have the experience of a number patients who describe how they would think of doing something in their mind, like giving charity but then immediately get waswas to stop them from doing that action or you may have a patient making the intention to do ruqya treatment or hijama treatment and then immediately getting waswas to do something else. These patients know it is the possessing jinn that is giving them this waswas and not their qareens because they already had experience of dealing with their qareens before being possessed. I would also include myself amongst these patients as I know for sure from my experience that my possessing jinn was reading my mind and thoughts.
Now, there are so many of these incidents with patients that we cannot ignore them and have to accept them as fact. However, if someone does not want to accept any of this then they are entitled to do so but they must not say that we doing shirk by saying the possessing jinn can read our minds and thoughts unless they bring evidence for that.
What we have to remember is that experience plays an important role when dealing with any diseases, both physical and spiritual ones. It is sad that we readily accept what doctors say regarding a particular disease and its negative effects but we over question people who deal with ruqya and may even accuse them shirk and bidah, if they say something from their experience of dealing with a spiritual disease. You don’t have to accept what I am saying but at least afford us people who deal with jinn possession the same level as respect as medical doctors. Sometimes these medical doctors don’t pray or are not even Muslim but some people give them the utmost respect. Like I have said in other places on my website: “The Shariah does not make a difference between physical or spiritual diseases ie it treats them as ONE”, so then why are you making a difference between them. You don’t accuse the doctor of shirk and bidah when he says certain things about physical diseases and their effects from his experience so then why don’t you treat raqis in a similar fashion.

NB: When my patient and senior student did this diagnosis, they followed “rule 5”, from my “7 Rules for Specific Ruqya Diagnosis”, when she constructed her positive diagnostic question and therefore she did not include the word “can” and its meaning into the positive diagnostic question.

If you are possessed patient and you would like to do this diagnosis then you need to first understand why you should do it. The main reasons to do this diagnosis is so that you don’t become deceived or misguided by the possessing jinn and that you can be careful about the waswas games and tricks the possessing jinn will play with you if you decide to do any good deeds or even treatment for your jinn possession.
The diagnostic intention: “O Allah show me if I have any possessing jinn that read my mind and thoughts”


In the previous section, I mentioned that both the qareen and possessing jinn can read our thoughts and mind. What other similarities or differences are there between the two? I think that this is a very important question to answer at this juncture before we continue with our discussion on the waswas from the possessing jinn. This is because of the fact that I have come across patients and even ruqya practitioners who are really confused about the abilities of the qareen and what it can’t do. If someone has a wrong understanding of the qareen then that may cause him to misunderstand the qareen’s role in waswas and ruqya.

If any person wants to understand this topic of waswas properly, especially a raqi, then they need to know the following points:


1. Both are jinn that are in your body.

2. Both can have more influence over a person if they sin ie the more sins you do the more influence and power they both have over you.

3. The stronger your iman the weaker they both are against you.

4. Both can cause yawning.

5. Both can cause nightmares and even sexual dreams.

6. Both can give you normal waswas.

7. Both can cause waswas conditioning. They can do this independently of each other ie they can do it by themselves without the help of the other. Hence, a person who has NEVER been possessed before can get waswas conditioning from his qareen.

8. Both temporarily withdraw or step back from influencing your heart, when Allah is remembered.

9. Both can make you temporarily forget something.

10. Both can read your thoughts and mind.

11. Both can eat and drink with you, if you don’t mention Allah’s name.

12. Both can have intimate relations with a man’s wife, if he doesn’t mention the dhikr before sexual intimacy.

13. Both can communicate with external jinn.

14. Both are extremely active at giving pious Muslims waswas to destroy the Muslims’ dunya and akhirah.


1. The qareen is NOT a spiritual disease that needs treatment whereas the possessing jinn is a spiritual disease and it needs to be treated.

2. The qareen doesn’t react to ruqya but the possessing jinn does.

3. The qareen will NEVER EVER speak during ruqya or outside of ruqya but the possessing jinn might.

4. The qareen is ALWAYS with you from birth to death but the possessing jinn may not be.

5. The qareen is ALWAYS a kafir but the possessing jinn may be Muslims.

6. The qareen will NEVER fall in love with you but the possessing jinn can.

7. You can’t kill the qareen but you can kill the possessing jinn.

8. The qareen is not affected by the ruqya soup ingredients but the possessing jinn are.

9. The qareen is not affected by hijama or the green laser pointer but the possessing jinn are.

10. The qareen runs around our blood vessels or veins but the possessing jinn run around in air or gas pockets just under the skin.

11. The qareen doesn’t cause physical diseases but the possessing jinn can.

12. The qareen can’t cause sleep paralysis but the possessing jinn can.

13. The qareen can’t cause sleep walking but the possessing jinn can.

14. We can NEVER directly feel the real and actual feelings and emotions of the qareen itself. However, a sinning possessed patient can actually feel the emotions and feelings of the possessing jinn because the sins of the patient have allowed the possessing jinn to basically become one with the patient.

15. The qareen usually doesn’t give the Non-Muslim any serious problems with waswas but the possessing jinn is the opposite. This is because the qareen is satisfied that the Non-Muslim is heading to hell.


I sometimes get asked the question: “How did you get through 18 years of sihr with jinn possession”? The one thing that kept me going was always thinking positively about Allah. By the mercy of Allah, I never got angry at him or blamed him for my predicament nor did I have any doubts about his Wisdom and I NEVER attributed any evil to him, walhamdulilah! Of course, there was a tremendous amount of waswas for me to think the opposite. It was a very tough and unseen struggle that took a lot out of me. I would literally be mentally exhausted from dealing with the waswas that I would have to sleep during the middle of the day so that I could get back my mental faculties! 

What stopped me from falling for the waswas was the fact that I knew that if I got angry with Allah or had a grudge against him or blamed him for something or hated him then I would become a kafir and that would be the hell fire forever, unless I repented, ie made tauba.

For me, one of the clear manifestations of this positive thinking of Allah, was the fact that I was very constant in making dua for every and any need that I had especially in sajdah. During sajdah, in nearly every single salah, I would make dua and ask Allah to help me. I would get a lot of waswas to stop making dua but I would ignore it and just carry on.

To this day, this is something that has continued and so that is something positive that has come out of my experience with sihr ie I am constantly making dua in sajdah.

What I can therefore say that if you find that your duas to Allah are getting reduced then this could be a sign of the very first step towards this disaster of not thinking positive of Allah. In general, reducing your daily duas is not a problem and it is definitely NOT a sin. So one day you make 9 duas for help to Allah and the next day you do 7. No one can really blame you for anything in this situation and no Muslim really counts the number of duas that they say in a day. They just have a general idea about how much dua they made and this is not a problem.

Now, obviously the shaytan works in steps and stages and he NEVER comes to a Muslim and immediately says “think negative of Allah” but rather he does it in very very small steps that can be very difficult to notice. One of these small steps I believe from my experience is reducing the amount of your daily dua that you make to Allah. So be very steadfast in making dua and try to make a dua to Allah in every sajdah even if it is a simple “O Allah help me”.

Two things could happen when you have made the resolve and intention to make dua in every sajdah. First, the shaytan will create a feeling and emotion that this is far to burdensome for a patient or even any Muslim. Second, he will create a negative feeling in you that you have already made dua to Allah and he still hasn’t answered your previous duas so what is the point of making any new duas in every sajdah. He may do one of these waswas attacks or even both so please  be prepared. Now, since I have just told you about these waswas attacks, the shaytan knows that you are aware of them now. REMEMBER, THE SHAYTAN IS READING THIS ARTICLE WITH YOU! And he knows what you are planning so he will probably allow you to do several sadjahs without giving you any waswas at all. He will wait until you have forgotten my advice and my description of these two types of waswas attack or until you have become a little careless about his presence…..and when this happens, only then will he give you the waswas.

Anyway, the main point here, is that you must ignore both types of waswas or any other waswas, and continue in making dua to Allah. Indeed, this steadfastness in dua is going help you get through your spiritual disease and it will be a clear sign that you are still thinking postive of Allah. So if the shaytan tries to convince you via waswas that you are not thinking positive about Allah: TELL YOURSELF, THAT THE VERY FACT THAT YOU ARE CONSTANTLY MAKING DUA TO ALLAH IS A SIGN THAT YOU ARE THINKING POSITIVE ABOUT ALLAH!


The possessing jinn know that in order to get control of the patient they need to make them do sins. The greatest sin is shirk and they know that if you fall into major shirk or kufr then you will become an apostate and then the jinn will take total control of your mind and limbs, and they will manifest as they please, causing fitna and chaos because the jinn will impersonate you and make people believe that you actually caused the fitna and chaos, when in reality you had done nothing and it was just the jinn pretending to be you!
The easiest way to get you to become an apostate would be to make you do kufr or shirk with Allah. So it is imperative for possessed patients to actively ignore and not agree with or believe in any evil or negative thoughts about Allah that is whispered to them by the jinn. The evil jinn may even give you negative feelings or emotions about Allah at the same time as an evil thought so as to confuse you and make you think that the evil thought coupled with the evil feelings about Allah is actually coming from yourself, WHEN IN REALITY, THEY ARE COMING FROM THE POSSESSING JINN. You must not get depressed or sad about this because you will not be held accountable by Allah for these evil thoughts or feelings about Allah because they are not coming from you but from the jinn inside you. YOU MUST NOT AGREE WITH THEM AND YOU MUST NOT BELIEVE IN THEM and you must actively reject them and not start entertaining them in your heart, mind or intellect. You must understand that the very fact that you really HATE these thoughts and that you are NOT comfortable with them, is a clear sign that you have iman and it is also a clear sign that these thoughts are not generated by yourself but by the possessing jinn.

The worst time for us and the best time for the possessing jinn or qareen to hit us with a waswas attack about Allah, is when we are at our lowest in terms of natural emotions and feelings. We are usually at our lowest when we are hit by a calamity or fitna especially the unexpected ones! For example, you might have just lost a loved one or lost your job or you got divorced or your marriage proposal was rejected or your dua wasn’t immediately answered by Allah or you got diagnosed with a disease or you got health problems or wealth problems or you were bombarded with several different calamities at the same time including earthquakes or floods or war or death, etc. All of these calamities will naturally make you feel down and sad and even depressed in some situations, which is perfectly normal and is not something that is a sin! But because these filthy creatures can read your mind and know how you are actually feeling and they can sense that you are in a vulnerable state, they will instigate a waswas attack so that they can exploit and take advantage of your weakness. At your lowest point, you may hear in your mind an impersonating whisper from the possessing jinn or qareen (they pretend or impersonate your own self talk voice ie just like how you normally speak to yourself in your own mind so as to confuse you and make you think and believe that you actually said these evil things about Allah in your own mind) such as: “I hate Allah” or “Allah doesn’t help me” or “Allah has abandoned me” or “O He (Allah) didn’t help me” or “O He (Allah) didn’t help me when he could’ve” or “O He (Allah) doesn’t care about me” or “O He (Allah) never really helps me when it comes down to what I really need help with” or “Allah decrees and puts all this stress and heartache on me and then doesn’t give me anything when I ask him and then, after all that, he expects me to worship him properly and not to do sins” or “Allah gives wealth, health and a good life to criminals and evil people who don’t worship him and gives me problems, sihr and jinn possession while I worship him” or “I can’t believe I do all this worship and Allah still doesn’t help me or answer my dua”….etc! You may even get a waswas attack, in the form of an impersonating whisper, swearing at Allah or using filthy words about Allah or abusing Allah!!! Yes, it is possible that the jinn will use the “F word” against Allah! This has to be one of the worst waswas attacks that is possible and which I have experienced ie using the “F word” against Allah! It can be devastating to hear some creature swear at Allah. When you hear this swearing at Allah in your mind, you must seek refuge in Allah immediately. There is no need to make tauba because it is not you who said it but the jinn pretending to be you ie an impersonating whisper in your mind! Don’t worry about what has happened! Allah will deal with these filthy jinn. Don’t try to understand what the problem is with these jinn or how can the jinn have the audacity and courage to swear at Allah. FORGET THE DETAILS! We already know enough information from the Quran and Sunnah about these filthy jinn! We don’t need to hear the jinn’s side of the story. If you start delving into this issue and start giving the jinn an ear, then you might find that the jinn will try to convince you that: “It has been oppressed by Allah and that Allah doesn’t help it and that Allah cursed it, etc, so you can’t blame us jinn for being angry with Allah”! Non of this is an excuse to swear at Allah so don’t pay any attention to the jinn. You must not forget that the whole point of this swearing of the jinn at Allah, in the first place, was to make you fall into kufr! Don’t have any mercy in your heart or feel sorry for these jinn. In fact, get very angry at them for swearing at Allah and also for trying to make you fall into kufr. If you do this then this will definitely increase your Iman because these are good actions of the heart that please Allah.

Along with the above mentioned impersonating whispers during a calamity or fitna, the possessing jinn and qareen may give you negative emotions and feelings towards Allah, such as a feeling of being betrayed by Allah, having a grudge or resentment towards Allah, anger towards Allah, a feeling of being let down by Allah, a feeling of being forgotten by Allah, hatred towards Allah, a feeling of having no hope in Allah, a feeling that Allah doesn’t keep his promises, a feeling that Allah supports the jinn more than He supports you or Allah doesn’t help you and even a feeling of blaming Allah for ALL of your problems because He is ultimately in control of everything. This last one is particular a dangerous one since it uses our belief in Qadr to reinforce the negative waswas about Allah! We must NEVER forget that Allah does whatever He wants but He NEVER decrees for us anything that is detrimental to us.

These negative feelings and emotions towards Allah may start off subtlety and then increase when you hit rock bottom because of the calamity or fitna that has befallen you! It is imperative that you fight off these negative emotions and feelings just like you did with the impersonating whispers and you must seek refuge in Allah. You have no other option than to do that. Sadly, some people allow these filthy jinn to do this waswas and they don’t seek refuge in Allah! There is a reason why Allah tells us to seek refuge in him when we get waswas. We shouldn’t just allow these filthy jinn to do their work. We need to fight back! If you allow this waswas to continue without being checked, then it might fester and eventually cause you to fall into kufr!

These waswas attacks, like ALL waswas attacks, are bespoke ie especially made for you! So if a particular waswas attack negatively affects you at this calamitous time, then that will be repeatedly deployed against you because it was effective against you. Your job at this crucial time of fitna and calamity is to recognise the waswas attack and seek refuge in Allah and to be thankful to Allah that he has allowed you to know and recognise these waswas attacks at a time when many people don’t even know that they are actually experiencing a waswas attack. Sadly some people leave the religion during this time because of their agreeing with the waswas about Allah! Hence, Muslims have to be made aware of such waswas attacks and that they should never agree with any of this rubbish! Muslims should be told to always be ready for such waswas attacks when calamities strike and when you are going through tough times! This cannot be overemphasised!

Just because you are going through a tough time, it doesn’t mean that Allah is punishing you. And just because Allah gives the kuffar and evil Muslims an easy time, it doesn’t mean Allah is blessing them. We can be punished with wealth and health and we can also be tested with wealth and health. Likewise, we can be punished with ill health and poverty and we can also be tested with ill health and poverty. And all of these four states are from the decree of Allah and you can know which one applies to you by looking at your own life! Are you a major sinner? If yes, then whatever you are going through, good or bad, is a punishment from Allah and if you are a minor sinner (eg only occasionally does minor sins and regularly makes tauba) then whatever you are going through, good or bad, is a test from Allah. Sadly, many Muslims don’t understand this basic principle from their religion, hence they succumb to this evil waswas and start to have negative thoughts about the way Allah treats them.

One of the reasons the possessing jinn prefer these evil waswaas thoughts and feelings about Allah, rather than other sins, is because these waswas are hidden from public view and therefore no other Muslim can correct the patient’s thoughts and feelings about Allah. It means the patient could carry on sinning in their heart and mind without being told to stop sinning. If the jinn makes the patient fall into apparent sins such as zina or drinking alcoholic drinks, then it is quite easy for others to see these evils deeds and then advise the patient to stop. In such a case, the evil work of the jinn would have been wasted and would not have been productive, according to the jinn. So the possessing jinnee would rather spend its time in giving negative thoughts about Allah because if the patient agrees and accepts such thoughts, the sin is greater (which will give the possessing jinn full control to carry out its mission such as a divorce) and these evil thoughts may never be corrected by fellow Muslims.

I have had tough time trying to explain to patients what I actually mean about not agreeing with the evil waswaas about Allah. Because of the real and genuine hardship that they are going through, some patients are vulnerable and susceptible to believing in this waswaas. In some instances, the jinn convinced them and it seems that some patients feel a bit justified in agreeing with some of the negative thoughts about Allah. So you may find patients having resentment in their hearts for Allah and blaming him for their current predicament. Patients need to understand that they cannot have any resentment or anger towards Allah in their hearts because this is kufr akbar that takes a person out of Islam and this is a fact that is known by the deen by necessity, hence there is no need for me to give any proof of that.

No person has the right to be ever angry or upset with Allah. Allah does what he wants and he only does that which is good for his slaves so then how can he ever be blamed for doing something to them. The blaming slaves are to be condemned and blamed for not understanding Allah’s wisdom.

I have had to give patients examples for them to understand what I mean about not agreeing with the negative thoughts or waswaas about Allah and walhamdulilah it has always worked. Therefore, to illustrate to other patients, what I mean about how a possessing jinnee can convince a patient to think negative about Allah, look at these two examples of possessing jinn impersonating patients ie as if the patients are talking to themselves in their own minds. This waswas attack is basically a Category 8 waswas attack, as described in previous section of this article. It is the worst type of waswas that we have come across.

Remember, the jinn will throw in the mind of the patient, several different types of negative thoughts about Allah and the patient, just has to agree with one single negative thought to fall into major kufr:

Case 1 (Background): possessed sister who can’t have a baby because of sihr. A conversation in her mind that was started by the jinn might sound like this. (In most cases the jinn will also generate feelings and emotions to go along with this waswaas conversation):

In the below conversation, what is highlighted in RED is the jinn’s impersonating whispers. Notice, the way the jinn “hijack” the patient’s self talk conversation and add their impersonating negative whispers about Allah in order to confuse the patient and make her believe that she said those things about Allah:

“I hate all those women and they know that they didn’t have to do that yeah, yeah yeah, it is sad but very true. They all know that I can’t have a baby but they still didn’t stop showing excess love and affection for their babies in front of me. Allah has done a lot for me and I am really thankful……but he didn’t have to put me through that. He could have just made those women busy with other things and not their babies. This is really difficult for me and I don’t really deserve this coz I’m much better than all those women put together. Them Bragging about getting pregnant every year and having to hide from their husbands when they are the most fertile and reluctantly going to the bedroom……yeah, as if they really hate it……what utter rubbish because they all enjoy getting pregnant and having children. I just don’t understand why Allah gives these women children, when some of them have even admitted to doing zina…….here I am praying and fasting, and doing all these good deeds but can’t even have a baby….it is just so unfair when these evil women are giving birth every year and I can’t even lie in the same bed next to my husband…….why doesn’t Allah just help me out. All he has to do is say ‘be’ but he doesn’t and so I don’t think anyone can really blame me for being upset with Allah because he is clearly  ignoring me and he could have solved the problem straight away but it is as if he is enjoying and taking pleasure in seeing me suffer and not have a baby”

Case 2 (Background): A single possessed brother with sihr to commit zina. A conversation in his mind might go like this: (In most cases the jinn will also generate feelings and emotions to go along with this waswaas conversation)

In the below conversation, what is highlighted in RED is the jinn’s impersonating whispers. Notice, the way the jinn “hijack” the patient’s self talk conversation and add their impersonating negative whispers about Allah in order to confuse the patient and make him believe that he said those things about Allah:

“I’m getting really sick and tired of these sisters not wearing hijab properly and taking off their niqabs when they are not near the masjid and then coming back to our masjid with their niqabs on and then when I propose to them they act all pious and reject me. They’re not serious about helping single brothers. They are very good at teasing brothers with make-up and noisy high heels. I don’t know why Allah helps these so called married Sheikhs and speakers, who already have more than one wife, get so many proposals, even from virgins, when some of them have divorced and even abused several women. I am trying to keep away from zina but I can’t take how unfair it all is. I can’t even get help to find a job let alone a wife. What’s going on! Why can’t Allah just help me out when I even got the correct aqeedah. It is like he is just ignoring me and even wants me to actually do zina so he can’t expect me to be patient……yeah it sounds cruel and rude but when I look at everything…Alllah has definitely done a lot for me but it is clear to me that Allah didn’t help me when he could have easily done so. He even helps my kafir neighbour get married to a beautiful woman so he prefers him to me. Is it really worth worshipping Allah when he helps a kafir instead of me. And then on top of all of that, he expects me to keep away from zina! I’m not a robot and I really don’t care, if he gets upset with me doing zina…that’s it……I have had enough of all this! Hence, I believe that I am justified in hating Allah slightly. Let people talk. They don’t know what I have gone through and they can’t see how Allah has unfairly treated me and how he hasn’t shown enough care and concern for me. All this worshiping of Allah and no fruits or benefits for me!”

I hate to mention these two examples and I am really sorry if I upset anyone, but that is the reality of these evil jinn and I have had patients falling into something similar and the only way they really understood what I meant, was when I used such examples. So even though it is horrible to read, it definitely helps possessed patients.

Now, if the two patients ignore the above waswaas, that I have highlighted in red, then they will be fine but if they agree with it then they would have committed a major kufr because they attributed evil to Allah which would then subsequently cause their jinn to take full control of them.

What we have just presented is a snap shot and usually these sorts of waswaas attacks may take several weeks or months and then finally end up with something like the above. I pray Allah saves Muslims from agreeing to such waswaas.


This form of waswas attack, that I mentioned in the above previous section, is particularly difficult and very dangerous for those Muslims, who have been raped, sexually abused as children or orphaned and other similar traumatic experiences. They need to see specially trained Muslim counsellors who can help them deal with the trauma and also remind them of Allah and explain to them that there is absolutely NO justification or excuse to hate or be upset with Allah. There is definitely a reason and wisdom of why Allah had decreed these calamities to happen. They must think well of Allah and accept that Allah knows what is best for us even if they can’t understand their whole situation. We must remember the Islamic principle that Evil can NEVER be attributed to Allah even though he created and decreed those calamities.

These Muslims need to understand that their traumatic experience can actually make them from the best Muslims. If they are patient and accept the decree of Allah and then they also increase in their love for Allah and also increase in their desire and want to be with Allah in the hereafter, then these actions of the heart, which are unseen, will raise them to the highest levels of iman. Such Muslims are amazing! That is because they are still loving and worshipping Allah even after all that they have gone through and obviously they know it was Allah who actually decreed what they went through (and knowing this fact is the real test). These Muslims have a special relationship with Allah and that is because of the actions of their heart. Indeed, it is these actions of the heart that really differentiate one Muslim from another and such Muslims have a high status with Allah!

And what I have just said here, is a lesson for all of us! We should use our “tough” times to get closer to Allah and we must try to see them as opportunities to raise our status with Allah. So when you have been struck by a calamity or you are very depressed, stressed, having anxiety or panic attacks but you STILL think well of Allah and continue to worship him and you avoid sins….THEN THIS WORSHIP OF YOURS IS ON A HIGHER LEVEL AND YOU WILL BE MORE REWARDED THAN THE AVERAGE MUSLIM. YOU MUST NOT BELITTLE YOUR WORSHIP OF ALLAH THAT YOU ARE DOING IN YOUR HEART! How can you look down at yourself and think that you are not worshipping Allah enough. You should not compare yourself against the average Muslim. Just because you are not able to do as much as they do, especially during Ramadan, it doesn’t mean you are a weak Muslim. On the contrary, it is your spiritual disease or mental state that is preventing you from generating the motivation to do more Islamic actions or worship like extra salah. What you need to remember is that you are doing a lot of fighting in your heart against the depression, stress, etc and ignoring the evil waswas from the jinn who are trying to make you hate Allah. These actions of fighting and ignoring waswas and thinking well of Allah are themselves great actions of the heart that are actually bringing you closer to Allah and they shouldn’t be seen as insignificant. In fact, they can sometimes make someone very close to Allah even more than the physical actions of the limbs and this is why the scholars say that the actions of the heart are more important than the actions of the limbs.
The reason I mentioned these actions of the heart and their greatness is so that a possessed patient (or even the Muslims with their qareens) realise their importance and don’t get deceived, via waswas attacks, and made to feel depressed, guilty or inadequate or feel like a hypocrite or sinner, just because they have reduced some of their outward Sunnah actions. We have to remember that it is very easy to worship Allah when everything in your life is going well! It is much harder to worship Allah when you are tested with illness and with calamities. If you are able avoid sins and do your obligations then a possessed patient has done well and you should not be hard on yourself because you are doing a lot of worship via the actions of your heart. We don’t expect patients of physical diseases to do much Islamic acts of worship like extra salah or fasting so why don’t we expect patients of spiritual diseases or mental illness to do the same! Just because you can’t see the disease, it doesn’t mean it deserves less attention or recognition.

You should not judge your iman as being low or weak just because you didn’t really feel strong khushu during a particular salah. You need to remember that your iman will go up and down and so sometimes you will feel strong khushu and other times you won’t, especially when you are going through “tough times”. For patients with spiritual diseases, the best thing to judge your iman is your sins! If you are not committing major sins or not continuously doing the same minor sins, then you have strong iman (doing minor sins occasionally is accepted and is something that we can’t stop and must fall into).

Don’t judge yourself as having weak iman by looking at how you feel or what Sunnah actions you are doing. Remember the possessing jinn can make you feel like a hypocrite and sinner when you are not one and your illness of jinn possession can stop you from doing a lot of Sunnah actions, just like physical diseases can stop you from doing a lot of Sunnah actions. Therefore, if we were to judge our iman by these criteria then we would be misguiding ourselves and allowing the shaytan to have a foothold on us.
One of the saddest things to do is to judge a person who is depressed as having weak iman. Being sad or depressed is not an indication that you have weak iman. Again, if you not committing major sins or continuously doing the same minor sins, then the depression you are experiencing is test from Allah to raise your status.
I recommend that those Muslims who are possessed or a suffering depression or are going through a calamity and are unable to do extra salah or fasts that they should do other forms of simple worship like dhikr, reading or listening to Quran and thinking of the many blessings that Allah has done for them and being grateful to Allah for those blessings.
We must remember the example of the Nabi (salalahu alayhi wasalam). His mother and father will be in Hell but he continued to worship and love Allah even after knowing these facts. The Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam never stopped his worship and loving of Allah, even after seeing the parents of some of the Sahaba becoming Muslim, such as Abu Bakr’s father and the mother of Abu Hurairah. If you contemplate and ponder on the patience that is required to do what the Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam did ie call people to Islam and make dua for people to embrace Islam but you can’t do any of that for your own parents, you would understand why the Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam is best of creation. Imagine, how he must have felt making the the dua for Allah to guide people but he wasn’t allowed to do that for his own parents or even ask for their forgiveness. A very difficult predicament. Next time, you make dua for your parents (dead or alive), please remember our Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam and send as much salah upon him as you can.

Another issue that patients have to be aware of is that ALLAH IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU AND HE LOVES AND CARES ABOUT YOU! He hears your duas and is aware of what you are going through so don’t let the jinn convince you that Allah has abandoned you or hates you or that he is never going help you or cure you! EVEN IF YOU HAVE SINNED, ALLAH WILL HELP YOU, IF YOU MAKE TAUBA, which is very easy to do for the one who really and sincerely wants to do tauba.


The possessing jinn (and even qareen) will try their best to use their waswas of emotions and feelings to make you think that Allah hates you and doesn’t care about you! Patients may even ask: “Why does Allah hate me or why do I feel that Allah hates me?”. When in reality Allah doesn’t hate them at all. It is just a negative feeling and emotion generated by the possessing jinn to deceive the patient that Allah hates them and doesn’t care about them! Patients need to be wise and not fall for these deceptions. You must not think that Allah hates you just because your cure is taking a long time or because you have other life problems. IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM THEN ALLAH LOVES YOU! We don’t need to doubt this and don’t let these devils’ mind games beat you. You must be strong and stand up against this waswas and not let it consume you. How can you let the jinn make you believe that Allah hates you when there is NO EVIDENCE FOR THIS in the Quran and Sunnah. Yes, this feeling that Allah hates you may be strong but it is fake and not real and it is not even from yourself, so then why do you believe it, when I have already told you that the devils can create and generate feelings and emotions inside you in the previous sections of this article. So please ignore and fight this feeling and don’t believe it. Please be aware that If you start fighting and ignoring this feeling, the devils may try to convince you that you are a hypocrite or an evil person because you had or have these feelings that Allah hates you. Again, here, you must ignore and fight this and not believe it. Please understand that once you close a door of the devil’s waswas, he will try to open another one that is similar to it or that is related to it. This is because the devil doesn’t want his hard work of waswas to go to waste so he keeps attacking you with similar waswas until he is successful. Your job as a patient is to realise this methodology and to counteract ALL their waswas and ignore it. You can’t just keep falling for the same games and tricks or similar games and tricks. It is quite well known amongst the scholars and students of Islam that the devils may just change their waswas deception by slightly changing a name or your perception of something or of Allah so that you end up doing something or believing in something about Allah. For instance, just like our aforementioned example, if you are successful in fighting off the waswas that Allah hates you then they will remind you that you did feel that Allah hated you so you must be a hypocrite or an evil person to have this feeling in the first place or they may move onto to a similar deception that Allah doesn’t care about you which is very similar to thinking that Allah hates you. You have to understand and implement in your life, the lessons from the beginning of this article and not fall for these waswas games. You must prepare yourself for the next waswas attack and try to guess how the possessing jinn will actually try and do it. They are not very intelligent beings and like to follow the same pattern as human criminals. Don’t be like some of my patients who just keep falling for similar waswas even though they have read this article and they know the fact that the jinn can generate feelings and emotions inside them and also the fact that the jinn can pretend to be you in your own mind by imitating your own self talk (an impersonating whisper). Knowing ALL this and more, some patients still fall for the same or similar waswas attacks! This should not happen. What could have caused this problem is the fact that these patients didn’t carefully read the beginning of this article where I give many examples of waswas and state the 8 categories or forms of it. If they read this sections carefully and understood it and then tried to think of other scenarios that could happen to them or even incidents that have actually happened to them, then they would less likely to get deceived by the jinn since they have learnt several and different examples of how waswas attacks are actually done. So if you are one of these patients that has “skipped” these earlier sections of this article, then you must go back and learn about those waswas attacks and take notes and apply them to your current waswas problems that you are experiencing.


The possessing jinn can read your thoughts as we have said earlier in this article and because of this they are inadvertently made aware of your past problems or issues that you may have been thinking of (and in case of the qareen, it would not need to be reminded of anything you did since it would have experienced everything with you). Once they get this information about you and realise which of those past incidents or events affected you negatively or badly, they will use this against you. They may play out the past incidents in your mind like a video or they will temporarily recreate those horrible feelings and emotions inside you in the form of waswas type 1. If you are not suffering from waswas conditioning then these feelings and emotions should quickly pass and they should not linger on. (We will discuss waswas conditioning later on in this article).

One of the reasons the possessing jinn and qareen do this waswas is so that they can make you sad and then eventually depressed about your past life. Once you are depressed then you are more susceptible to their other waswas attacks which may eventually lead you to hating Allah or at least having some sort of animosity towards Allah because he had decreed those incidents to happen to you. This usually long waswas process of making you hate Allah would be done in a similar fashion as the two aforementioned cases that I described earlier ie the case of female sihr patient who couldn’t have children and the male sihr patient who couldn’t get married.

When you get these reminders from the jinn, you must not just sit there and accept it. You must be proactive and fight this waswas. Here are some steps you should follow when you encounter this type of waswas attack:
1. Seek refuge in Allah.
2. Remind yourself that Allah will reward you for being patient about what had happened to you in the past.
3. Allah is fully aware of what the jinn are doing to you when they remind you of the past incidents or events and he will deal with them. Isn’t he the best to deal with them!
4. It was Allah’s decree that the past incident or event happened to you and you must accept what Allah decreed for you because he knows what is best for you.
5. Don’t say “if only I didn’t do that” with regret and sadness as this will let in the shaytan as the hadith mentions (Muslim: 2664).
6. When you sense and then realise that you are under a waswas attack, then be thankful to Allah that he has taught you about waswas and has given you the ability to recognise it. This is a gift from Allah so say “Alhamdulillah” as much as you can! Many people don’t know or understand what is happening when they get these reminders from the jinn. In fact, many people don’t know anything about how waswas is done by the shaytan.
7. Make a sincere dua to Allah that the issue or problem never happens again to you or any other Muslim.
8. Make a sincere dua to Allah that he always helps you recognise all types of waswas.

9. GET ANGRY AT THE JINN. You shouldn’t just sit there and accept what the possessing jinn and qareen are doing to you. You should make yourself angry at them for the sake of Allah ie we get angry at them to please Allah because they are stopping us from worshipping Allah properly. The fact that Allah hates them and is angry at them so we should also be angry at them because of that, which is basically Al-Wala wal-Bara. When you get angry at them to please Allah, you will notice that your iman will increase since it is an action of the heart and you will find that their waswas will diminish and be less effective.

If you follow the above guidelines everytime the possessing jinn and qareen do this waswas against you, then the waswas should reduce and eventually stop inshallah. This because the jinn realise that you are using their waswas as a way to get close to Allah so they stop doing it, especially if you do points 6, 7 and 8 very well and that is because these three are acts of worship, which the jinn certainly don’t like you doing as they weaken their strength against you.
You will find more advice on how to deal with waswas in the section below entitled “Steps to reduce the waswas type 1 from the possessing jinn (and even qareen): How possessing jinn affect khushu in salah & disconnect you emotionally from Allah”.


You may have asked Allah for something but then Allah doesn’t answer your dua for a certain wisdom. You have accepted this fact and know that Allah knows what is best for you ie you don’t have a problem with accepting qadr. You will obviously be sad and this is natural and Islamically acceptable. However, the possessing jinn and qareen will sense this sadness in you and then they may make you reluctant to perform some acts of worship because of your sadness. Once you have accepted not to do some acts of worship (and these acts of worship might be some Sunnah actions), the jinn will then throw a slight resentment in your heart towards Allah for not answering your dua and make you feel justified for not doing some acts of worship ie “why should I do this act of worship when Allah didn’t help me” and this waswas attack might be in the form of feelings or impersonating whispers or even both. If you don’t fight off this waswas attack and just leave it, the jinn will then move onto the next stage, which is to subtly create a feeling of revenge or “tit for tat” towards Allah in your heart and try to convince you that you are not performing some acts of worship as a way of getting back at Allah for not answering your dua, (similar to what, some children do to their parents, when the parents haven’t given them their wishes). You must not agree with this feeling and totally reject it and seek refuge in Allah from it.

YOU CAN NEVER GET BACK AT ALLAH! Allah doesn’t need your worship! You need to worship Allah because that is why you were created. It is completely wrong to believe that Allah somehow needs our worship or that Allah benefits from our worship.

Obviously, thinking or believing that you can get back at Allah or harm Allah or upset Allah like your parents or other humans is ALL kufr and shirk, which takes a person outside of the fold of Islam, since the person is treating Allah like a human.

It is acceptable that when you are sad and depressed that it will be difficult to do some obligations and even Sunnah acts in Islam and you will probably have to push yourself to do them. This is part of life and a test from Allah. Going to jannah is not easy!

You shouldn’t be too harsh on yourself, especially, if you are possessed by jinn. The main thing you need to do, if you find difficulty in worshipping Allah because of sadness or other issues, is not to allow the qareen or possessing jinn to use your condition to turn you against Allah.


You must NOT totally despair or lose ALL hope in the mercy of Allah with regards to your treatment by saying things like: “It is impossible for Allah to help me or Allah will never solve my problems or he will never cure me”. If you believe such things about Allah then you would have committed kufr akbar ie left Islam. That is because you are attributing something negative to Allah and you are basically saying that he does not care about a Muslim and he does not help a Muslim, which obviously goes against what Allah has said about himself in the Quran and what the Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam has told us about Allah.

Depending on the level of despair in Allah, it can also be a major sin. Please read this Fatwa from

“If someone despairs of the mercy of Allah, will he be a disbeliever, as it says in verse 87 of Soorat Yoosuf?

Praise be to AllahAllah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning):“Certainly no one despairs of Allah’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve”[Yoosuf 12:87].This verse indicates that despairing of the mercy of Allah, may He be exalted, is one of the characteristics of the people who disbelieve, but this does not necessarily mean that someone who has one of their characteristics is a disbeliever like them.Despair of the mercy of Allah, may He be exalted, may constitute disbelief that puts one beyond the pale of Islam, or it may be a major sin.The guideline concerning that is that if despair leads to loss of hope of the mercy of Allah, may He be exalted, and His relief and pardon – for oneself or for other people – and it leads to denial or thinking it unlikely that Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and pardon can be all-encompassing, then this is disbelief, because it is an implicit rejection of the Qur’an and the definitive texts, and it is thinking ill of one’s Lord, may He be exalted, for He says – and His word is true – (interpretation of the meaning): “My mercy encompasses all things” [al-A‘raaf 7:156], but this person is saying that He will not forgive him! So he has regarded as limited that which is all-encompassing. This is applicable if he believes that, as Imam al-Qurtubi (may Allah have mercy on him) said in his Tafseer (5/160).But if he thinks that his sins are too great and that it is unlikely that he will be forgiven or pardoned for them, or with regard to the divine decree and control of the universe he despairs with regard to provision, children and the like – without losing all hope – then this is a major sin, but it does not constitute disbelief. It is regarded as being a major sin – according to scholarly consensus – because of the stern warning that has been narrated concerning it, such as the verses in which Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “Certainly no one despairs of Allah’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve” [Yoosuf 12:87] and “And who despairs of the Mercy of his Lord except those who are astray?” [al-Hijr 15:56]. And Allah knows best.For more information, please see: Tafseer al-Qurtubi (5/160); az-Zawaajir ‘an Iqtiraaf al-Kabaa’ir by Ibn Hajar al-Haytami (no. 40); Sharh al-‘Aqeedah at-Tahhaawiyyah by Shaykh Saalih Aal ash-Shaykh (1/552); al-Mawsoo‘ah al-Fiqhiyyah al-Kuwaitiyyah (7/200)And Allah knows best”.

After reading the above fatwa, you can see how important it is to not lose hope in the mercy of Allah. The possessing jinn will try their best to convince Muslims that they cannot get any help or mercy from Allah and that Allah hates them and that He is not there for them or that he doesn’t care about them or that he will never cure them. As we said before, they will do this via waswaas of thoughts or voices in your head (as if you are talking to yourself – impersonating whispers) and via emotions or feelings that Allah has abandoned you and doesn’t care about you. YOU MUST ACTIVELY REJECT THIS WASWAS BY JUST IGNORING IT (ie when you feel or hear the waswas, you ignore it and don’t pay any attention to it) and you must not agree with the waswas, and if you do ignore it then you will not be accountable for the waswas because it wasn’t coming from yourself in the first place. Allah is not going to blame you for waswas (feelings and thoughts) that you didn’t generate. Allah will blame the jinn. However, if you accept the waswas by agreeing with it and you start believing it to be true then ALLAH WILL TREAT YOU IN THAT MANNER ie if you believe Allah won’t cure you then he won’t cure you because that is how you believe Allah to be! That is because of the well known hadith about Allah’s treatment of his slaves depends on how well they think of him. SO ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE ABOUT ALLAH



We cannot diagnose, via ruqya diagnosis, waswas type 1 because it is temporary and it doesn’t react to ruqya or leave a mark or damage the body and is not a spiritual illness, hence it does not need ruqya treatment (whereas waswas type 2 conditioning which is not temporary and and is a spiritual illness and therefore it can be picked up during ruqya diagnosis and it needs ruqya treatment to cure it).

It is important to know if the waswas type 1 the patient is experiencing is coming from the possessing jinn because ignoring and not following the waswaas from the evil jinn is an obligation which is known to be part of our deen by necessity. It is also part of our treatment since ignoring and rejecting the waswas of the possessing jinn by the patient, causes the possessing jinn to weaken psychologically thereby making them less enthusiastic to carry out their plans against the patient.
There is a way around this problem of detecting and determining if the waswas type 1 that patient experiences is coming from possessing jinn or not.
The patient needs to do specific jinn possession diagnosis to see if the jinn has or is giving a particular waswas type 1. This similar to checking if the possessing jinn caused previous cancer or is currently causing an illness. This is especially important diagnosis when the possessing jinn are NOT from sihr. So a patient may have jinn that came through ayn or entered their body while yawning. Since the patient doesn’t have sihr then they will not react to sihr of divorce but they will react to the ruqya to see if the jinn are causing waswas for divorce ie giving a spouse strong waswas to divorce. This act of waswaas to cause a divorve would be something the possessing jinn decide to do themselves without the influence of a sahir (magician)
Another example is that if the patient decides to visit their parents and suddenly they get a strong feeling not to visit, they can check to see if this feeling is from the possessing jinn. They can also check past waswas type 1 that the jinn had given them so if a patient did get a divorce then they can check to see if the current possessing jinn gave waswas type 1 in the past to divorce.

Having said all that, we must remember that we need a good reason to do these specific ruqyas so only do these specific ruqya if you are really confused and are not sure if these feelings you have are from your natural self or are the possessing jinn. Obviously, we are not supposed to follow any waswas from any jinn and this will be primary reason for doing this specific ruqya ie so we don’t follow the possessing jinn. For more information about the rules of specific ruqya:

7 Rules For Specific Ruqya

Again, having said all this, we must remember that if you get a negative result regarding a particular waswas type 1 that you thought was from the possessing jinn, this waswaas type 1 might still be from your qareen. In such cases, just make sincere dua to Allah that he shows you inshallah which waswaas is from the qareen because waswas type 1 itself can never be picked up or detected by ruqya diagnosis nor does the qareen itself react to ruqya because the qareen is NOT a spiritual illness that requires ruqya.
Do not do indirect ruqya diagnosis to determine the state of your qareen by reading ruqya on your possessing jinn ie don’t do ‘O Allah show me if the possessing jinn knows that my qareen is giving me waswaas type 1 about my spouse or parents’. Keep well away from this sort of ruqya as it is using the help of the possessing jinn’s knowledge during ruqya and we must not seek the help of the jinn because that is major shirk. Please read the ‘7 rules of specific ruqya’ (for more information about the shirk of seeking the help of the jinn: please read my article ‘The Problems with Jinn Catching’).

Specific ruqya diagnosis is a wonderful tool and through it I got cured from all my spiritual ailments and that is the reason I always talk about it. But at the same time we must not ‘over do it’ and that itself is a rule from the 7 rules (ie ‘rule 7’ for specific ruqya is not to spend too much time on it).


A spiritual illness is a disease that cannot be seen (unseen) or touched (not physical) but it reacts to ruqya ie it produces physical symptoms when ruqya is applied to it.

There are 4 spiritual ailments that we can all suffer from, namely: Sihr, Ayn, Mass (jinn possession) & Waswas Conditioning.

Unfortunately, many still don’t recognise waswas conditioning (or waswaas type 2) and some may even see it as a bidah which is totally wrong. It cannot be a bidah because it is not an act of worship and is just another illness like cancer or bacterial infection. There are no hadiths that mention treating cancer with ruqya so is it a bidah if someone does ruqya on a cancer patient, obviously not! Likewise if someone treats waswaas conditioning with ruqya, it does NOT make the waswas conditioning or the ruqya itself a bidah. The same explanation applies to treating a sihr or hasd network which are also illnesses. Please read this:

Reading Ruqya On The Sihr And Hasd Networks Is Not Bidah

There are no hadiths that mention that you can get jinn possession through sihr or ayn but we still accept this phenomena because we know from experience that via these two spiritual ailments people can get possessed so therefore we should also accept the sihr network or hasd network and even waswas conditioning because THEY ARE ALL REALITIES THAT PATIENTS HAVE EXPERIENCED!

Basically, waswas conditioning is an extreme form of waswaas that is similar to Psychological Conditioning. You may see Waswas Conditioning as a type of Psychological Conditioning caused by the qareen or possessing jinn which reacts or can be detected by ruqya diagnosis. Mostly, it affects the heart of the patient and makes them have psychological problems such as phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and other mental health problems. It can also cause physical diseases such as cancer. It can be detected by ruqya diagnosis. (OCD is actually recognised as a type of psychological disease that is called al waswas al qahri in Arabic and so scholars do understand that there are other forms of waswas ( I would say that OCD is just a part of this severe waswas type 2 or waswas conditioning)

WASWAS CONDITIONING IN ACTION: A Muslim Husband Becomes Waswas Conditioned (Psychologically ConditionedBy Possessing Jinn To Hate His Wife.

Before we look at our above example, lets look at an example of psychological conditioning so that you can understand the process.

Lets imagine that I gave you a bar of chocolate and at the same time my colleague points a loaded gun at you while you are taking the chocolate. You would obviously feel slightly scared that my colleague may pull the trigger. Now imagine that this same exact scenario happens many times over several weeks ie every time you take the chocolate from me, you get scared of the gun. After several weeks of this, how do you think you would feel if you just took the chocolate from me but for only one time there was NO gun pointing at you? You would still probably feel a little scared even though there was no gun and that is because of your previous experience and if that is the case then we can say that you have been psychological conditioned ie the normal and inherently safe situation of accepting a chocolate bar has now become a source of fear for you. When someone completely different gives you the exact same chocolate bar, you may well get scared as well. You may even get scared at the sight of a similar chocolate bar on a shelf in a shop. Therefore, we can say that the chocolate bar and the action of accepting a chocolate bar have both become paired to the feeling of being scared. We can also say there is a psychological association between the object (chocolate bar) or the action of accepting the object and the feeling of being scared. This is basically how psychological conditioning happens to us.

In the scenario that I am going to describe below, the normal or inherently safe situation is the husband looking or thinking about his wife ie the husband is similar to the man accepting the chocolate bar. While the possessing jinn can be seen as being similar to the above colleague with the gun. The wife can be seen as the action of giving the chocolate or the chocolate bar itself.

In our example, the Muslim husband before being afflicted by the sihr of divorce with jinn possession, was happily married and he would enjoy being in the company of his wife. He would be pleased and feel love in his heart whenever he looked at her or whenever he thought of her while he was alone.

However, once he gets possessed by the jinn from sihr, things completely change. Now, when he looks at her, he feels hatred and disgust. In fact, he can’t even think of her without having these feelings. This is all because of the possessing jinn are generating or creating these feelings of hatred and disgust inside the man’s heart. These jinn are also suppressing or masking the love the husband has for his wife. Occasionally, the love in his heart for his wife might surface, especially when he remembers the good times, but then it is immediately smothered and covered up with hatred and disgust by the possessing jinn.

The possessing jinn will continuously give the husband these negative feelings and emotions whenever he is in a situation that causes him to look at his wife or even think of her. Previously, such situations or scenarios that would naturally cause no problems and would only generate positive feelings of love and pleasure in the husband, have now become a serious issue and problem. If this state continues and the jinn keep repeating their waswas then the husband will become psychologically conditioned to hate his wife which basically means that he will become “brainwashed” by the possessing jinn to hate his wife ie the husband has been mentally forced trained to hate his wife.

If the jinn succeed in their brainwashing and the husband eventually gets waswas conditioning, then even if we kill and remove all of the possessing jinn, the husband will still have feelings of disgust and hatred for his wife whenever he looks at her or thinks of her. That is because these feelings of disgust and hatred have been impressed or branded or ingrained  onto the heart of the husband via the process of psychological conditioning.  We can therefore say that the action of looking at or even thinking about the wife have both become paired to the feelings of hatred and disgust . We can also say that there is a psychological association between the object (wife) and the feelings of hatred and disgust. This is basically how this type of  psychological conditioning happens to us and which I term as waswas conditioning because it is done by possessing jinn or qareen.

The only solution for this poor husband would be to treat him for waswas conditioning. If we don’t treat him then he may well divorce his wife and any subsequent wives that he marries (these divorces will happen, especially when he is cured from sihr and jinn possession and only has waswas conditioning ie he doesn’t react to sihr divorce so thinks his feelings from waswas conditioning are natural).

What we have described above can also happen to other people and with other emotions and feelings eg “a sister becomes waswas conditioned by possessing jinn to love a complete stranger, a brother becomes waswas conditioned by possessing jinn to fear driving or a person becomes waswas conditioned to feel anger towards their parents, etc. THE QAREEN THAT WE ALL HAVE, CAN ALSO DO THIS WASWAS CONDITIONING.

Waswaas conditioning usually occurs when some sort of drastic or shocking event or incident is experienced by the patient and then this event or incident is repeated several times in the mind of the patient by the qareen or possessing jinn thereby conditioning the patient. Not every shocking event or abnormal experience will lead to waswas conditioning. If a person thinks that they are psychological conditioned but then they don’t react to ruqya diagnosis for waswas conditioning then they are definitely free from waswaas conditioning even if a psychologist or psychiatrist say that they are positive for psychological conditioned because like other spiritual ailments, Waswas Conditioning can only be diagnosed via ruqya and nothing else. The two phenomena are definitely very similar but we believe that NOT every case of Psychological Conditioning, according to psychologists and psychiatrists, is going to lead to a positive ruqya diagnosis result for waswas conditioning. To illustrate this, we know of a former patient who was free of waswas conditioning but then he became psychological conditioned via an imam who would read surah fatiha very quickly in the last two rakahs of prayer. When this person would pray behind other imams, he would also read surah fatiha very quickly in the last two rakahs, even when the other imams were reading slowly and that is because he had already been psychological conditioned by the first imam. When it was suggested to do ruqya diagnosis to see if this psychological conditioning could be picked up by ruqya ie that it was waswas conditioning, it turned out that he was negative for waswas conditioning, which obviously means that his psychological conditioning that was caused by the human ie the first imam, was not a spiritual disease. Therefore, it was in line with our above definition of waswas conditioning. Now, it is quite possible for the former patient’s qareen to keep repeating and playing out that scenario of praying behind the first imam, in his mind, so much so that the qareen eventually conditions the former patient. This would then be picked up by ruqya diagnosis, hence, he would have waswas conditioning. Having said that, if he keeps up with his morning and evening adhkar then that should not happen inshallah.

It seems that the normal waswas gets transformed into waswas conditioning by the psychological conditioning of the qareen and possessing jinn and Allah knows best. So those instances of psychological conditioning that react to ruqya diagnosis are ONLY those instances that were caused by the qareen and possessing jinn in the first place.

Occasionally, just once incident or experience is enough to condition the patient and give them waswas conditioning, and that’s because the qareen or possessing jinnee keeps reminding the patient of the event and then the patient gets conditioned. It can also happen via normal waswaas type 1 from the qareen or possessing jinn, turning into waswaas conditioning ie no particular shocking event occurred but the constant waswaas type 1 from the qareen or possessing jinn via emotions or thoughts does the conditioning itself eg making a person hate their spouse by constantly whispering evil thoughts or feelings about the spouse. Even, humans, especially parents can be guilty of helping to cause waswaas conditioning. Take for instance a father who is constantly calling his son ‘stupid’ or a mother who is constantly calling her daughter ‘ugly’ and then the qareen or possessing jinn keep repeating these words in mind of the patient or they keep playing out in their minds those scenarios of being called ‘stupid’ or ‘ugly’ thereby conditioning them. It might even happen indirectly ie a child might see its father screaming and running away from a small harmless spider and then the child becomes conditioned by qareen or possessing jinn who keep playing out this scenario in the child’s mind. In the conditioned mind of the child this small house spider is something to be feared because ‘daddy’s scared’.

I, myself, suffered from this waswas conditioning and I have also treated patients who have had it so it is a reality that cannot be denied. The Shariah has not fix the number spiritual ailments that we can suffer from so I am not sure why many people have a problem in accepting this spiritual ailment.

Those people who were once possessed and then Allah cured them from their possession may not feel 100% after being cured from jinn possession and this might be the effects of the waswas conditioning that the possessing jinn left behind, especially in cases of sihr of divorce where the possessing jinn were giving constant waswaas type 1 for spouses to divorce. In such cases, this waswaas conditioning may be in the form of hatred towards a spouse and therefore, it has the potential to cause a divorce, even if there is no possessing jinn! Therefore, all former possessed patients must look into and diagnose themselves for waswas conditioning, especially if they feel as if they are still possessed or if they don’t feel completely cured.

It seems that waswas conditioning can physically affect that heart as we have found through specific ruqya diagnosis. How it exactly causes the problem is unknown but it does damage the heart to an unknown extent. Now, it is already known in modern medicine that heart disease can be caused by stress so it shouldn’t be a surprise that waswas conditioning can also affect the heart in a negative way. Therefore, it is very important for patients to check themselves for waswas conditioning and to treat it as soon as possible if they are diagnosed with it, since it can negatively affect the heart.

We have also seen a patient who has waswas conditioning that has caused cancer. So it extremely important for patients to diagnose and treat waswas conditioning before it causes physical diseases in the body. Sadly, there is not much awareness or recognition of this spiritual disease and its effects.

This waswas conditioning can be produced by qareen or possessing jinn independently of each other and they do not need help from each other to afflict it on a patient. Therefore, you may find a patient who has NEVER been possessed before, suffering from waswas conditioning from his or her own qareen. We know this information from the specific ruqya diagnosis that was done on a particular patient that was NO LONGER POSSESSED BY JINN. This patient reacted to waswas conditioning caused by his qareen before he was ever possessed. He also reacted to waswas conditioning that was only caused by his qareen with no help from possessing jinn in causing it. This patient and I needed to know this information because he was heavily affected by waswas conditioning. In fact, it was the worst case I have ever seen! After getting this information via specific ruqya diagnosis, we were able advise him appropriately and warn him to not forget his morning and evening adhkar and to not think that since he is no longer possessed then he can never get waswas conditioning again in his life ie there is always the potential of him being afflicted with waswas conditioning from his own qareen because it has happened to him before. From this particular case and experience, we can see how important it is for us to do specific ruqya diagnosis and we also realise how we need to be aware of this spiritual disease even if we are not possessed. Hence, the importance of the morning and evening adhkar. We all know or most of us know that the qareen can cause yawning independently and on its own with no help from possessing jinn so we shouldn’t really be surprised that it can cause waswas conditioning on its own!

If you are possessed by jinn then it seems from experience that you automatically get waswas conditioning straight away and therefore once we diagnose a patient with jinn possession, we do not need to check for waswas conditioning because it is already there.

It is important to mention that once you are cured from waswaas conditioning, then you should keep up with your morning and evening adhkar and inshallah you should never get waswaas conditioning again….ie the adhkar will protect you from waswaas conditioning.

For information on why waswaas conditioning is not a bidah:

Ayn Portals, Waswaas Conditioning Not Bidah


I think it is important to mention some of the differences between waswas type 1 (or normal waswaas) and waswas type 2 (or waswas conditioning).

1. Waswaas type 1 is neither a physical disease or a spiritual disease. Waswaas type 2 is a spiritual disease.

2. Waswas type 1 is temporary while waswas type 2 is NOT temporary and it usually sits around the heart and chest area but it can also be found in other places in the body.

3. Waswas type 1 can’t be detected by ruqya diagnosis but waswas type 2 can.

4. Waswas type 1 is in two forms: thoughts, ideas & whispers and also feelings & emotions. Waswas type 2 mainly manifests itself as feelings and emotions. These feelings and emotions themselves are NOT the actual spiritual disease of waswaas conditioning but they are just manifestations of the actual unseen spiritual disease. It is just like when we say that a certain type of sihr can cause cancer but the cancer itself isn’t the real or actual sihr itself but the cancer is just a manifestion of the sihr. We must remember that waswaas conditioning is a spiritual illness which we can’t see or touch but it reacts to ruqya ie the ruqya dua hits the waswaas conditioning and then then waswaas conditioning causes the body to physically react.

We don’t know what waswas conditioning actually looks like in the human body nor do we know what sihr or ayn or jinn possession look like in the human body. They are ALL unseen!

To help you understand this concept of waswas conditioning, you should see the waswas conditioning as an invisible disease that is made from the normal waswas of the jinn. This normal waswas gets processed by the possessing jinn and qareen ie the normal waswas of hatred being turned into something invisible or we can say the hatred that the jinn can normally generate in a patient is turned into an invisible disease. This “product” (waswas conditioning) of this psychological conditioning process is unseen and not physical but when it is activated by the possessing jinn and qareen it causes emotions and feelings in the patient.

We believe that the possessing jinn and qareen know that they can waswas condition us since we have personal  experience and anecdotal evidence from other patients. They create it and then make use of it to harm us.

5. Waswas type 1 doesn’t need treatment whereas waswas type 2 does need treatment.

6. Waswas type 1 can trigger and activate dormant waswas type 2 into action but waswaas type 2 doesn’t trigger or activate type 1. (Waswas Conditioning symptoms, ie its feelings and emotions, are usually NOT continuously felt by most patients. Waswaas conditioning just sits around the heart area and doesn’t cause a real problem until it is triggered by waswas type 1 from the qareen or possessing jinn, which acts as stimuli. It seems that it is only the waswas type 1 from qareen and possessing jinn that activate waswas conditioning. The other two sources of waswas type 1, namely the corrupted nafs and human devils, don’t seem to be able to activate waswas conditioning. This may be due to the fact that the waswas conditioning was originally created by the qareen and possessing jinn and NOT by corrupted nafs or human devils.  To illustrate how this activation occurs, you may find the qareen reminds the patient of something, (like a spider), which is waswas type 1, and this reminder then causes waswas conditioning to be triggered, resulting in an emotion or feeling that is associated with the reminder).

7. Waswas type 1 can become waswaas type 2 but waswas type 2 can’t become waswaas type 1.

8. Waswas type 1 doesn’t damage the heart but waswaas type 2 can.

9. Waswas type 1 doesn’t cause physical diseases (such as cancer) but waswas type 2 can.


The following cases did not have any jinn possession when we diagnosed them but they were still affected pretty badly by waswas conditioning. If a patient is possessed with jinn then the actual waswaas conditioning and even their waswaas type 1 is more intense. So the cases described below would be exactly the same but with the added intensity that would come from the possessing jinn.

Waswas conditioning is a real spiritual disease because it is unseen, not physical but reacts to ruqya, just like other spiritual ailments!

All of these cases below, may be diagnosed as a type of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) by psychiatrists and psychologists or other medical professionals. However, these people would not be able to treat this “OCD” because it is caused by waswas conditioning.

Patient’s Story 1 : This non possessed patient couldn’t attend formal meetings without being affected by seeing himself, in his own mind, doing stupid or embarrassing things during the actual meeting. So the chairman of the meeting would be presenting a point of discussion and then the patient, in his mind, might see himself attacking the chairman or pouring water over the chairman. The patient would feel so embarrassed at this scenario playing out in his mind that he would cringe and pull faces or actually make a slight noise. Everyone else in the meeting would be totally oblivious to what was happening in the patient’s mind.

What was happening is that the patient’s qareen was playing out these scenarios in the patient’s mind like a video. Once the patient got rid of waswaas conditioning by the permission of Allah, he would initially still get these mental attacks but they would NOT be accompanied by any severe embarrassing feeling. He would see the scenario in his mind but it would not affect him. After a while it stopped and only occasionally it would return in a meeting but again it had tottally no effect on him. What was happening here is that his qareen realising that there was no more benefit to gain from playing out those embarrassing scenarios in the patient’s mind, had decided to concentrate on other things.

Patient’s Story 2: this poor patient, who didn’t have jinn possession, was caught doing something embarrassing like drinking or smoking and their qareen would remind the patient of that embarrassing situaton by playing out that past scenario of them being caught in the act and the one catching them telling them off and saying to them that they were doing something wrong. The patient said “I could be driving or spending time with friends or praying or just minding my own business when all of a sudden this past act I did would play out in my mind like a film or video and I would get so embarrassed as I relived the situation again with all those horrible and embarrassing details and that whatever I was doing, at the time of being reminded, would be affected even if I was praying or enjoying the company of my friends and family. There came a point in my life that I just believed that this horrible embarrassing feeling would just stay with me for the rest of my life.” When this patient was cured from waswaas conditioning, the past scenario playing out in their mind did not affect them again and it would just come and go without them feeling anything. In the end, the frequency of this past scenario reduced dramatically. Occasionally the patient gets a reminder and I believe that it is their qareen ‘testing the waters’ to see if the patient will experience any issues. If the patient keeps up with the morning and evening adhkar then that problem should not affect them again inshallah.

After being cured from waswaas conditioning, this particular patient who was not possessed by jinn, started experiencing extreme thoughts and even hearing swearing in his mind. The swearing in his mind was like as if he was swearing to himself. HE DIDN’T FEEL ANYTHING WHEN THIS WOULD HAPPEN and he could easily ignore it because there were no accompanying feelings with these extreme thoughts or swearing. I explained to him that these extreme thoughts were from his qareen and this swearing was also in fact from his own qareen. The qareen impersonating him when swearing was quite normal and that all of this was just a reality of Iman as explained in hadiths.

Patient’s Story 3: This was one of my worse cases of waswaas conditioning. The patient, who didn’t have Jinn possession, saw some Muslim men doing something haram or behaving in a very unislamic manner with Muslim women. At the time of the incident the patient was so angry and wanted to physically intervene and stop the haram taking place. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get himself to do anything even though he was very capable and absolutely seething with anger. He went home and was so depressed and saddened that he couldn’t stop the haram. Everyday for more than 15 to 20 years, he would be regularly reminded by his qareen of the same incident and his lack of action. He would sit down and get very angry and maybe even punch the air because of the anger and frustration of not doing something for Allah. He felt helpless and sinful and needed to be Islamically advised that he wouldn’t be accountable because he did try his best to prevent the haram. Even after being told this, his qareen would still regularly remind him of the situation and of his inadequate response and he would get or feel INTENSE ANGER. Once he was cured, via JET hijama Version 3, from the waswas conditioning, he didn’t get that same intense anger or inadequate feeling again, walhamdulilah.

As you can see from the above cases, this is a real spiritual disease that needs treatment and which cannot be ignored. I have personally experienced this waswas conditioning with my phobia of Tower Bridge as I have said before in other places. I can understand how people would just carrying on living their lives and just accept that their phobia, even if it was a major one, was something that they just had to live with. If they couldn’t live with it then there must be something wrong with their iman because that is what people and even some Sheikhs would say to them.

If you are one of those people who are suffering from something similar to the above and are waiting for some Sheikh to confirm to you that waswas conditioning is real and that it does indeed exist then you may well be in for a very long wait because many Sheikhs don’t have much knowledge about spiritual ailments and how to diagnose and treat them. It is very sad to know that these same patients readily accept what medical doctors say and you don’t see or hear them referring their physical symptoms or diseases to their Sheikhs and waiting for their Sheikhs’ approval with regard to their physical diseases.

I remember there was one person, who I was introduced to and I explained to him certain things about ruqya diagnosis on children. He couldn’t accept the information from me because his own Sheikh didn’t know anything about what I said. We have to understand that sometimes one person may know something and another person may not have any knowledge about that thing. In the end the person didn’t accept the information from me and complained to his Sheikh about me and what I was teaching. The funny thing about this story is that this same person asks and refers his ruqya matters to one of my own students, knowing full well that he is my own student who I taught ruqya to. He is ready to accept what my student says but is not ready to accept the same information coming from me. I pray Allah guides him and me. From this story, we learn that if you are going to teach people about ruqya or Islam then you have to be prepared for dealing with jealous and envious people, who will laugh at you and mock you and who will tell other people that you are doing strange things and are not following the sunnah.

There is nothing wrong with Sheikhs not knowing too much about spiritual ailments because just like physical ailments, spiritual ailments are not acts of worship that we use to get close to Allah and therefore they can never be called a bidah. On top of that, we must remember that the Shariah has not fixed the number spiritual ailments we can discover or suffer from.

If you speak to some Sheikhs or students of knowledge about phobias or OCD then they may confuse you and give you a very general-one-size-fits-all explanation to your mental problem. These Sheikhs cannot be blamed for that because they are not experts in this field of ruqya. If you have recurring psychological problems then please ask a well respected raqi and if he cannot solve your problem then please visit a consultant psychiatrist. DON’T VISIT A SHEIKH WHO DOES NOT WRITE ABOUT RUQYA OR DO ANY RUQYA ON PEOPLE because if he gives you a wrong answer then you have no one to blame but yourself. You shouldn’t start speaking ill of the Sheikh because he gave you a wrong answer or he didn’t recognise you had a spiritual illness.

We say to those patients who are suffering in silence that just like they would accept being diagnosed with a NEW physical disease by a medical doctor then they should also be ready to accept being diagnosed with waswas conditioning by a raqi, if they are indeed suffering from it.


At the beginning of this article, I talk about waswas type 1: “Examples of Category 2 waswas type 1”, I said that:

“Another good example that is common and which many people can relate to, is the feeling of doubt about your wudu when you definitely know that you have wudu because you just finished it and your face and limbs are still wet but you still feel this doubt that you don’t have wudu (or you have not done wudu at all). Your mind and intellect tells you that you have wudu but your heart is telling you otherwise. THIS WUDU DOUBT IS GENERATED BY THE POSSESSING JINN (OR QAREEN). (This last example clearly shows that jinn can generate feelings in us).”
Now, it is possible to get OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) for wudu (ie keep obsessively repeating wudu) from this aforementioned waswas type 1 of doubt, if the person follows the feeling of doubt and repeats his wudu several times and then the person could become waswas conditioned. However, if they ignore the initial doubt and not act upon it, then it would disappear because ALL waswas type 1 feelings are temporary. This same problem can happen for the doubt (that is generated by the possessing jinn or qareen) about the cleanliness of a particular table after it has already been thoroughly cleaned. If the doubt is acted upon and the table is cleaned again and again, then the person can become waswas conditioned and will therefore be diagnosed with OCD. In both cases, when the person has become waswas conditioned, the new feeling of doubt will be much stronger than the original doubt that was generated by the possessing jinn or qareen. It will be very difficult to ignore and so they just have to follow the feeling and repeat the wudu or keep cleaning of the table.
In both cases, when the person has become waswas conditioned, the possessing jinn or qareen just have to “activate” the waswas conditioning with a simple waswas type 1 feeling of doubt and then they leave the rest to the waswas conditioning itself, which then manifests itself as a strong feeling of doubt that is not temporary and cannot be ignored by the person ie they have to act upon it.

What we learn from this is that the possessing jinn or qareen can turn any waswas type 1 into waswas conditioning. Therefore, it is essential to ignore the jinn’s waswas type 1 and not follow it as you may eventually get waswas conditioned and have OCD issues and problems as the above case of wudu and cleaning the table or like the other forms of OCD as mentioned in the three previous above cases of patients with waswas conditioning.

You cannot ignore waswas type 1 until you recognise it and you cannot recognise it until you know how it works and how it is done. You need to make sure that you study the first section of this article and learn this information so as to stop you from being deceived by the jinn and following the waswas type 1 which could eventually get you waswas conditioned by them.
I cannot over stress the importance of the morning and evening protection adhkar. This is the easiest way to stop us from being further waswas conditioned so it is important that you always do them and teach your family about them.


If you have seen a medical doctor and a raqi and they both cannot explain why or what is causing your mental health problems then I would strongly recommend that you do a general ruqya diagnosis for waswaas conditioning. If that turns out to be positive then you should do a specific ruqya diagnosis to see if your psychological problem is actually caused by waswas conditioning. If you have several mental issues like OCD, panic attacks and phobias. Then I would suggest that you do a specific ruqya diagnosis for each problem.

Basically, in specific ruqya diagnosis you just change the intention from a general diagnosis for any waswaas conditioning to a specific intention. So your general ruqya diagnosis for waswaas conditioning would be: “O Allah show me if I have any waswaas conditioning” and your specific ruqya diagnosis to see if your OCD is being caused by waswas conditioning would be: “O Allah show me if any waswaas conditioning is causing my OCD” …… ie you ask Allah to attack with ruqya any waswaas conditioning that is causing your OCD. In both cases, the Quranic ayahs that are used are exactly the same and it is only the intention that changes. Please see my article ‘Self Ruqya Diagnosis Notes’ on this same website, where I talk about how to do general ruqya diagnosis for all 4 spiritual ailments and then I explain how to do specific ruqya diagnosis.

If you have heart problems and all medical tests cannot explain why you have such problems then I would do a specific ruqya diagnosis to see if the heart problems are being caused by waswas conditioning, especially if you are negative for the other 3 spiritual ailments.


You can get sihr or jinn possession because of your sins or as a test from Allah. Likewise, some may get waswaas conditioning that causes a phobia or OCD or other mental issues because of their sins or as a test from Allah. Therefore, we shouldn’t presume that if someone has a phobia or OCD that they are weak in iman or a sinner because it might just be test for them!

Sadly, I have heard of people criticising a patient for having such mental issues. So they will say things like: ‘Control yourself and stop being afraid of this thing. You should only fear Allah’ or ‘Behave yourself and stop repeating your wudu and salah’. THIS CAN MAKE THE PATIENT’S SITUATION WORSE! I strongly recommend that these people learn about spiritual ailments and their effects and they definitely need to stop criticising, mocking or insulting people with such problems.

Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen (rahimullah) says in his explanation of Riyadh-us-Salaheen (6 – 23)

“If a person insults (mocks) his brother about anything, perhaps Allah will relieve (cure) the insulted one and then afflict the insultor”.

In fact, to add to what the Sheikh said, from anecdotal evidence, we have seen that if these people don’t stop criticising or mocking then Allah himself afflicts them with the very same phobia or OCD that they were mocking or criticising patients for having. ISN’T THAT SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!

I would like to say to those patients who are suffering the effects of waswaas conditioning to ignore these people who criticise or mock you and if you get the opportunity then you should teach them about waswaas conditioning using my materials and not forgetting to mention my own phobia of ‘Tower Bridge’, which I discuss on ‘Practical Self Ruqya Part 4’. By teaching them, you will stop them from harming others with their ignorance.


Let us first mention an answer I gave to a question which will help set up the context for this section of the article. I received this question from Ruqya Support UK and then they published it.


What do you do if you feel like you are being prevented from making dua because these shayateen are confusing your mind making your heart and mind feel blocked.

The waswasa seems to intensify more when im doing acts of ibadah to the point it becomes unbearable, i dont understand how to get closer to Allah when the things im doing in order to get closer to Him are resulting in the shayateen making me feel more further away from Him.

Am i doing something wrong or is this how most sihr patients feel?

Answer by Raqi Saeed Abdullah

“This is exactly how you are supposed to be brother. Trust me! I had one of these filthy jinn in me. So the fact that the jinn are preventing you from getting close to Allah is an indirect evidence that the ibadah you are currently doing is effective or else they would not bother giving you such waswaas.

So be patient and ignore their waswaas and know that you are actually getting closer to Allah because of how you have enraged the devils to give you this waswaas regarding your worship. Also ignore the feelings of hypocrisy they might throw into your heart such as: ‘How can you do salah when you don’t even feel the pray or feel close to Allah’…..just ignore such thoughts as they themselves put this rubbish of hypocrisy into your heart and the feeling of no khushu in salah and then they want to blame you for this rubbish in your heart when the Devils put them into you themselves……just ignore and keep worshipping Allah and soon they will get weaker since you are drawing closer to Allah…..but don’t increase in your worship of Allah just to get back at the devils..NO, DON’T DO THAT!….You must worship Allah because he is worthy of worship and that is what he created you for… doing more worshipping of Allah, the Devils will naturally get weaker and have less influence over you.

Also beware of the devils trying to make you blame Allah such as: ‘See what has Allah done for you…..he doesn’t even help you when you want to worship him and he doesn’t help you against the devils’…..ignore such rubbish that comes from the devils and always think positive of Allah. They are trying to disrupt your relationship with Allah because they know that it is the best way for them get full control of you SO IGNORE WHAT RUBBISH THEY SAY TO YOU IN YOU MIND ABOUT ALLAH…….AND ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE OF ALLAH!”

Obviously, this poor muslim was dealing with waswaas type one but a very intense form of it which is a clear sign that this waswaas type 1 is coming from a possessing jinnee or jinn and NOT from the qareen.

One of the worst waswas attacks that is quite common amongst possessed patients, and which the above patient also experienced, is the loss of khushu or loss of concentration or emotional disconnection from Allah in salah or any other act of worship like dua or even self ruqya. Patients get surprised at the fact that the possessing jinn can actually do such things. We must remember that if they can make you love someone or make you hate your spouse via waswas then they can easily make you lose that emotional connection with Allah and then at the same time make you feel like a hypocrite.

Once the possessing jinn make you feel like a hypocrite and have emotionally drained you so you feel that you are no longer connected to Allah and actually feel like a disbeliever……….the possessing jinn will then start to impersonate you, in your mind, and say such things as: “What’s the point of praying or doing any dhikr, when I don’t feel connected to Allah”. “It is probably better not to pray as the pray of a hypocrite or disbeliever isn’t accepted”. YOU MUST IGNORE THIS WASWAS AND CONTINUE TO PRAY AS YOUR SALAH WILL DEFINITELY BE ACCEPTED! You will not be held  accountable for the feeling of being disconnected from Allah as this is not stemming or coming from you. IT IS COMING FROM THE JINN. You have to realise that this situation is all to do with waswaas and that once the jinn has weakened or dies, you will regain all that emotional connection with Allah again. In fact, from experience, you will be much stronger in iman and have a much better connection with Allah, once you are cured from jinn possession……Trust me! I have experienced this. So please, don’t see what you are suffering from or what you are going through with your worship of Allah as a waste of time and iman. ON CONTRARY, IN THE END, JINN POSSESSION MAKES YOU A STRONGER MUSLIM. 

This waswaas type one, that the above patient was experiencing, is in 8 categories or forms as we mentioned at the beginning of this article. The possessing jinn (and qareen) will throw and generate a lot of waswaas type 1 in the patient to see and monitor which waswaas affects them the most (remember, as I said above, the possessing jinn can read our mind and thoughts and they carefully look at what waswaas really affects us and then they plan accordingly). Once they find that you are affected by a particular waswaas such as a waswaas of a sexual nature or sexual desire then they will continue with this kind of waswaas until you end up doing zina or at least get very depressed and stop doing ruqya treatment. If they find the patient is affected by waswaas that is to do with the disbelief in Allah or false feelings of hatred towards Allah or false feelings that Allah doesn’t love them or suicidal thoughts and feelings THEN THE POSSESSING JINN WILL CARRY ON USING THESE AGAINST THE PATIENT until they actually do disbelieve in Allah or commit suicide, SO IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE PATIENT DOES NOT AGREE AND START BELIEVING IN THESE EVIL THOUGHTS AND IDEAS EVEN IF THEY ARE ACCOMPANIED WITH THE WASWAAS OF FALSE FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS THAT ARE CREATED BY THE POSSESSING JINN THEMSELVES. Indeed, the hardest kind of waswaas type 1 is when the whispers or thoughts from the possesing jinn are combined with emotions and feelings that are also generated by the same jinn in the patient. PATIENTS HAVE TO REALISE THAT ALLAH WILL NOT HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THESE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS BECAUSE THEY DID NOT CREATE OR GENERATE THEM.

Lets look at some extra advice that should help the patient deal with this situation apart from what I have already said in my answer.

Firstly, sins have to be looked at and that’s because sins strengthen the possessing jinn and give them power to do more waswaas. We have to be honest and be frank with ourselves. ‘Am I sinning”. If you find that you are doing major sins (like disobeying parents) or continuously doing the same minor sins (like listening to music), which causes the minor sins to become major sins in of themselves, THEN YOU NEED TO MAKE TAUBA AND THEN PAY SADAQA TO CANCEL THE SINS. Once you have done the tauba but still feel that the waswaas type 1 is quite strong then you should follow the advice below.

If you can’t find any major sins or are not continuously doing the same minor sins, then this waswaas type 1 that you are experiencing is just a test and not a punishment. If that is the case then you need to do the following steps to reduce this waswaas.


1. Stay up after fajr.

One of things I noticed while being possessed was that if I stayed awake after fajr salah and did not sleep that the waswaas type 1 of the possessing jinn would be reduced.
This also applies to the qareen. So patients should try this and then sleep for an hour after praying dhur salah.

The salaf avoided sleeping at this time because of the hadith, where the Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam said: “O Allah bless my ummah in their early mornings” (Saheeh by Al-Albani. Abu Dawood: hadith 2606). If you stay up late at night worshipping Allah, eg Ramadan, then stay up after praying fajr and then go to sleep after 15 to 20mins after sunrise so you get some blessings from Allah.

2. Do your morning and evening adkhar.

3. Keep your wudu throughout the day.

4. If you get angry and you find it difficult to control then if you are standing then sit down and if you are sitting down and you still feel very angry then lie down. This is taken from the Sahih hadith in Abu Dawood:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said to us: When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down. (Abu Dawood 4782: Sahih by Al-Albani)

You can also use this advice for dealing with waswas as sitting and lying down are permissible actions so if sitting down or lying down help reduce the waswas for you then you can do that and this would NOT be considered a bidah, just like when someone who is ill with a stomach ache or headache sits or lies down to get some relief from the pain or illness.

5. Once you hear or feel an evil waswas, including anger that really troubles and negatively affects you, you should seek refuge in Allah from the shaytan by saying:
أَعُوذُ بِاللَّهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجيـمِ (‘A’oothu billaahi minash-Shaytaanir-rajeem) and then if the waswas continues, then do some dhikr of Allah quietly ie subhanullah, alhamdulilah, etc. If that still does not give you enough relief then say this dua below or read Surahs Falaq & Nass, once as a pair with the intention of seeking refuge in Allah from the possessing jinn and qareen (Sunan Tirmidhi: Vol 2, p206. Saheeh by Al-Albani) and (Abu Dawood: 1463. Saheeh by Al-Albani). Don’t just read surah nass on its own to deal with waswas but read it with surah falaq. In the Sunnah, they are read as a pair and not individually.

أَعُوذُ بكَلِمَاتِ اللَّهِ التَّامَّاتِ الَّتِي لَا يُجَاوِزُهُنَّ بَرٌّ ولَا فَاجِرٌ مِنْ شّرِّ مَا خَلقَ، وبَرَأَ وَذَرَأَ، ومِنْ شَرِّ مَا يَنْزِلُ مِنَ السَّمَاءِ، وِمنْ شَرِّ مَا يَعْرُجُ فِيهَا، ومِنْ شَرِّ مَا ذَرَأَ فِي الأَرْضِ، ومِنْ شَرِّ مَا يَخْرُجُ مِنْهَا، وِمنْ شَرِّ فِتَنِ اللَّيْلِ وَالنَّهَارِ، ومِنْ شَرِّ كُلِّ طَارِقٍ إِلَّا طَارِقاً يَطْرُقُ بْخَيْرٍ يَا رَحْمَنُ
‘A’oothu bikalimaatil-laahit-taammaatil-latee laa yujaawizuhunna barrun wa laa faajimn min sharri maa khalaqa, wa bara’a wa thara’a, wa min sharri maa yanzilu minas-samaa’i, wa min sharri maa ya’ruju feehaa, wa min sharri maa thara’a fil-‘ardhi, wa min sharri ma yakhruju minhaa, wa min sharri fitanil-layli wannahaari, wa min sharri kulli taariqin ‘illaa taariqan yatruqu bikhayrin yaa Rahmaan.
(I seek refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah – which neither the upright nor the corrupt may overcome – from the evil of what He created, of what He made, and of what He scattered, from the evil of what descends from the heavens, and of what rises up to them, from the evil of what He scattered in the earth and of what emerges from it, from the evil trials of night and day, and from the evil of every night visitor, except the night visitor who comes with good. O Merciful One.)
Ahmad 3/419, Ibn As-Sunni (Hadith no. 637).
From experience, we have seen this dua to be very effective in dealing with waswaas type 1. I still use it against my qareen and have found it to be excellent in dealing with crazy thoughts or feelings.

6. DO THE DHIKR of Allah with your tongue. Be thankful to Allah and praise him by saying “Alhamdulillah” that he has guided you to recognise the waswaas as waswaas……most people don’t know or recognise waswaas. Remember the other things Allah has done for you and DO OTHER DHIKR ALONG WITH ALHAMDULILLAH like Subhanullah, Allahu Akbar…..etc. If this dhikr is done properly with a sincere and attentive heart, it literally silences the voices and noises of the possessing jinn and even the qareen in your mind and head. 

7. Remove the waswaas conditioning from around your heart area. (See the next section of this article). This will help with dealing with the waswaas of feelings and emotions so when possessing jinn reminds you of an incident, it shouldn’t make you upset or cause you to cringe or to be tearful.

8. Ignore the evil waswaas and don’t pay any attention to it or ponder on it and try to erase it from your mind. It can be very difficult to ignore a particular evil thought, especially when the jinn have also generated an emotion or feeling that goes with it. YOU MUST REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN HANDLE THE SITUATION because Allah does not burden a soul beyond its ability (Quran 2: 286). Just remember that this waswaas type 1 attack that you are facing is something that Allah will reward you for, if you are patient, by removing sins as we mentioned in the beginning of this article. Please remember that at the end of the day, it is ONLY waswaas and it is not something that can kill or cause you serious harm. That’s all the power the filthy jinn have over you and if you really ignore it well then you will have turned the tables on them and caused them to look very weak and feeble. IF IT GETS REALLY DIFFICULT THEN PLEASE SAY SURAHS FALAQ & NASS AND THE ABOVE LONG DUA THAT I MENTION IN POINT 5. ALSO TRY AGAIN THE DHIKR IN POINT 6 ABOVE AND DO POINT 12 BELOW. AND THEN DO POINT 7 ABOVE IE REMOVE WASWAAS CONDITIONING.

(You have to remember that having the waswaas of feelings and emotions especially doubts doesn’t mean the feeling or emotion or doubt is REAL and is coming from yourself. So if you know that you definitely did wudu or prayed and then you get a strong doubt that you did not do wudu or pray then KNOW THAT THE DOUBT IS FROM THE POSSESSING JINN OR QAREEN AND YOU MUST ACTIVELY IGNORE IT AND DO NOT DO WUDU OR PRAY AGAIN IE DON’T ACT ON THIS WASWAAS OF DOUBT. If you don’t ignore it then they will keep making you do wudu and repeating your prays and eventually you could get yourself conditioned which will make it even more difficult to deal with ie they will give you OCD. So before they condition you, you should ACTIVELY IGNORE THE DOUBTS and don’t pay any attention to them)

9. Counter every evil thought with a positive thought so if the devils try to make you think negative of Allah such as “why is Allah not curing you”, you must immediately think of something positive Allah has done for you, such as making you a Muslim. In fact, this positive thought repels every waswaas the devils throw at you.

10. Do a sunnah Fast at least once a week on a Monday or Thursday

11. You should make an independent sadjah (prostration) to Allah and then call on him in this sadjah to remove the waswaas, to cure you from everything and make tauba because sadjah is the best position and time to call on Allah. ALWAYS DO THIS WHEN THE WASWAAS BECOMES INTENSE. This sadjah will cause you to have a sin removed and a good deed added to your account and it will also raise your status by a degree, and therefore it is something the devils are going to hate, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO THE TAUBA IN THE SADJAH! The devils hate when Muslims make tauba to Allah. The evidence for this sadjah can be read here:

The Prostration is an Independent act of Worship- Imam Ash-Shawkani (1250H)

12. Every time you feel or hear severe waswas pay a little sadaqa with the intention of asking Allah to remove your sins and to seek the cure from Allah. Take the waswas as a reminder that you still need to seek the cure from Allah and an opportunity to pay sadaqah to get the cure from Allah for all your illnesses including possessing jinn that is causing the waswas. (The evidence for sadaqa as a cure: “Treat your sick ones with charity.” This was classed as hasan by Shaykh al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’ (3358))

Initially, the devils may overload you with intense waswaas when you start to do this sadjah and sadaqa as a way to try to make you stop them. Basically, they are trying to make you think that the sadjah and sadaqa themselves have increased your waswaas problem thereby hoping that you will stop doing them. YOU MUST CONTINUE and realise that this is the same trick they used when you started your ruqya diagnosis and treatment ie they increased the waswaas at the beginning of your ruqya, hoping that you would stop ruqya.

This sadjah doesn’t need wudu nor a takbeer so if you are finding it extremely difficult to do then I would suggest that you look at your sins as sins strengthen the power of the jinn over us.

13. GET ANGRY AT THE JINN. You shouldn’t just sit there and accept what the possessing jinn and qareen are doing to you. You should make yourself angry at them for the sake of Allah ie we get angry at them to please Allah because they are stopping us from worshipping Allah properly. The fact that Allah hates them and is angry at them so we should also be angry at them because of that, which is basically Al-Wala wal-Bara. When you get angry at them to please Allah, you will notice that your iman will increase since it is an action of the heart and you will find that their waswas will diminish and be less effective.

If you follow the above plan then the waswaas should reduce since the devils will realise that you are using them to get closer to Allah and that is something they hate, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO THE LAST TWO PIECES OF ADVICE, NUMBER 11 & 12, THE SADJAH (And the 3 duas in sadjah) & SADAQA (with 2 intentions). However, as I said in my answer, DON’T DO ANY OF THE ABOVE TO GET BACK AT THE DEVILS….DO IT FOR  ALLAH AND GETTING CLOSER TO HIM. (What we have mentioned above, also works for those who are not possessed by jinn ie those who are just dealing with the waswaas type 1 from their qareen. However, when comes to paying sadaqa they should just have the intention to remove sins and not seek the cure via sadaqa because the qareen and its waswas type 1 or normal waswas is not a disease that needs curing. It is part of our life and it is sign of iman.)

FOR THE QUICK RELIEF FROM POSSESSING JINN ATTACKS & WASWAS (Anxiety, panic attacks, anger, sexual desires, brain fog, suicidal thoughts, etc) BUT NOT YOUR QAREEN (because the qareen isn’t a spiritual disease that needs ruqya treatment. It is just a part of life and it will always be there until you die and it will never stop its waswas type 1. To help you handle its waswas type 1, please follow the previous ’13’ steps)

1. Prepare very cold ruqya water. Place some water in a large bottle (say 1.5 ltr) and put it in a fridge for several hours or overnight and then read ruqya over it, using surahs falaq and nass with the 7 intentions as I explain in the self treatment plan.

2. NOW *with the intention to destroy the possessing jinn and to stop their waswaas,* Drink this very cold ruqya water and place some of this water over your face, head and chest. Don’t just gulp the ruqya water down but hold it in your mouth for about 10 to 15 seconds and then swallow it slowly. You should drink a glass of this ruqya water.

3. You can make ice cubes of this ruqya water as well and place them in your mouth with the same above intention as drinking. It is better and harder on the possessing jinn when you do both actions at the same time ie drink ruqya water with ruqya ice cubes.

4. While holding a ruqya ice cube or some ruqya water or BOTH in your mouth, you should place the prongs or teeth of a fork on the top of your forehead at the beginning of your hairline and press down firmly *with the intention to destroy the possessing jinn and to stop their waswaas.* You should hold the fork, in place, on your forehead for a few minutes. YOU CAN PRESS DOWN WITH THE FORK AS HARD AS YOU LIKE BUT PLEASE DO NOT INJURE YOURSELF OR CAUSE YOURSELF EXCESSIVE PAIN.

NB: I used to do such things when I was ill with jinn possession so it definitely works.
It is harder on the possessing jinn when you hold the ruqya ice cube or ruqya water in your mouth rather than just swallowing them. We also found that it was harder on the jinn when you make the above intentions before/while drinking ruqya water and using the fork.


The Area of Waswas Conditioning in a Muslim Male Patient. (Muslim Sisters may have to lift their left breast to expose the said area. This lifting can be achieved by using an appropriate or adapted bra or something similar. It may be easier to do this lying down)

If you remove the waswaas conditioning from around your heart area (as in the above photo) and keep up with your morning and evening adhkar after the removal then inshallah you will not be reconditioned by the possessing jinn. In fact, you won’t get reconditioned from your qareen or from any humans including yourself. Yes, you can conditioned yourself unintentionally.

(You can learn how to remove waswaas conditioning by following the next link below).

One of the things we have noticed in patients is that if they get rid of the waswas conditioning via hijama, they will start having an increase in the type 1 waswaas that the sahaba had and which they complained about to the Nabi salulahu alayhi wa salam and this is because the qareen and possessing jinn have become frustrated and they have no more fears or phobias or other mental issues to use against the patient since the patient has cleared all of those psychological problems the jinn used to use against them. Another reason there is an increase in waswas type 1, after you are cured from waswas conditioning, is because the possessing jinn and even the qareen will try to recondition you by generating a waswas type 1 feeling, when you see or remember something that used to trigger your waswas conditioning in the past. DON’T BE ALARMED BY THIS! THIS IS QUITE NORMAL. So if someone had a waswas conditioning phobia of a particular car and then they successfully removed it and then they encounter the same car again in the future, the qareen and possessing jinn may to try to generate a waswas type 1 feeling of fear, when the person sees that particular car again and that is because they want to recondition the person. This can also happen if the person remembered that particular car in his mind. It is even possible for possessing jinn and qareen to initiate and make the person remember the car in their mind and then hit the person with a feeling of fear.  Anyway, whatever the possessing jinn and qareen do, it does not mean that the person has waswas conditioning again. This is because this fear they generate is weak and does not last long and which, therefore indicates that it is waswas type 1. In the end, you just have to keep up with your morning and evening adhkar as this will protect you from any new waswas conditioning. You should remember what the sahaba went through as this will make you realise that your experience with waswas type 1 is quite normal. When the sahaba experienced this extreme waswas type 1, the Nabi salulahi alayhi wa salam did not tell the sahaba to do ruyqa and he salulahi alayhi wa salam described the waswas as a clear sign of iman (Muslim). Therefore, patients should not get worried by this sudden increase in waswaas type 1 once they are cured from waswas conditioning and they should just ignore it and not pay any attention to it, especially if they are pious Muslims as having this type of waswas is normal for pious Muslims as Ibn Taymiyah explains below:

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said in Kitab al-Eeman: “The believer may suffer from the whispers of the Shaytan insinuating thoughts of kufr (disbelief), which may make him feel distressed. The Sahabah (may Allah be pleased with them) said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, some of us think thoughts which we would rather fall from heaven to earth than speak of them.’ He said, ‘That is a clear sign of faith.’ According to one report, ‘… thoughts which are too terrible to speak of.’ He said, ‘Praise be to Allah, Who has reduced all his [the Shaytan’s] plots to mere whispers,’ meaning that the fact that these whispers come, but they are so greatly disliked, and they are pushed away from the heart, is a clear sign of faith. This is like the mujahid (warrior) to whom the enemy comes, but he resists him until he overwhelms him, and this is a mighty jihad (battle)… Hence the seekers of knowledge and devoted worshippers experience waswas and doubts which others do not face, because they (the others) are not following the way prescribed by Allah, rather they are following their own whims and desires and neglecting to remember their Lord. This is what the Shaytan wants, in contrast to those who are striving to draw closer to their Lord by seeking knowledge and worshipping Him. He is their enemy and seeks to prevent them from drawing closer to Allah.” (p.147 of the Indian edition. Taken from:

For more information on how to use hijama to remove waswaas conditioning:

How Allah Cured Me


The possessing jinn and qareen are opportunistic and they are always trying to find the best way to attack you. They know that when you are emotional or when your natural desires are aroused that you are more vulnerable and more susceptible to listen to their waswaas suggestions that you may have previously ignored when you weren’t emotional or aroused. So if they find that you are particularly angry, then they will use that situation against you and try to make you do certain things or sins by convincing you via waswaas so it is very important to control anger during your spiritual illness.

This issue of controlling anger is particularly important for those who are suffering from the sihr of divorce with jinn possession. They must realise the possessing jinn are just waiting for an argument to happen. If an argument does start then one of the spouses has take it upon themselves to STOP arguing and just ignore what their spouse is saying to them and they should implement the above advice mentioned in point 11 for “the quick relief from the possessing jinn waswas”.

This CONTROL also applies to other emotions such as sadness or depression and even excessive happiness, they all need to be controlled and monitored so that you don’t fall into a trap and do something haram because of the waswas. For example, you may find that someone is naturally sad and depressed about his current situation. Obviously, the possessing jinnee can sense this sadness and it may add to this sadness, a feeling of boredom and then it may give you waswas to watch a film to “cheer to yourself up” and then after watching several films over a few days then it gives you waswas to watch something haram such as pornographic film. Usually, no practicing Muslim goes straight to such haram. The shaytan does it over several stages so it is very important for patients to analyse their current actions and asks themselves why they are doing certain things and they should try to work out what their current actions may lead them to.

One of most difficult waswas to detect is the waswas when you are excited or very happy and that is because most possessed patients are struggling with depression and sadness so they get “blinded” and can’t see or sense the waswas because of their excitement. Obviously, because of the limited excitement and happiness in their lives, the last thing on a patient’s mind when they are very excited would be the waswas from the possessing jinn so they may jump for joy or do or say something silly or inappropriate but not necessarily haram. In these happy situations, the possessing jinn knows that it is very difficult to make a person do something haram so it accepts to do waswas for something less than that but which will make the patient depressed or sad in the future, when it reminds the patient of what they did. For example, a patient, may get some good news, via their mobile phone, about a marriage proposal, while they are walking on a busy street and at that moment, the possessing jinn gives them waswas to jump high in the air, which they listen to and which then inadvertently makes their hijab fall off or exposes some of their awra to the other pedestrians. Obviously, a patient will feel very embarrassed about this and will definitely regret it. The possessing jinn will regularly remind the patient about this incident with the hope of making the patient sad and then depressed especially when they return to the same street or area. This depression is the key and real goal of the possessing jinn (and even the qareen), NOT THE AWRA BEING EXPOSED, because through the depression and while being depressed, the patient is more vulnerable to listening to the negative waswas about Allah eg “Allah doesn’t care about you and doesn’t want to help you” or “Allah is being cruel to you”, etc.

With regards to your natural desires and physical needs, then if you are able to fulfill them in a halal manner THEN YOU SHOULD DO THAT IMMEDIATELY and you should not postpone it. (This especially applies to sexual desires and even hunger, thirst, sleep and the disposal of your bodily waste – urine & feaces). If you don’t then you will put yourself into a vulnerable state and the possessing jinn can exploit this susceptible state of yours to their advantage. The jinn can use your vulnerability against you and they can make you succumb to your desires and you could end up doing a sin or something else that they have been planning for you such as pronouncing a divorce. (The only time you don’t have to worry about these natural desires or instincts is when you are fasting) Remember, the ideal waswaas for the jinn is to make it seem very natural so that you carry out what they want you to do without any reservations because you believe it to be yourself and the best times for this type of deception is when you are in a vulnerable or susceptible state with regards to your natural and physical needs.


Sisters have to realise that when they have their monthly period, the waswaas will usually increase and that is because the possessing jinn know that you are more emotional and therefore MORE susceptible to listen to their waswaas so they make a special effort to make you do sins via their waswaas during your period or they try and convince you of ideas or thoughts that you did not accept previously outside of your period. The first thing sisters need to do is NOT become alarmed by this increase and they should follow the steps I mention above on how to reduce waswaas (except doing wudu and fasting). Surprisingly, many sisters do not do any dhikr during their period or even ruqya AND THAT IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY THE WASWAAS FEELS WORSE! It is permissible to do ruqya and dhikr during your period. Please read this:

The possessing jinn may also increase their waswas attacks during the most fertile time of the month, when sisters libido (sexual desires) is higher than normal. So you may find that the jinn increase the sexual desires in the sisters ie add more desires to what is already present and they may also play out sexual scenarios or images in the mind of the sisters. (This is also true for men when their libido is high). The aim of the jinn here is to get the sisters to fall into sin or at least make them depressed since many sisters will not feel comfortable with this situation. The main reason why we have mentioned these examples is so that sisters (and even brothers) can prepare for such attacks. Once you know that it is a waswas attack then you will not be inclined to act upon it or be shocked at what is happening.


It is imperative that you stop and check every feeling, emotion or thought that crosses your mind while you are possessed. You should even do this if you are not possessed and that is because you will always have a qareen with you. It can be mentally tiring to keep checking yourself but it is essential that you do this because you cannot afford to be deceived by jinn.

Two feelings that the jinn will regularly use against you and throw into your heart are hasad (envy) and kibr (evil pride). These evil feelings can be produced by an evil and corrupted self (nafs) and they can also be produced by the jinn and they are the hallmarks of the jinn and human satans (shayateen min ins wa jinn). Their father Iblis was cast out of jannah and cursed by Allah because of his kibr and hasad so it is no surprise that the jinn will make use of these feelings via waswas so that you become sinful through these two feelings just like they and their father have done.

The possessing jinn will try to make you feel hasad and kibr towards your brothers and sisters since these particular feelings may lead you to do sins so you must obviously ignore and not act upon them. For example, you may see a Muslim giving a talk or leading prays or you may see a Muslim with more Islamic knowledge or wealth than you. As soon as you notice this positive attribute in the Muslim, the possessing jinn (and even the qareen) may create or generate these 2 evil feelings in you and will hope that you act upon them. At the same time as generating these evil feelings, the jinn may also impersonate you, in your mind, as if you are talking to yourself: “That guy speaking isn’t as good as me and I have more knowledge than him”. You must come to your senses and get a hold of the situation and totally reject such speech in your mind. (The Muslims must be smart and ask themselves ‘why am I feeling like this towards my brother and why am I hearing such speech in my mind’!)

If you ever get any of these two evil feelings for muslims then the best thing to do is to seek refuge from the shaytan and IGNORE THE FEELINGS then IMMEDIATELY start making dua for the Muslim and ask Allah to increase them in the quality or thing you have seen in them and to also say ‘Allahumma barik alayhi’ (for males) or ‘Allahumma barik alayha’ (for females) so as not to give them the evil eye. The wonderful thing about making dua for your brother or sister in their absence is that an angel will also make the same dua for you – as has been mentioned in a hadith (Muslim). You may only have had an innocent non-malicious  natural surprise at what you saw in your brother or sister but the jinn will sense this amazement and then throw hasad or kibr into your heart. Making a lot of dua for your brother or sister will cause these evil feelings to quickly subside and then disappear, which is a clear proof that those feelings were not naturally or originally generated by yourself.

How sad it is to see many Muslims acting upon such feelings, like giving Muslims  ‘dirty looks’ (angry looks) without even understanding that the original feeling itself, which they just acted upon, was actually generated by their possessing jinn or qareen. It is as if they have absolutely no clue of how the possessing jinn or qareen actually work and deceive people so you may find some people warning against a particular Muslim because of envy that was generated by the jinn and not think that they have done anything haram.

Hasad (envy) is mostly an evil feeling from the jinn so as soon as you sense it, you need to counteract it and not let it fester in you. If you leave it alone and don’t take any measures against it and you actually start to accept it as a good and justified feeling, then you will end up being sinful and it will consume you and then it will corrupt your nafs so that your own nafs starts to generate its own hasad without the help of the jinn and if that happens, you may end up being a source of the evil eye of envy ie a hasid (hasad perpetrator).

Sadly, in the field of teaching Islam, you find a lot of jealous envious people who cause a lot of fitna between Muslims because they do exactly what the jinn want them to do, by acting on the feelings of hasad. If students of knowledge were to just pause and wait and think carefully before acting upon certain feelings, then a lot of fitna between Sheikhs, students of knowledge and raqis could have been avoided.

It is extremely disappinting to see so called Sheikhs, students of knowledge and raqis having severe hatred for each other and warning lay people to not learn from such and such because he is not calling to the sunnah. When you ask for the evidence of these major errors that they have identified, you find that they only give you petty trivial mistakes or slips of the tongue that could be easily rectified by asking for clarification or by making excuses for the perpetrator. When you break down a lot of these squabbles and disputes, you find that hasad generated by the possessing jinn or qareen is at the core of it but sadly some of these so called Sheikhs, students of knowledge and raqis are totally oblivious to this obvious fact. So therefore it is essential that they sit down and actually study this issue of waswas and how the possessing jinn and qareen use waswas to cause discord between Muslims. You are really putting yourself at a disadvantage, when giving dawah or teaching Islam or doing ruqya, if you don’t know or understand the number one means of shaytanic deception, namely waswas! If you can’t deal with the internal deception then how can you possibly deal with external deception.

One of these internal deceptions that Islamic teachers fall into, without realising it, is the waswas of kibr to make you think that you are better than others or that others can’t get the same level of Islamic knowledge as you. Being amazed at ourselves can lead to our destruction. We must constantly fight this waswas of self amazement and never let it get out of hand. This waswas will be in the form of feelings and impersonating whispers. Always check yourself for this waswas and NEVER think that you are safe from it. Thinking that you are safe from this waswas or any waswas is actually a deception itself! Always ask Allah to make us humble and thankful to him, as dua to Allah is, itself, a humbling experience.

Allah has told us in several places in the Quran to take the Shaytan and his helpers as enemies and not to get deceived by them and not to follow them even partially ie ‘don’t follow their footsteps’. One of the first Islamic lessons that need to be taught, at the same time as Tawheed, is the waswas deceptions and games of the qareen and possessing jinn. Islamic teachers have to explain to their students these waswas games of the qareen using real life examples and even their own experiences. If Muslims are not taught this knowledge of waswas, then they may end up falling into sins or divorcing their spouses or separating from close friends or even fighting friends and all of that can occur because they believed that the waswas they actually felt, was their own natural feelings, when in reality it was not but was in fact a waswas deception from the jinn, be they possessing jinn or qareens!

If you are shocked and disgusted at this feeling of hasad or kibr in your heart then know that this hasad or kibr feeling is not generated by your own nafs and that it was generated by the possessing jinn or qareen and that is because you yourself (your nafs) actually hates it SO HOW CAN IT BE GENERATED BY YOUR NAFS! However, if you let it linger and fester in you without you seeking refuge in Allah from it and you actually enjoy it and believe that the feeling is absolutely justified and correct, then know that your nafs is corrupt and it probably generates its own hasad and kibr along with the possessing jinn and qareen ie your own nafs accepts the hasad or kibr it generates itself and it also readily accepts the hasad and kibr that is generated by the possessing jinn and qareen. The level of this corruption of your nafs will be dependant on your level of iman and how much hasad or kibr you actually engage in on a daily basis.


One of the things that I have noticed in patients is the feeling of being bored with doing ruqya treatment. Again this is deception from the possessing jinn so that patients stop doing ruqya treatment. At the same time as generating this feeling of boredom in the patients, the jinn will impersonate them in their minds as if they are talking to themselves and say: “I’m really bored and I can’t see how this ruqya is going to cure me. I don’t think I have got the will power to continue. Anyway, I won’t be sinful if I stop ruqya”……..and other sayings like this.

If you are using surahs falaq and nass for treatment, you may find the jinn telling you that these surahs are too short and boring and they are for children. The jinn do this because they know how effective they actually are for self ruqya.

If a patient is feeling this waswaas of boredom then I would suggest they do the following, which seem reduce it:

1. Think of the reward of reading the Quran and pleasing Allah when doing self ruqya.

2. That the feeling of boredom doesn’t mean your ruqya treatment isn’t working.

3. If you are using surahs falaq and nass for self ruqya, then temporarily switch to using others surahs of the Quran with the 7 intentions I describe in the self treatment notes. Once the feeling of boredom goes then go back to using surahs falaq and nass for self ruqya.

4. Change the environment where you do your self ruqya so instead of doing it in the bedroom then do it in the kitchen or garden or on the balcony.

5. Do the self ruqya while you around friends or relatives.

6. Do the self ruqya while walking or standing.

7. If non of the above works for you then you must fight and ignore the waswaas. We can’t just give in and allow the possessing jinn to dictate to us and to control us. You are in a real fight and cannot just give up because you will not get better if you stop your self ruqya.


We have already explained that the qareen and possessing jinn can actually generate feelings and emotions in any patient be they pious Muslims, children and even sinning patients. The severity of these emotions and feelings will depend on the level of iman the patient has and on whether or not they have done their protection adhkar. Therefore, the more sins you have, the more power the jinn have over you and the more severe the waswas they can generate.
Possessed pious Muslims and possessed children who are below the age of puberty, will have issues with depression, anxiety and panic attacks that have been generated by the possessing jinn and even qareen. However, because the pious Muslims are not committing major sins, they can handle the waswas of depression, anxiety and panic attacks very easily and they can even igonre it and even use ruqya to reduce the waswas. The same applies to children below puberty because they are sinless.
However, in sinning patients who have manifesting speaking possessing jinn, you will find that they complain about suffering from severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks. This is because of two reasons: the first being their sins which have given the possessing jinn and qareen the ability to generate strong waswas in them. The second is a phenomenon that is not discussed much at all and that is the possessing jinn has sort of basically become one with the sinning patient but NOT in a literal sense as they are STILL distinct and separate beings or entities. What has happened is that there is some kind of overlap or sharing between the two. So the sinning patient actually feels and experiences exactly what the possessing jinn is actually feeling and experiencing. Remember, the sinning patient can actually experience the jinn speaking through them and some actually describe listening to what the possessing jinn say and they feel their mouths moving but they know that it is not them that is doing that but rather it is the possessing jinn using their mouth. Likewise, with regards to emotions and feelings of the possessing jinn, a sinning patient can experience these just like they can experience the jinn speaking.
Now, obviously, the possessing jinn is very depressed because of the ruqya treatment and other treatments that have been administered on them by the sinning patient and they are literally dying slowly. Hence, the severe depression of the possessing jinn. This very depressed state is also experienced and actually perceived by the sinning patient because of their sins.
One of worst possessing jinn’s feelings that the sinning patient can experience and perceive is the jinn’s sexual urges or desires. This is all because of the sin’s of the patient.
There are also feelings and emotions that may be termed as “phantom feelings”, where the sinning possessed patient feels the effects of ruqya on the possessing jinn ie they feel the jinn’s burning. This also applies to other treatments especially hijama. You may find a sinning patient complains about how excruciating the hijama treatment was and that is because they experienced what the jinn experienced.
The level of this experience of the sinning patient to what exactly the possessing jinn are experiencing, will depend on how sinful the patient is and how much control the possessing jinn has over the sinning patient. What we are mostly describing here, are situations where the possessing jinn are not speaking but have the ability to speak through the sinning patient (ie the possessing jinn decide to remain silent) and we are also describing situations where the possessing jinn have completely manifested and are speaking. In both these situations, the patient can feel what the possessing jinn feel. Having said that, there is a point, though, when the sinning patient is so sinful that when the possessing jinn completely manifest and start speaking, the sinning patient actually goes into an unconscious state and in this state the sinning patient can no longer feel what the jinn are actually experiencing. This is when it is possible to beat the possessing jinn in the patient’s body and the patient does not feel anything because they are unconscious. This phenomenon is described by Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Tayymiah (rahimullah) and other scholars. (I DON’T RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO DO THIS SINCE IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO KNOW IF A SINNING PATIENT IS IN THAT UNCONSCIOUS STATE)
Having said all of that, the solution to the problem is quite simple with the help of Allah. STOP SINNING AND MAKE TAUBA!
So if you find some possessed patients complaining about very severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks then advise them to look out for any sins.
On a side note: We will NEVER feel or perceive what the qareen is actually experiencing in terms of feelings and emotions and this applies to ALL patients, be they pious Muslims, sinning patients and even children below puberty. This is because the qareen is NOT a spiritual disease and therefore it will NEVER speak through us and likewise, we will NEVER EVER experience or perceive what the qareen is actually experiencing and feeling ie we can’t experience the qareen speaking through us then we can’t experience the qareen’s exact feelings. The same applies to the qareen from angels that is also constantly with us.


There are a number of hadith that talk about the benefits of Talbina in removing grief from the heart.

It was narrated from ‘Aa’ishah, the wife of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), that if a member of her family died, the women would gather together, then they would depart, except her own relatives and close friends. She would order that a pot of talbeenah be cooked, then some thareed would be made and the talbeenah would be poured over it. Then she would say: Eat some of it, for I heard the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: “Talbeenah soothes the heart of the sick person, and it takes away some of the grief.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5101; Muslim, 2216.

It was narrated from her (may Allaah be pleased with her) that she would order that talbeenah be made for the sick and the one who was mourning a death, and she used to say: I heard the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: “Talbeenah soothes the heart of the sick and takes away some of the grief.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5365;
Muslim, 2216

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) narrated, “If any of the Messenger’s (peace be upon him) family became ill, the Messenger (pbuh) would say, ‘It (talbina) soothes the grieving heart and cleanses the ailing heart just as one of you cleans dirt off his face with water.’ ” [Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3445), hadeeth hasan].

These hadiths talk about the natural sadness and grief that people feel at the time of the death of someone (bereavement) and how talbina is good at treating them. However, from experience, it also seems to help to reduce the waswaas of unnatural depression and anxiety, which is generated or created by the possessing jinn, by giving a patient some ease in their heart. Because of this, I would advise every patient who is having issues with anxiety and depression to regularly take it.

I would also strongly recommend that sisters who are possessed to take it during their menstruation so as to reduce the effects of the waswaas that the jinn inevitability increase during this time of the month.

We have seen it being very beneficial for any sort of sadness or depression that can affect even a person who does not have any spiritual illness. So Muslims should always have some Talbina in their homes to treat themselves.

You should prepare the talbina the same way as you prepare porridge oats or semolina using milk and water to cook it. You should use honey to sweeten it and then read ruqya over the mixture before eating it for breakfast, although you can have it anytime during the day or whenever you feel particularly down or depressed and need a ‘pick-up’.


There is no harm in taking antidepressants or anti-anxiety tablets for a short period of time. THERE IS NOTHING HARAM ABOUT THESE DRUGS. I would recommend them for certain cases where the jinn has a lot of influence over the patient but it would only be for a limited period of time. While taking these medicines, the patient would need to rectify their iman and increase ruqya treatment and other treatments I talk about in the self treatment plan especially the JET. By the time they stop taking these medicines, their iman should be much stronger and their jinn should have been weakened by the treatment so that it can’t give any strong waswaas.

These medicines are particularly useful for those patients who have jinn that manifest completely, speak and have been hospitalized with a mental illness. This is because these drugs are able to subdue the possessing jinn to some extent and make it difficult for the jinn to manifest completely and speak. These medicines also help to reduce the ability of the possessing jinn to give extreme or strong waswaas of feelings and emotions to the patient e.g. anxiety or panic attacks. Nevertheless, the medicines are not the cure for jinn possession or even waswaas conditioning and they just give us some time for us to teach the patient about ruqya treatment and to get the patient to correct their iman and stop sinning because JINN ONLY SPEAK IN SINNING MUSLIMS. For more information on why jinn speak in people:

How Sins Affect Possessed Muslims


The nafs itself can give waswaas type 1 (Quran 50:16).

The waswaas type 1 that comes from the nafs itself can be reduced and stopped by obeying Allah and avoiding sins ( There may be certain sins that the nafs enjoyed in the past like listening to music or smoking and so when it confronts these again in life, it may yearn and desire to do these sins. The level of this yearning will be dependent upon the level of iman the patient has. If the patient has strong iman then the nafs will not give any waswaas type 1 to commit sins.

If Muslims keep rejecting these calls of the nafs to do sins and they do good deeds, then they will be able to overcome the waswaas type 1 of the nafs and eventually train the nafs to abhor those past sins and then the nafs will no longer give waswaas type 1 to commit those sins ie the person’s own nafs won’t be desiring to do sins such as smoking.

The possessing jinn (and qareen) are quite aware of the past sins of Muslims so they will try to encourage the nafs to yearn and commit those same sins. They will monitor the nafs’ state and if they sense it is yearning to do a particular sin, they will encourage and they may even add their own waswaas to the nafs’ waswaas. However, after removing waswaas conditioning for particular sins and training the nafs to give up and abhor sins, the possessing jinn will not be able to use the nafs or waswaas conditioning against the Muslims especially when they do their morning and evening adhkar. The possessing jinn will then have to generate and throw waswaas by itself at the nafs in order for it to try and make it do those previous sins again.

If a Muslim removes the waswaas conditioning and trains his nafs well to obey Allah and does his protection adhkar, then the only real issue he will have to deal with is the nafs natural attraction for opposite gender. If the nafs has been disciplined well then it should not give any waswaas type 1 to look at an attractive member of the opposite gender for a second time (Only the qareen and possessing jinn would try and make such a Muslim have a second look).

All of this highlights the fact that in order to train the nafs, we need to do 3 things:

1. Remove any waswaas conditioning that is to do with sins so that the qareen or possessing jinnee can’t make use of it.

2. Obey Allah and to keep away from sins

3. Do protection adhkar in the morning and evening.

If a Muslim is able to do all 3 successfully then the only waswaas type 1 they will be dealing with is the one from the qareen and possessing jinn (if they are possessed).

As we have said earlier, about the difference between waswaas type 1 and 2, that waswaas type 2 does not cause waswaas type 1 and so if a person has been conditioned to do a particular sin (ie they have waswaas type 2 to do a sin) then this waswaas conditioning for a particular sin only gets activated by waswaas type 1 from the qareen or possessing jinnee and therefore this waswaas conditioning for a particular sin doesn’t not independently affect a patient and just sits around the heart or chest and doesn’t generate waswaas type 1 or cause any problems by itself unless it gets activated by aforementioned two. Having said that, waswaas conditioning should not be left alone and it should be removed because it can damage the heart.


We know that each of us has a qareen from the jinn that whispers evil to us but many Muslims do not know that we also have a qareen from the angels with us (Muslim: 2814).
The qareen from the angels gives you good thoughts to do good deeds or it helps you to accept the truth.
This is mentioned in the following hadith:
Ibn Masood reported that the Nabi (salalahu alayhi wasalam) said: “A human is touched by a shaytan and an angel. As for the shaytan’s touch, it is that he calls to doing evil and denying the truth. And as for the angel’s touch, it is that he calls to doing good and accepting the truth. So whoever finds (senses) that (ie the angel’s touch), then let him know that it is from Allah and let him praise Allah for it. And whoever finds (senses) the other touch (shaytan’s touch) then let him seek refuge in Allah from the shaytan. (Sahih: Al-Albani in Al-Mishkat 70)
It seems from experience and Allah knows best that the angel will not remind you to good deeds while you are in salah. This is the work of shaytans to distract you from your salah.
The angel may remind you to do a wajib deed like Asar salah while you are engrossed in doing a sunnah deed like reading the Quran. The qareen from the jinn (and even the possessing jinn) will do the exact opposite and make you forget the wajib action and make you concentrate on the sunnah action.
There is obviously no need to worry about this qareen from the angels as it is only going to help you do good. The only reason we have mentioned this angel is so that patients don’t dismiss every good thought as the work of qareen from the jinn or the possessing jinn. The good thought could have actually come from the angel and so you should not worry about accepting it and even acting upon it.
With time and experience, you will learn what the good thoughts from the angel feel like and you will be able to differentiate them from the evil whispers of the qareen devil and the possessing jinn. We know this is possible because the above hadith tells us to praise Allah when we sense the reminding of the angel. If we did not have the ability to sense the work of this angel, then the Nabi salalahu alayhi wasalam would not have told us to praise Allah when we sense the angel’s reminder. Therefore, this hadith proves that we can sense the angel’s work and that Allah has given us the ability to distinguish it from the shaytan’s work. Likewise, this hadith also proves that we can sense the devil’s whispers.
If you do sense any good thoughts from the angel then you should say Alhamdulillah as the hadith mentions.


One of the worse types of waswaas that I have to deal with in a few patients is the waswaas to watch porn and to masturbate. Usually, it is male patients that watch porn and then masturbate or they masturbate while watching porn. The sisters don’t usually watch porn (I have just dealt with one sister who watched porn) but they still masturbate during bedtime or in the shower or bath tub.

The reason why this waswaas is so strong is because of the natural sexual desire that everyone has and the subsequent corruption of the nafs from doing this evil deed of masturbation that has then lead the nafs to generate its own waswaas type 1 to do this sin of masturbation. On top that, the person becomes conditioned to do the sin of masturbation (waswaas conditioning) which can intensify the urge to masturbate when the waswaas conditioning is activated by waswaas type 1 of the possessing jinn or qareen. (As we have said earlier, that waswaas type 2 mainly manifests itself as or causes emotions and feelings and it needs waswaas type 1 to activate it from our experience. If it is not activated then it just sits around the heart or chest area) Therefore possessed patients with this problem can have 3 sources of waswaas type 1 that urge them to masturbate: the Nafs, Qareen & possessing jinn. When you add to these 3, the natural sexual desire and also the waswaas conditioning to masturbate (which has been activated by waswas type 1 from the qareen or possessing jinn), then it can be quite overpowering desire to masturbate which can cause brothers and sisters to literally cry and you may even find patients rushing home or jumping out of bed to committ the sin of masturbation.

NB: Please note that the natural sexual desire (libido) that is mentioned above, in the last paragraph, is NOT a form of waswas itself but is a result of our hormones and probably other natural things that medical doctors know about. It is something normal and natural and NOT evil. It is just like our desire or need for food and water.

Patients with this problem should:

1. Make tauba with all its conditions.(You should feel sad that you have sinned and that you must make a firm intention to not go back and repeat the sin. (The jinn may block your emotions and play with your heart so you might not feel that much regret or sadness about doing the sin but at least acknowledge with your mind that you hate the fact that you have sinned) Preferably, pray 2 rakah salatul tauba, making sure you make a fresh wudu even if you have wudu and then to make the tauba while still in salah, while sitting in tashahhud position and just before the salams ie the last thing you do before the salams is the tauba: Astaghfirullah wa Atoobo ilayh).

2. Pay sadaqah to remove the sin.

3. Get rid of the laptop or phone that you use to access this material or ask an expert to block your access.

4. Remove the waswaas conditioning from around your heart area (See above subtitle & photo). This treatment really helps such patients 

5. Follow the above 13 steps to reduce waswaas type 1 (See above subtitle: “Steps to reduce the waswas type 1 from the possessing jinn (and even qareen)”

6. Always have a ruqya soup bath first (or use ruqya soup ingredients in the shower) and then have your normal wash. Read ruqya on your shampoo and shower gel. This will reduce the effects of a waswas attack to masturbate while cleaning yourself.

7. Rub ruqya olive oil (preferably with some ruqya soup ingredients) all over your body, especially your private parts, before you sleep.

8. You should be doing your morning and evening adhkar, and also your adkhar before sleeping.

9. Treat your jinn possession with  jet  hijama and other treatments. Do the  jet hijama treatment 3 times a week. Please watch this video:


It is extremely important for muslims to realise that we have a shaytan with us that is constantly looking for ways to deceive us and corrupt our religion. Every muslim has a qareen with them and if you are possessed with jinn then you have more waswaas to deal with. We must make some sort of mental effort to work out what these filthy creatures are whispering to us. These creatures are definitely getting up to some mischief and THEY ARE NOT JUST SITTING THERE AND OBSERVING YOU and it is our job to try and work out what they are doing so we don’t end up following them and committing haram.

Have you ever thought about what are they whispering to you?

You can differentiate between your natural thoughts and feelings and that of the jinn by sincerely asking Allah to guide you, just like when you ask Allah to help you work out if your jinn affliction is due to sins or is it a test to raise your status. The next step is to create your waswaas yard stick that you use to help you know when the possessing jinn is giving you waswaas type 1.

To create a waswaas yard stick, you basically need to mentally log down in your mind the feelings and thoughts you get. When you definitely know that a waswaas is from the jinn then you need to make note of it. At this stage, there is no need to differentiate between the qareen waswaas and the possessing jinn waswaas, just treat them as one for now because these filthy jinn work together to destroy you and are not going make things easy for you.
The waswaas type 1 will be in the form of thoughts and ideas or feelings and emotions and all these 4 will seem and feel exactly the same as if you had actually generated them yourself.
Sometimes you will think that the talking or whispers of jinn in you is yourself speaking to yourself when in reality it is the jinn trying to convince you to do something or not do something. The reason it is difficult to differentiate is because it is done the exactly the way that you talk to yourself naturally and with a similar method and style and also the jinnee mimics your own voice you use in your mind. They will even use the first person pronoun ‘I or me’ in your mind as if you are talking to yourself so for example, if people keep accidentally bumping into you while you walk to the masjid, the jinnee will impersonate and pretend to be you, talking to yourself, and say in your mind “I’m getting tired of all this bumping into me”, when in reality, it was not you at all! This example becomes even worse if you are naturally angry or if the jinn generate some anger to go along with this whisper of theirs in your mind. Therefore, it is very important to think carefully before acting upon any emotion, feeling or whisper especially with regards to Muslims. If the Muslims ponder and think carefully before they open their mouths or act with their limbs, they would realise that most of the fitna between themselves is caused by the waswaas from their possessing jinn or their qareen.

Once you have created your waswaas yardstick (by mentally noted down enough clear and different examples of waswaas from your possessing jinn or qareen), you should compare any NEW waswaas that you experience with your yardstick and see if you can find a similar waswaas in your yardstick and once you find a match, you should keep well away from following that waswaas. You should also ignore certain emotions or feelings that they give you at particular times. For example, they may make you feel embarassed to pray in public at the airport in front of non Muslims, when previously such a salah in public never caused you a problem. They may also throw some fear in your heart when you find yourself in a particular situation. These two emotions are ones they particular like to use as they can be difficult for patients to know that they are coming from jinn, be it possessing jinn or qareen. However, once you realise that the emotion is stemming from jinn, the jinn quickly back off and the emotion quickly subsides and you no longer feel any of the emotion.


When you are treating yourself for any jinn possession, be it from sihr or ayn or any other means, you must do 3 essential things:
1. Ruqya treatment
2. Hijama and other treatments such as taking black seeds and honey.
3. Fighting and ignoring the waswaas.

The first two most patients do easily. However, the last one is not really focused on or the patients do not see it as a form of treatment. This last one basically psychological destroys the jinn while the first two physically destroy them. War is always in two parts: physical warfare and mental warfare. So you find in the Quran that Allah throws fear into the hearts of his enemies and from the sunnah we know the Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam said that his enemies feared him from a distance of a month.
Jinn are beings such as ourselves and psychological attacking them causes them to become weak and less enthusiastic to carry out their plans against you. HOWEVER WHEN YOU IGNORE AND FIGHT THE WASWAAS YOU MUST DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH AND TO GET CLOSE TO HIM AND NOT TO GET BACK AT JINN. (This rule also applies to when you are doing your ruqya treatment and other treatments).

Obviously, the only way you can know that you have a particular type of sihr or if the possessing jinn is trying to do something to you is by doing specific ruqya diagnosis. Hence, the importance of knowing how to do specific ruqya diagnosis. Please watch practical self ruqya part 2 on youtube for information about this:

Once you realise via specific ruqya diagnosis that you have sihr to cause a divorce then you must fight the waswaas of divorve and ignore it. You fight it by going against any negative thoughts or feelings the jinn put in your heart about your spouse.
The spouses who have sihr between them need to give love and affection to each other and literally FORCE themselves to express this love physically and verbally. They can’t use the excuse that we can’t do that because of the sihr. Sihr is classified as a type of illness and therefore, it can be an excuse to NOT be able to have children or to have reduced libido but IT CANNOT EVER BE USED AS AN EXCUSE TO VERBALLY ABUSE A SPOUSE OR BEAT A SPOUSE OR NOT GIVE A SPOUSE LOVE, ATTENTION AND AFFECTION. THIS LOVE MUST BE EXPRESSED PHYSICALLY AND VERBALLY. Sihr cannot certainly be ever used as an excuse to commit zina or other sins, unless the jinnee has completely manifested itself and taken over the patient and therefore the patient would be classed as majnoon (insane).

What we advise couples to do is to fear Allah as best as they can (Quran: 64, 16) and do ALL that they are capable of doing and NOT use the excuse ‘I don’t feel like doing that’ when they are ABLE to do something for their spouse. True, a spouse might not want to say to his or her spouse ‘I really love you’ or ‘sorry’ because of the strong waswaas but they must fight this waswaas feeling and actually say ‘I love you’ or ‘sorry’ and give their husband or wife a cuddle or hug and do other things that demonstrate love and affection . They will be excused for not having the ‘love’ in their hearts or any sexual desires because that is beyond their control since they have sihr of divorce but they can still smile, kiss and cuddle and do other things to make their spouse happy and feel wanted.

There will be times when you have to go against the grain and literally push yourself emotionally to do things for your spouse. Because of the very strong negative emotions from the possessing jinn, you may have to grit your teeth and psych yourself up to do something VERY SIMPLE like making a cup of tea for your spouse or apologising to him or her. All you need to remember is that Allah will reward you for all the fighting and ignoring of the waswaas and this fact should help you beat the jinn.

This fighting and ignoring the waswaas can be applied to different situations and this obviously depends on what the patient diagnosed themselves with. So if they diagnosed themselves with sihr to stop them from working then they need fight and ignore it and go to work especially if they are a married man as it is an obligation for men to provide for their families.




I hope and pray to Allah that he makes your affairs easy and helps understand all that I have previously said in this article and He gives you the ability to implement the knowledge that you have learnt in your life and in the life of others.
In this last section, I want to explain how you can help your fellow Muslim fight against the waswas from his qareen or possessing jinn. Many are totally oblivious to how the jinn use waswas to cause problems between us. Now, since you know some knowledge and information about this topic, then it is important that you implement it, in your daily social interactions with Muslims and sometimes even with Non-Muslims.
If we look at how the Nabi (salalahu alayhi wasalam), helped the Sahaba deal with their shaytans, in the hadith with his wife Safiyyah, you will understand the importance of this type of help in our religion (Bukhari: 2035).
There are two ways of giving this type of help. Firstly, clarifying and removing their doubts when they see you doing something strange and secondly, avoiding confrontations with them by doing or not doing certain future actions that may lead to arguments or problems between you and them.
Lets look at some examples of these two.
a) If some Muslims, especially those who know you, pass by you while you are embracing your sister who doesn’t wear hijab, then you should tell them that this is my sister. This will help them fight their shaytan and it will also protect your reputation. If they ask for evidence for your behaviour then give the above hadith.
b) If you are eating or drinking something that looks haram such as turkey bacon and some Muslims see you, then you should call out to them and explain that it is turkey bacon.
c) If you have already prayed in a mosque or are a traveller and then you pass by another mosque which has just called the adhan or iqamah, then you should explain to the Muslims that are walking past you that you have already prayed.
a) If someone prepares a very special meal for you (or any meal) but you don’t particularly like the dish then you should just eat it and not say anything to the person, especially if they are a close relative or spouse. Obviously, if you are allergic to the food or know that you will vomit from eating it, then in such situations you should avoid it and apologise to the host and thoroughly explain why you can’t eat the food.
b) Don’t look at your watch or phone when someone is in the middle of speaking to you, especially when they need sincere advice from you or when they are telling you about a very serious personal matter. If you have are expecting an important call or need to know what time it is, then take permission from the person before doing anything. They will appreciate it and it will stop them from being susceptible to the waswas: “he cares more about his phone than your problems”.
c) If someone has given you a special gift and this person is a close relative, friend or spouse then keep the gift and don’t give it away and show the person that you are making use of their special gift. One of the situations that can cause problems is when the person sees that you have given their special gift to someone else. This will obviously upset them, especially if they spent a lot of money on the gift or if they put in a lot of effort to search and buy the gift for you.
d) If you are in business or in an organisation, then don’t do anything to do with the business behind your colleagues backs. Try to be upfront and explain your all plans. When you are dealing with money, you must make sure that everything is clear and transparent so no one can accuse you of doing something haram. Try to always explain your actions regarding the business, even if the issue is trivial or sounds very petty. You will be surprised to know how many petty and trivial issues have turned into major problems between brothers and that is obviously because the jinn are involved.
What we have presented above is just a sample of the possible situations that you could find yourself in. Think of other similar scenarios that you could find yourself in and apply the above advice appropriately.
This topic of waswas is one the areas in Islam that is not understood well, even by some of those who teach Islam so I strongly recommend that you teach people whatever you have learnt about waswas to your brothers and sisters in Islam. One of the benefits of teaching is that you actually learn more and you also are able to remember and not forget what you have already learnt. One of the ways of saying thanks and gratitude to Allah is by teaching people what you have learnt.


We looked at and mentioned how you should deal with waswass type 1 from your possessing jinn. The lessons you learnt from your struggles are valuable. This is because the same games, tricks and deceptions the possessing jinn used against you are exactly the same things your qareen does to you.

Once Allah has cured and cleared your jinn possession, you can immediately implement the skills and tactics you acquired and learnt from your possessing jinn and apply them against your own qareen. Obviously, the waswaas will not be as strong as the possessing jinn and this is the ONLY problem you may face so do not presume that since the waswaas is a bit weaker or subtle, it must be yourself that is talking to yourself or it is your own natural feelings and not the qareen. Please remember the qareen has been with you since birth and therefore it knows a lot about you and therefore it is especially good at impersonating you in your own mind. In fact, because it knows you so well, it can impersonate you much better than the posssessing jinn. So please don’t presume that if you find yourself, talking to yourself in your own mind that ALL of that brief conversation was totally your own self, talking to yourself, because your qareen will probably add something to every brief conversation in your mind that you have with yourself, hoping that you act upon its suggestions.

You need to be aware and now create a new mental yardstick to measure and mentally log down different incidents in your life that you know that were from your qareen. Your previous mental yardstick from your jinn possession days will still be valid in some areas and you can refer back to that. Your job now, with your qareen, is to work out what is still applicable to your qareen from your previous mental yardstick and what was your possessing jinn’s waswaas in that previous mental yardstick ie try to differentiate between the two. You just need a general idea and don’t need very detailed information. I would focus on the very deceptive but subtle waswas, which probably initially confused you. This would more likely be the waswas of the qareen and not the possessing jinn. Once you realise what were your qareen’s waswas then you may use these previous incidents, from your previous mental yardstick, to deal with new situations with your qareen that will occur.

After Allah has cured you from jinn possession, one of the signs of strong iman and an indication that you have your qareen under control, is when the normal waswaas or waswas type 1 from the qareen is severe and it whispers and gives you crazy unimaginable thoughts that you cannot articulate or explain to anyone. This is exactly what the Sahaba went through and the Nabi salulahu alayhi wasalam explained it as the reality of iman and he did NOT tell them to do any ruqya or treatment. Knowing this fact and information, increases a person’s iman, especially when they actually experience the severe normal waswas from the qareen that the Sahaba experienced because it is clear proof that they have strong iman and that they are upon the way of the Sahaba. Indeed, this severe normal waswas from the qareen will increase the love of Allah in their hearts, as I have personally experienced, because you totally understand that the severe waswas type 1 is from the qareen and that this understanding itself, is A GIFT AND A MERCY OF ALLAH, so it is only natural that a person’s love and appreciation of Allah increases. 

After you remove the waswaas conditioning, these crazy thoughts from the qareen will not cause you to cringe or feel terrible…….they will just come and go and not affect you in the slightest and your situation will be just like the above example of the Sahaba. You should just ignore them and not worry about them and just seek refuge in Allah from the Shaytaan.

If the normal waswas from the qareen gets a bit too much for you, eg giving you crazy thoughts or playing music in your mind, then you can implement some or all of the 10 strategies that I mention in the above section of this article: “STEPS TO REDUCE THE WASWAS TYPE 1 FROM THE POSSESSING JINN (AND EVEN THE QAREEN)”. From experience, to reduce this waswas, you will most likely not need to do points 1, 9 & 10, especially, if you are busy working and providing for your family. The most important points on that list are: the morning & evening adkhar, keeping wudu and the dhikr.

The devils are our clear enemies as Allah says in the Quran. Allah commands us to take them as enemies and NOT to follow them and this command, obviously includes their waswas. One of the greatest forms of practical Islamic knowledge that you can learn and then implement in your daily life, along with your acts of worship, is the ability to sense and recognise the waswas from the possessing jinn and the qareen so that you don’t act upon it or follow it.

There are two aspects of this knowledge:

1) recognising the waswas.

2) having the ability to not follow it.


Once you are cured from your jinn possession and waswas conditioning, and you have your qareen under control and subdued, you will experience times of complete psychological calmness and relaxation with NO WASWAS AT ALL. It is a strange but beautiful feeling which you know won’t last long because it is just the qareen planning what to do next or it is just waiting for another good opportunity to get you. These filthy creatures NEVER SLEEP, as one sheikh said, so you must ALWAYS BE ON GUARD AND READY FOR THE NEXT WASWAS ATTACK and don’t assume that the qareen’s silence or inactivity is indicative or a sign of its absence! On the contrary, it will never leave until you die and return to your lord.

Sadly, many Muslims do not think too much about what their qareen is getting up to. IT IS DEFINITELY DOING SOMETHING AND IT IS NOT JUST SITTING THERE AND OBSERVING YOU. If you don’t have any clue at what it is doing or what it has done in the past then I sincerely ask you to analyse your life and try to work out what games it is playing with you SO THAT YOU DON’T GET DECEIVED BY IT!

My final advice to Muslims:

1. Never think you can over power the shaytan (qareen & possessing jinn) without Allah. YOU NEED ALLAH’S HELP!

2. Don’t be surprised with some of the crazy waswas the shaytan gives you (qareen or possessing jinn) and never believe that you are immune from following it. You can only not follow it because of the mercy of Allah.

3. Don’t see the shaytan as stupid for trying to tempt you with a particular waswas because you see it as a waste of his time since you believe that you can never follow that particular waswas. Remember you are able to not follow that particular waswas because of the mercy of Allah and not because of your ability so don’t think you are too good for the shaytan. See yourself as vulnerable and always needing Allah. Yes, the shaytan is stupid for not following Islam but he is not stupid at misguiding humans. He is skilled at this, may Allah curse them so always seek refuge in Allah from him and always seek the help of Allah against him.

4. The shaytan knows what he is doing and he chooses a particular waswas for a specific reason. It does not take much effort or energy for him to give you waswas and therefore, he does not see it as a waste of time to give you waswas because he has nothing to lose and all to gain, if you follow his waswas.

5. Never get too big headed or arrogant and think that you are too good to be misguided by the shaytan. Many have fallen because of this and that feeling of being arrogant was probably originally initiated by the shaytan himself to put the person into a state of secruity and then the person lets their guard down and then the shaytan follows him up and makes him do haram actions and then he finishes him off at the moment of death and the person dies a horrible death and then finds himself in the hell fire. It is as simple as that! (we seek refuge in Allah from it and a bad ending).

6. BE ON GUARD! Always monitor your thoughts, feelings and emotions and see if you can work out what the shaytan is up to so that you don’t follow his waswas ie differentiate your own feelings, emotions, thoughts and self talk from his waswas. From experience, this is not burdensome and it soon becomes a very good habit.

7. Always and regularly make tauba as tauba will humble you in front of Allah and it will wipe out your sins and mistakes that were caused by you following the waswas of the shaytan. The shaytan hates us doing tauba because it removes sins and it undoes his work of waswas.

Do tauba even when you haven’t even sinned and this tauba is done to make up for your shortcomings ie you could have worshipped Allah better than you did so you do tauba for this shortcoming.